Friday, April 11, 2014

Mr. X Blind Items

1) Which "wife" of an A-list Oscar nominated actor drank a whole bottle of champagne at an event a few days ago in front of her husband who's trying to maintain his sobriety? Two flunkies had to physically carry her out of the place.
2) What other leading man from that sci-fi franchise is contemplating in coming out? He's just tired of the bearding.
3) Which B-list R&B songstress kept her distance at a birthday party last night from the man she still thinks had a hand in her late husband's death?
4) What former A-list diva has been stuck doing casino tours for the last few years after her last arena tour proved to be a compete disaster, burning all of the bridges she had left?
5) What eccentric pop singer is considering dropping her alter ego for good?
6) What closeted tween idol and current reality show star is already a regular at several WeHo nightspots? One establishment already has a drink named after him.
7) Which former panelist on that long running chat show might be returning, after she mended fences with her former boss?
8) What B-list couple who are against the paparazzi photographing their kids are also ones who regularly call them beforehand to stage some shots? Hypocrites.
9) What '60s blonde bombshell/mostly TV actress has been sleeping with businessmen overseas for a price?
10) What comedy legend was a complete un-PC mess at a recent Q&A session, upsetting fans who dropped some big bucks for some seats? Should we really be shocked?
11) What A-list triple threat always has people scratching their heads, wondering why such a nice guy like him ended up with a nasty b**ch of a wife?
12) Which country music legend recently had horrible looking plastic surgery on her face, which worried her PR team at first because they thought she had a stroke?


rajahcat said...

seriously this just makes my head hurt

Ruby said...

3. Faith Evans?

rajahcat said...

let's hope 5 is Gaga

Mark B said...

2 - Hugh Jackman? Is X-men sci-fi?
5 - Got to be Gaga, surely?
12 - Dolly?

FSP said...

I swear I've seen #8 before.

Glitter said...

#9-Ellie Mae Clampitt
#7-Joy Behar

Paint Chips said...
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rajahcat said...

3 is def Faith Evans......Diddy's son's party

Kno Won Uno said...

1. Safe in assuming "wife" does not equal legal wife or actual wife?

Jeneral said...

2. Chris Pine
3. Faith Evans/Suge Knight
5. Nicki Minage
7. Star Jones
8. Kristen Bell/Dax Sheppard

AndrewBW said...

If the sixties blonde bombshell in #9 was 25 in 1965, that means she's 74 years old now. Unless the businessmen are the same age or older, color me skeptical.

Unknown said...

2. Chris Pine from Star Trek (only thinking him because the "other" co-star, Quinto, came out)?

Brenda L said...

The only blonde bombshell I can think of is Goldie Hawn....and I wouldn't call her mostly TV I don't think.

WareCat said...

So many words!!

2. Chris Evans.
5. Miley?
6. Cody Simpson.
8. Dax & Kristen.
12. I really hope this isn't Dolly Parton.

Kno Won Uno said...

@andrewBW, my thoughts, exactly. I remember the 1960s. We're talking OLD, unless Mr X is talking about a bombshell toddler, which would be gross as hell.

Unknown said...

If it weren't for the "B-list," I'd have considered them for this one, but they are definitely A-list.

WareCat said...

*2. Chris Pine, I meant.

rajahcat said...

Goldie would never

oh please no Rosie

Kari S said...

4. Celine 5.gaga 10. Jeff foxworthy? 12. Dolly

Kno Won Uno said...

And then I thought Angie Dickinson, but she was mostly movies until the dawn of the 1970s.
Now I'm terribly interested in the market, frankly. And contact info.

auntliddy said...

Kno, im cracking up at bombshell toddler, lolololol

MontanaMarriott said...

4.Britney? Which would explain her move to Vegas
7.Star Jones/Rosie ODonell
9. Angie Dickinson
10 CHappelle
12.Dolly or Loretta Lynn

SusanB said...

5. Gaga
7 Joy Behar (who I just can't stand)
9 Angie Dickenson
10. Don Rickles (although I've heard he's a sweetheart, but perhaps some dementia?)

headrot said...

#2 chris pine

Bacon Ranch said...

If Reba is considered a country legend (and I think she is) I would toss her name into the mix. She's had some pretty bad ps in the past.

Was Gidget blonde? Sally Field could work.

Kno Won Uno said...

regarding #9, Angie Dickinson was virtually all film in the 1960s, which is throwing me off. She did TV in the 50s and again in the 70s. (Pepper Anderson was my hero)

WareCat said...

