Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A To D List - The Rankings - Part Eight

Liza Minelli – Former A list mostly movie actress who could do anything anywhere and now is a little too short for life’s big events.
Lupita Nyong'o – B list mostly movie actress who will be a B list even if we never see her in another film. Always a possibility. Fame can be fleeting.

Madonna – Permanent A list entertainer(singer) who tried her hand at acting and directing and must have used someone else’s hand because it was awful.
Maggie Gyllenhaal – B list mostly movie actress who you always keep remembering in one role despite any other movie she stars in.
Maks and Val Chmerkovskiy – The first is an A list reality star on an A list network reality show and Val is a B lister. Both foreign born. Both always willing to have sex with any female anytime anywhere.
Malcom McDowell – Former A list mostly movie actor who faded away until a cable television role plucked him back into mainstream consciousness. A brilliant actor.
Marcia Gay Harden – B list mostly television actress who should be A list because of her talent. An Emmy win from one of her noms would have put her a win away from an EGOT.
Mariah Carey – Married A list everything except acting. Diva skills are an A+.
Mario Lopez – B list talk show host who you could make an argument should be an A list talk show host but then he would just hit on more women.
Marion Cotillard – Foreign born B list mostly movie actress who has the amazing name when she says it anyway. When I say it people think I am ordering collard greens.
Marisa Tomei – Permanent B list mostly movie actress who most people think should have stayed in network television.
Mariska Hargitay – B list mostly television actress who has been a fixture for close to two decades on one of those long running shows that will be around longer than a Paris Hilton STD. Brilliant actress who I enjoy staring at.
Marc Anthony – A list entertainer(singer) in his first language and B list in all others who manages to bed some of the world’s most beautiful women. They probably are blind and we don’t know it.
Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen – Former A list tweeners who thankfully don’t act any longer and are content to drink coffee and dress like homeless people who managed to fin a fur in a dumpster.
Mary Tyler Moore – Former A+ list mostly television actress turned studio mogul turned actress who only gets remembered at black tie events where they present awards. Brilliant actress.
Matthew Perry – Former A list mostly television actor who is a great actor and blew multiple chances. Star of one of my favorite canceled network shows of all-time.
Matthew Rhys – B list mostly television actor who gets confused with the lush actor and is on a second hit show of his career.
Megan Fox – Married B list mostly movie actress who is only allowed out of the house during daylight hours and only when accompanied by her tool of a husband.
Mel Gibson – Former A+ list mostly movie actor who has a problem with certain groups of people and isn’t shy about sharing that while drunk.
Meryl Streep – A list mostly movie actress. The Academy Award should be changed to her name.
Michael Bay – A list movie director who makes box office explosions as big as his love of hookers.
Michael Douglas – Former A+ list mostly movie actor who tries to sleep with women at a 10-1 ratio of movies completed.
Michael J. Fox- Former A-list mostly television actor who struck gold twice in television but hasn’t been able to do so since his peak a couple of decades ago.
Michael Keaton – Former A list mostly movie actor who is tied for or maybe just a close second place in the best performance of this character.
Michelle Rodriguez – B list television and movie actress who got lucky with two roles. Blew one of them and may get kicked out of the other one.
Michelle Williams – B list mostly movie actress who gets a lot of play because of her name and what happened to her but is no greater than lots of other actresses who also got their starts on a great show which should have a reunion.
Mick Jagger – Permanent A list entertainer(singer) who loves women as much as he does lifts. 


  1. Matthew McConaughey?

    1. Streisand was also left off the first part of the list.

  2. Michael Keaton – Former A list mostly movie actor who is tied for or maybe just a close second place in the best performance of this character

    It's an honor to even be mentioned ;)

  3. These names need to be organized under A, B, C and D and also by sex. Somebody, get busy!

  4. Mick Jagger is only a Permanent A lister? More like a permanent A+ or A++ lister like Paul McCartney should be. Afterall, the man is kind of a living legend with a song written about his legendary moves.

  5. I thought of that, Harry. But what about the "formers" and "almosts"? It's hard to adjust for all the qualifiers Enty uses.

