Friday, January 17, 2014

Random Photos Part Four - Critic's Choice Awards Part Two

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

Bradley Cooper
Matthew M and Camilla Alves
Leonardo DiCaprio
Jonah Hill
Jared Leto
Julia Louis Dreyfus
Kristen Bell
Christina Applegate


LottaColada said...

Kristin girl, who have you raccoon eyes?

Jared Leto ♡♡

TalksTooMuch said...

Christina Applegate looks so cute! As does Julia Louis Dreyfuss (sp?)

Oh Bradley Cooper, still the carrier of Hate Yourself Sex.

Seven of Eleven said...

Holy five-head, Tom!

Kristen and Christina both look absolutely gorgeous. (Though I think Christina should've rocked red or black shoes with that dress.)

Hey-ho, Bco!

Matthew M is shiny!

Jessi said...

I love that we get to see Jared Leto pretty much daily for the next few weeks! Smokin!

Stepforded said...

Rita and Tom do not look well-dressed - Rita's dress needs to be either knee-, or floor-, length; and Tom's suit needs to be darker. Tom's hair looks creepy Principal-like.

Oh look - there's Bradley with his dreamy 'come to bed' eyes ...

Matthew M is getting creepier and creepier. I hated him in 'Wolf of Wall Street' and am annoyed he recyled that jacket again (worn last at the Palm Springs Film Festival).

Leo is definitely morphing into Jack Nicholson.

Jonah needs to go and see Jenny Craig STAT. In his favour, however, he does look smart - and could teach his peers a thing or two about dressing the part.

Jared looks dirty - needs to put some weight on and cut his hair.

It's so refreshing that Julia Louis Dreyfus is so down-to-earth - that woman has more pots of gold than any of these other people photographed but you'd never know it.

Kristen Bell needs to stop with the plastic surgery. What she's had done is minimal, but she's already ruining her looks.

Christina looks awful, as always.

Kassandra said...

Julia Louis Dreyfus just does NOT age.

Matthew McC looks like he will never approach his former attractiveness level. His head/face is far too angular and long looking. Try eating more, how hard can it be?

Never will understand the Jared Leto love...his hair is a huge turn-off to me. However, dude has a great set of pipes.

Renoblondee said...

^I've said before I think Jared looks creepy as hell.

Runswithscissors said...

Only Christina and Kristin deserve mention here. They look really good.

Seven of Eleven said...

@Reno, Jared does nothing for me, either. He's like Norman Reedus - everyone in the world finds him hot but I just don't see it.

Harry Knuckles said...

Rita Wilson is a very pretty girl. Maybe not so nice to waiters and sales clerks, but very pretty.

BCoop out scouting pussy.

I honestly like Matthew M. This is a guy I could hang with. Not into bongos, but the toking and surfing would be fun.

urban chaos said...

Julia and Christina are flawless!!

Jared is nostalgia, for many of us he's still Jordan Catalano ?sp? ;). Plus there's rocker sexy- guys who ooze stage swagger and presence that are otherwise just meh

Susan said...

I had How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days last night as background noise (completely aware that there are a million better things to watch and/or read), but anyway, damn Matthew McM was a fine piece. I am really rooting for him this awards season. But, I do think he needs to chow down on some Tex Mex to get the hotness back. And lose that lame jacket, for the love of God. You look like a douche!

Christina Applegate looks fabulous. I don't understand why she hasn't had a hit since Married With Children?!?

It's amazing how much more fabulous Julia Louise Dreyfus looks now as compared to her Seinfeld days.

MISCH said...

Kristin looks fantastic

teresa crane said...

Jared Leto will always be Jordan Catalano to me. I just wish he'd cut his damn hair!

anon said...

Susan - totally agree, JLD looks better than she did 20 years ago - LOVE her show Veep.

Cannot believe I live on the planet where Jonah Hill is apparently now a two-time Oscar nominee - damn

Dizzel said...

Spot on! I saw the lead singer of Platinum Blonde perform solo at an event. His stage presence had me panting. I felt real and true shame.

Feedly said...

Has Kristen Bell had surgery? I know she had a baby recently which could have changed her appearance a bit, but I don't see it.

sandybrook said...

Justin Catalano :( Jonah and Leo :((
Kristin Bell :))

sandybrook said...


Massive G said...

Christina Applegate fucked her face up on plastic surgery. Gross

keeshlo said...

Would recommend Matthew Mc's new series with Woody Harrelson (true detectives?) On HBO. Really great. MMc is so awesome in it! Woody H too.

Queenie said...

Haha - yes, that Bradley sure is a hottie

Red said...

Jared Leto overdoes the Jesus-wannabe look. Gross.

Sprink said...

Despite the weight loss, Jonah vibe is Biggest Loser semi-finalist. He STILL stands like a fat boy. Bend a knee, dude!

Susan said...

keeshlo - My husband watched it last night and said the same thing. It would scare the daylights out of me though. I'm a wuss like that.


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