8. Nicole Richie & whichever Madden twin she married.

Cleodacat said...

2-Chris Pine, wondering if 6-Cody Simpson (yeah i know he says he has a girlfriend).

Harry Knuckles said...

The "wife" thng in #1 might indicate a bearding marraige.

The '60's blonde bombshell numbers don't make sense. Even if the girl was 20 in, say, 1969, she would be 65 today. Not saying I wouldn't hit a 65 year old lady, but geez .....

Stephie said...

9. How about Barbara Eden for the '60s bombshell. I'm sure a lot of men have dreamed about Jeannie.

Candyland said...

Could 4 be Liza?

WareCat said...

It wld be funny if #10 was Bill Cosby.

Shit You Can't Buy said...

9: Jessica Lange (PLEASE GOD NOOOO!)

Unknown said...

#10 is Jerry Lewis. Read an article about the incident where he offended the bus load of people who paid for a Q&A

FSP said...

@Stephie - with a 10 foot weenie!

JMY said...

4 - Avril Lavigne
5 - Gaga or Nicki Minaj

Stephie said...

@FSP Their wish is her command! :)

M. Brown said...

Maybe break the Mr.X blinds in half and post twice a week? I have the same guesses as everyone else except maybe Star instead of Joy.

auntliddy said...

Really, unknown, they shouldnt be surprised. Hes like 100, has all classes of health problems for which he takes tons of medication-really he shld be home relaxing, lol

Unknown said...

seriously only one guess for # 6 ?? are there no weho gays here?

Fleuhr Flower said...

#9 might be Anne Francis. She was huge in the 60s as Honey West. She was a tv sexpot and dressed in leopard wiggle dresses and wore black velvet chokers and had a big beauty mark on her face. I can see old men still crushing on that fantasy. Whatever floats your boat.

WritergirlinLa said...

4 is Dianna Ross. She's been touring the crap casinos recently, ie The Boats!!

rajahcat said...

not Brit-never considered diva-her tours have done well because her fan base is very loyal

like the Reba guess as well as the Dolly

Lange would never

despise and loathe Joy Behar as much as Rosie

Renoblondee said...

5. Gaga

Junior Mints said...

8. Kristen Bell & Dax Sheppard: these two are so phony in their concern trolling

WritergirlinLa said...

The tour was in 2000 and nearly half of the dates were cancelled due to slow ticket sales. I've seen her billboards in a few places. Playing Isle of Capri in Helena, AR is not a step up!

WritergirlinLa said...

I thought Chris too. ZQ being the other one. I would imagine bearding gets old indeed.

Stephie said...

@Fleuhr Flower Anne passed away in 2011.

Nancy said...

Here are my guesses w/out reading comments:
1. Jennifer Garner
2. Chris Pine (Zach Quinto already out...Star Trek franchise)
3. Faith Evans (was not sure if she'd still be considered b minus list)
4. Celine Dion
5.Lady Gaga
6. Kevin Jonas (?)
7. Rosie O' Donnell-Barbara is retiring.
8. Jessica Alba and her bubby (I would have said Dax and Kristen, but they only have one child)
9. Peggy Lipton of Mod Squad fame
10. Jerry Seinfeld
11 &12-I have no idea
All of my guesses are just guesses.

ItsCourtneyD said...

Could 4 be Celine? first one I thought of. 5) gaga 8) I could see Kristen bell doing this but I feel as if I haven't seen her in many phoyos

Shit You Can't Buy said...

#2 has to be Chris Pine for sure. The leaked Olivia Munn-pics (she made 'for him') were released right around the time people were guessing he was gay. Such an obvious bearding-move; he seems like the hetero dude with the hot gf and Olivia got her attention-ho needs fulfilled.

VeronicaCostello said...

I like the Pine guess.

Count Jerkula said...

3 Biggie's wife/Suge Knight

4 Garth Brooks

7 Rosie takes Barb's chair

8 Dax and this lil broad SFW Pokies

10 Gilbert Gottfried, he once took a job at some women's conference and proceeded to do 20min of cunt jokes

11 Keith Urban

T. E. Cuz said...

celine has her own residence-show... not a tour. thats the impression i was under.

Shit You Can't Buy said...

6: Cody Simpson; currently Dancing with the stars (or at least filming soon) and has many hitsingles (andddd an action figure! xD).

And 'the Cody' sounds good as a drink. Bacardi Cody, lalalala!
*thinks of more drink names*

Sherry said...