  6. You're right, Slap. But still, there might be something that can be done. For example, with the A ratings, maybe something like: A+++, A+, Forever A, A, A-, Almost A, Former A. Would be a lot of work for someone, but what a handy tool. Or maybe, just put everything A or "near A' under A list, so that at least the blind solver doesn't have to waste time reading all of the B, C, and D names and information.

  7. Where's McConaughey? He's gotta be A+++ after the Oscar and True Detective with Interstellar coming soon.

  8. and no--- Michelle Wiliams IS more talented than the other Dawson's actors then and now

    Mario Lopez is not imo B list....lower

    Marcia Gay Harden is very talented and I would say B+

    Lupita is A or A- currently...later on we will see

    Marion is A or A-

  9. WHAT? Mariska is only "B-list"? She's got a couple of emmys on her shelf. That should make her A-. Way to smite a Goddess. Yes, I think she is a Goddess. Only God can judge me.

    While she is extremely easy on the eyes (Yes even at 50), her voice really seals the deal.

  10. So if Mariska is B list, does that mean Meloni is too?

  11. So the blind from earlier this month about the potential EGOT winner who ends up in physically abusive relationships and takes it out on the crew of whatever she's working on is Marcia Gay Harden I guess.

  12. Trying not to quibble - Marion Cotillard is A list on my planet.

  13. @rajah Michelle Williams was a one note actress on DC, just like all the others, apart from when she died and i actually might have cried (although she did just lie there and not have to act so...). I love that DC is called a great show though.

  14. What? Meryl Streep it not A++++? Just A? Come on.

  15. Yeah right Sabrina? SMDH

    And maybe I'm missing something but does Marcia Gay Harden sing? Because it's gonna be hard getting a Grammy without that part of it.

  16. Oh I re-read it. I guess that would be the one win away IF she won an Emmy. Which she hasn't.

  17. Keaton is the best Batman. Period.

  18. Enty, are you sucking sour grapes? Lupita just won an oscar and is the new it girl. Shes A or A plus babycakes. Js

  19. So certain celebs are suspiciously left off these lists. Is it out of fear of some vicious retribution? Or are they people who are just not worth the keystrokes?

  20. michael j fox also had a solid movie franchise in the '80s. you know, that little "back to the future" thing... c'mon enty.

  21. Keaton is my favorite Batman. Even more so than Adam West.

    "Matthew Perry – Former A list mostly television actor who is a great actor and blew multiple chances. Star of one of my favorite canceled network shows of all-time."

    "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip," right?

    "michael j fox also had a solid movie franchise in the '80s. you know, that little "back to the future" thing... c'mon enty."

    No shit. It's only iconic and all.

  22. Remember that Enty is now basing the movie ranks off who can open a big film. Actors like Lupita and Michael J Foxx cannot. Puts things into perspective a bit.

  23. Of course Jagger is perms A+ list. I don't really have any quibbles about these. I've always contended that there should either be two lists or they should be more comprehensive. There are those who are A+ in name recognition, tops of blogs and top pap photo sellers like the Lardassians, for example. Zero talent. How do you quantify that next to someone like Harden who's a great actress, but doesn't sell tabloids or make ppl talk?

  24. Michelle Williams is a lot better than you give her credit for, ent.

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  26. Well, Lupita is reportedly going to be in the next Star Wars movie so that should up her status in Enty's eyes. Lupita could very well become the next Natalie Portman. She's certainly savvy and intelligent enough.

  27. JBE "could." She's unproven as of yet.

  28. Anonymous12:26 PM

    i feel bad he worked on this. the ratings have usually made sense to me

  29. @Harry - Compiled ratings online here:

    A To Do List Ratings

    Sorry, not organized by sex. You'll have to use your imagination.

  30. You're right Enty!Matthew Perry is a geat actor. Love him!!

  31. Wasn't Mariah Carey permanent or forever A+ list just a few weeks ago in a reveal? Did a different person come up with this list than who does most of the blinds? Because the inconsistency is pretty ridiculous.

  32. So Meryl Streep is the same as Jonah Hill???

  33. Hargitay is the highest paid actress on scripted TV. She's A list or higher.