Monday, January 13, 2014

Golden Globes Photos Part Two

Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorcese

Julia Louis Dreyfus
Jonah Hill and Michael Fassbender
Hayden Panettiere
Drew Barrymore
Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson
Helen Mirren and Mila Kunis
Kerry Washington
Emilia Clarke


Jessi said...

Kerry looked adorable!

Hayden was higher than a kite! And... who did she sleep with to get a nomination? There was a blind a few months ago, and I am betting money it was her!!!

I also like to think the flub teleprompter for Jonah was intentional because whoever was behind the scenes hates the douche!

(R)ed said...

Fassbender :Drools

Seven of Eleven said...

Kerry Washington is flawless!

Rita Wilson always looks perfect. I would love it if the BIs about her being an absolute power queen in Hollywood were true.

Love Julia LD's dress, too. Not many can rock the orange-ish peach.

Sigh. Leo used to be hot(tish).

Hello, Dame Helen Mirren! Hope she didn't catch any Ashton cooties.

surfer said...

I think Kaley's dress is absolutely stunning.

The only thing I didn't like about Kerry's dress was the way it was pulling at the top - there were darts.

TalksTooMuch said...

Anyone else feeling a little burned oot on the Golden Globes? Just me? Shutting up

Susan said...

JLD looks fab.

Pip said...

TTM, I didn't watch it, and I'm just now seeing the outfits. I think that's the only reason I'm not.

TalksTooMuch said...

My god, it was so much fun last night, I'm glad you're digging it, Pip.

Seven of Eleven said...

@Pip, I didn't either - there was football and then Sherlock Holmes. I did see the glorious clip of Elisabeth Moss giving the mani-cam the finger. Crass, yes, hilarious, also yes, when that Guiliana (?) person grabbed her hand to stop the insanity.

Err said...

I stand by that I just don't like Kaley... but she looks awesome here.

Blonde Galore said...

Mani-cam? Now I've seen it all. I'd punch my fist through it, lol.

Paint Chips said...

I love Kaley's dress as well, very romantic.

TalksTooMuch said...

Sorry, Kaley's dress was no bueno on the red carpet. Someone compared it to a used coffee filter, very apt

Seven of Eleven said...

@Blonde Galore: Moss agrees! I love the look on the host lady's face. (That is Guiliana, right?)

Seachica said...

Agreed, Kaley's dress photographs well, but on tv it looked like a 3d movie without the glasses.

Kerry Washington gets my best dressed award. She looked incredible

Meanie Rhysie said...

This year had some of the fuggies hairdos! WTF is up with that?!

I love Kaley's dress...just not on her. /ducks

I cannot stand Leo or Jonah. Repulsive! Ugh!

discoflux said...

There was a mother fucking mani cam?! I totally would've watched that.

TaterOnTheCouch said...

Why is Kaley Cuoco wearing a Monet painting?

Renoblondee said...

Hate Hayden's hairstyle.

rosie riveter said...

Ew. I bet Jonah hill smells like stale beer soaked in pork rinds. Fkn Ick. How did he ever even make it up?

s.breezy29 said...

Rita looks amazing for her age, and Leo da-da-da-damnnnnn the boy just gets better and better :)

goes in circles said...

Why isn't anyone saying anything about the bail of straw glued the left side of Kaley's head?

Rach Around said...

Can't stand Kaley for some reason and her face is weird. She lacks talent & tries too hard.

JoElla said...

@discoflux, nail looks will be popping up on the nail blogs soon hon.

Count Jerkula said...


Hayden P




Preggo Drew



I'd bone every broad in this set, but I gotta fill out the Bottom 3.

Sherry said...

Of course Helen looks flawless. Love her. Kerry is certainly glowing and I liked her pregnant look better than Drew's.
Sorry but I think Rita is a little to old to wear that dress. Just not working for me.

umop 3pisdn said...


NaughtyNurse said...

Kaley's dress looks like she rolled around in the gutter.

ninotchka said...

Dame Helen - flawless.

Kaley Whatsherface - hideous dress from hell.

Khaleesi - gorgeous but I can't deal with the dark hair.

Hayden - for a midget hooker she looks great.

Drew - umm... pretty colors.

Tam Honks - I still can't get over the leaks after he kept his shit so tight for all these years. Rita looks good.

Jonah Hill - STEP AWAY FROM THE FASSENDONG before you contaminate the hotness.

Sprink said...

Hayden is wearing the most ill-suited dress I have seen on the red carpet for quite some time. Even Paul Patton's fluff/art monstrosity was more flattering. Ugh, double ugh, and fucking ugh for the slick-do as well.

T. E. Cuz said...

after that video of kaley's wedding, she just seems like the most annoying, screechy, superficial person ever - her and the make up artist.

miss pantyairs is also a turn-off...

why did leo's tux get all foldy-wrinkly?

Erik said...

Helen Mirren and Mila Kunis together is kinda random. (Mila is cute with a very sexy voice, but I'd take Helen any day.)

Emilia Clarke is hot, but she looks better as blonde.

Betsy said...

Kerry Washington 's dress was custom ?? for whom??? it was so ill fitting.

Jacq said...

Rita has had some very, very good work done.
The structure of Emilia Clarke's dress is incredible.

Red said...

Kaley's dress isn't as bad as the scraggly uneven hair hanging over her boob.
Kerry's maternity outfit is awesome.
Maybe because I first saw her as The Khaleesi, I think Emilia needs to be blonde, always.
Time for Rita to cover up the saggy arms & wear a real bra.
Julia LD & Helen are always terrific.
Nice to see Mila bathed & groomed for a change.


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