#1-Do not know
#2-Chris Pine
#3-Faith Evans (as listrd above-I had to steal it)
#4-Hmmm...Wish this were Avril
#5-Gaga although first thought was Keisha
#6-Gotta be Cody S? Who else is on relity?
#7-Oh God please not Star Jones
#8-Dax and Kristin
#9-Barbara Eden- she still looks good ya'll
#10-Don Rickles
#11-Hugh (although seems like Debra Jo is actually nice)
#12-Dolly all the way. She just won't stop!

#Gitit said...

1) no idea

2)Jeremy Renner (Avengers)

3)no idea


5)Nikki (she actually looks normal lately)

6)no idea

7)Star Jones

8)Dax and his wife

9)The Police Woman herself-Angie Dickinson

10) Jackie Mason or Don Rickles

11) Hugh Jackman (dances,sings,acts)

12)Loretta Lynn

Candyland said...

Could #1 possibly be Suki Waterhouse with Cooper being the A list actor? Maybe that's why "wife" is in quotes?

Shit You Can't Buy said...

#11: Weird guess, but I'm gonna try it; what about Hugh Hefner? Very well known, has the image of a harmless grandpa (even with a magazine and past like his). And that chick he is with seems like a total gold digging biatch.

Shit You Can't Buy said...

Ohh didn't know what triple threat means.. Scratch the Heff-guess, I don't want to imagine him dancing (I have actually seen gif's of it and I am still scarred)

Shit You Can't Buy said...

@#gitit: Nikki is an excellent guess for 5!

LizzardO said...

I heard him talk at some event and the jokes he told were so un-PC I was embarrassed. Totally not funny jokes about the Chinese stereotype. I think if is him too.

Count Jerkula said...

Wait, I wanna change my guess on #11 to Matthew Broderick.

Lady Heisenberg said...

#1) John Travolta & Kelly Preston could work. That explains the "wife," the Co$ flunkies and the booze disapproval. Chug that shit and run, Kelly!!!

lazyday603 said...

Kristin Bell & Dax Sheperd only have the one child & it's still an infant, the blind reads 'children'. I hope it's not Jennifer Garner.

Tara said...

I don't know why people keep guessing Bell and Shephard. You never see photos of them our with or without their baby. There were a few beach photos of them recently and I was surprised to see pap photos at all. There has not been one released photo of that baby. Also, the blind says kids and they only have one. I think this might be the Maddens or the Warrens.

Murielle said...

Like Tara, I don't think 8 is Bella and Shephard.
I don't want 11 to be Hugh Jackman and his wife.

auntliddy said...

Lizzard, he also maintains women cant be funny. Ever. They just cant. So he's a real throwback.

Sillygurl said...

Goldie is a swinger / open marriage person, sooooo she's definitely open sexually.

Sillygurl said...

I assumed he meant she was in her 60's. Will we ever really know?

Fleuhr Flower said...

Aw I didn't know Anne had died, thanks. I guess I should check before guessing any old people ;P

I like the Angie guess too. I can't see Barbara Eden as a bombshell for some reason.

SusanB said...

I change my guess on #10 to Jerry Lewis also. I didn't think of him right away because in order for me to think of someone who is a comedy legend, that person has to actually be funny. Jerry Lewis is the most overrated "comedian" in the world. I don't care what France thinks.

Zach said...

She's been dead for years! Lol

VeronicaCostello said...

I was on the Pine train, but didn't Sir Ian McKellen say that he wasn't the only gay man in the Hobbit? Maybe Lee Pace or Richard Armitage or someone else?

Jazzy said...

3. Faith and Diddy
4.D Ross
7. Star
8. I would say Dax & Kristen, but we haven't seen Lincoln yet. I'll agree with the Madden guess.
11. Hugh Jackman, based only on yesterday's random photos comment
12. Reba
Other than that, I got nothing.

EvieShackles said...

11. Has to be Hugh... He sings, he dances, he acts.... Triple the pleasure triple the fun. I don't get his spousal choice, however... she must have some dirty laundry on him.

Poor Faith Evans... that whole East Coast West Coast BS is messed up. People should be in jail, yo.

Is Celina making the Casino rounds? Didn't she get a bazillion dollars for her Vegas stint? Can't she retire into diva-dom like Barbra by now?

EvieShackles said...

Bridget Bardot is still alive... she's 79... but she's ticking! And she has serious issues with seal and whale fishing... hmmmm. Or perhaps Jane Fonda? She was vavava voom... and still looking good now.. (but I doubt she's hard up for cash)

EvieShackles said...

Just realized the 60's chick was tv... I'm wayyyy off.

scarletscout said...

stephie & FSP, LOL re: ur Jeannie dreamin'comments.

