Friday, February 21, 2014

Random Photos Part Two

Liv Tyler won't stand for any more acorns dropping on her car from this tree.

Melanie Griffith after traveling to Vancouver.
Matthew M and Camilla Alves hit the road again.
Nick Cannon promoting America's Got Talent with
Mel B.
Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber after a parent teacher conference.
Paris Hilton is making a new video.
Padma Lakshmi wearing the fur of an animal I have never seen.
It looks like a Pac-Man game come to life but I like what Rita Ora is wearing.


TalksTooMuch said...

Mel B looks so cute! It's as though her bottom half got dressed without looking at the top half, but her face and hair are adorable!

I never got Nick Cannon, but I dig Hollywood Husbands, he's funny

MK for short said...

Rita is wearing a dress of my favourite cracker - the swiss cheese cracker! I too kind of like it.

sandybrook said...

Paris again today? How many days in a row for this skank?
Melanie doesn't look good neither does Rita Whora.

LottaColada said...

Oh good, they bleached Kim K's dress and found it a new home with Mel B.

msgirl said...

Wtf more Paris?

Harry Knuckles said...

The lady behind Melanie Griffith looks to be in the same "fucked up face" boat as Melanie. Maybe they're scissor sisters? I just like saying "scissor sisters".

Watts and / or Schreiber in the randoms pretty much every day. Sometimes on that stupid fucking bicycle because these two are borderline hipsters.

Fucking dog. I hope Paris kills it.

Seven of Eleven said...

Dear celebs: black glasses don't make you look smarter. Try these.

Renoblondee said...

Melanie had a great face back in the day. Like Meg they messed with it way too soon. :(

califblondy said...

Is that Melanie's youngest daughter?

Wen said...

As a Flyers fan, I want Padma's coat!

Sherry said...

Lotta, that dress is just hideous. Betcha Yeezus picked it out.

Who the hell is this Rita Whora? Why is SHE in the blinds every day?

Kimba said...

Exacts, Sherry, I still don't know who Rita Whora either, except from here & I will not google. In fact, I don't wanna know. I don't think she's attractive enough.....I can only guess she gives good?
TTM you are wayyyy so nice, Mel B? Moves on!

trainrides said...

"Isn't she Lakshmi, this Bollywood girl?
She's so Lakshmi. She's a sitar.
But she cries cries cries in her lonely heart."

- Trevor S

canadachick said...

i believe the animal is actually a muppet creature..

Susan said...

TTM - Husbands of Hollywood is my FAVE. My sister saw them filming in LA earlier this year at a hotel, and the whole crew was wearing T-shirts that said, "No Mitches." LOL. Nick Cannon is a scene stealer, I think. The episode with Bobby Brown bowling was bananas.

I need Matthew McConaughey to gain about 10 more pounds back. Then he will be at his usual hot status for me. I guess that won't be done by the Oscars. When are the Oscars? Shouldn't they have happened by now?

I love Padma, but the fur is TACKY. And I follow her on Facebook. She seems REALLY into herself. I guess if I was her I would be really into myself, too. I'm such a disaster this week.

TalksTooMuch said...

SO FUNNY right, Susan? ?

Aoife said...

Mel B needs to invest in a mirror.

Rita Ora is taking the Rihanna route to celebrity. At least Rihanna does put "music" out on occasion. I don't like that dress. It would be cute on a teen.

I'm watching "True Detective" so right now MattM can do no wrong. Camilla looks so happy in that picture.

Jessie said...

I can't remember who the designer is but that's a dress that went down the runway a few days ago. There was another dress in the collection that Ora claimed would be her wedding dress. Thank you gift?

I still don't know why she's a thing.

Mz Kitty said...

Dayum Matty M lay off the H already


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