8=====D aka Lil Tool. KermitGosnellKnobJockey said...

I hope 5 is Minaj, she is actually pretty when "normal".

That Barbara Eden is an odd person, in some pics she is still f word able and in others she is a normal (non bangable) granny. If I were a mithomaniac rich person, I would bone some woman with great surgery (hanoi jane, for instance), not a lady whose face probably looks like a nightmare without makeup (totally out after the mandatory facial).

mooshki said...

#8 had better not be K.Bell and Dax or my faith in humanity will be destroyed.

kpist said...

A bottle of champagne is only 4 champagne flutes unless it's a magnum!!

Matthew said...

@Peggy. I just don't see any way Peggy Lipton works.

Seems like she had an amicable divorce from Quincy, so that should set her up decently well.

Plus do you think everyone's fav Rashida would let her mom hook?

Walt Driscoll said...

Diana Ross makes perfect sense.

THe 'Supremes' Reteurn To Love Tour was a complete shambles and her solo tour soon after was cancelled halfway through.

She on a tour of theatres starting anyday now.

It's definitely not Cher. Her 'Farewell' tour lasted for 3 years, she then played Vegas and is currently on a sold out stadium tour.

kpist said...

Didn't Shirley Jones just say that she still gets hit on by young guys? I go with her for number 9

kpist said...

11. is Matthew Broderick still considered a list, the b wife being SJP

Lady Heisenberg said...

1) Kelly Preston/John Travolta
2) Chris Pine
3) Faith Evans/Suge Knight
4) Diana Ross or Avril Lavigne
5) Lady Gaga
6) Cody Simpson
7) Rosie O'Donnell or Star Jones/Barbara Walters
8) Kristen Bell/Dax or Richie/Madden
9) Angie Dickenson
10) Jerry Lewis (or Don Rickles)
11) Hugh Jackman or Matthew Broderick
12) Dolly Parton (just turned down Playboy today in the news). Could be Loretta Lynn too. Reba's been out and photographed this week.

AKM said...

I didn't read all 87 comments, so I'm just reading Lady H's summary...

Wait, on #11...people actually think that SJP is a nasty bitch?! Not gorgeous, sure, and to many of us, not at ALL the "fashion icon" that she's touted as, but she seems hella sweet and down-to-earth. I can't see this being her.

I don't like Kristen and Dax for #8, either. They seem cool and I don't recall seeing any photos of their kid at all, really.

No guesses from me. I'm tired and can't really think. Just thought those two guesses seemed unusual. As you were! :-)

scarletscout said...

#9- Barbara Eden... I think of her & Tina Louise(Ginger on Gilligan's Island)& weirdly Marilyn Munster(Herman Munster's neice) & Lt. O'Hura? fr: Star Trek as my fav Bombshells Ellie Mae was Hot but now? not so much.

scarletscout said...

I think Florence Henderson just said she still gets hit on a lot by guys 1/2 her age.

kpist said...

scarlet I confuse those two all the time. Florence and Shirley, you could be right.

scarletscout said...

I thought Kelly Preston has been in recovery for like 20 years.

Sara said...

6. On-board w/ the Cody Simpson guess

8. Alyson Hannigan? She's always being papped, allegedly at her own request. Alternate: Jessica Alba

Alita said...

1. Swap 'wife' for 'momager' = Dina Lohan

2. Riker. The pressure simply became too much.

4. Brandi Glanville - she's always SWFing poor Leanne Rimes :(

I'm trying to get into thes Mr. X blinds, but the format is really not helping.

Rubble44 said...

I'm thinking #11 is Timberlake

Sabrina said...

2 - Chris Pine for sure.
4 - Celine Dion.
5 - Gaga.
8 - Willow and Giles.
9 - Ann-Margret, blonde being her blonde phase?
10 - Jerry Lewis?

Leekalicious said...

I'm afraid #12 might be Faith Hill.

Flora Goforth said...

9. Julie Newmar

sugarbread maker said...

Britney is not touring. One casino. Just started hasn't been doing it for years. Probably country bitch Carrie Underwood or leann. Rimes.

Mary Anne said...

2. Chris Pine
7. Joy Behar (that was an exposed blind recently & Jenny McCarthy is being dumped)
11. Hugh Jackman

sugarbread maker said...

Jane fonda ftw.

sugarbread maker said...

Ooh yeah that Supreme reunion that wasn't was a bomb. She is always playing Caesars palace. Mary Wilson refused if she didn't get equal pay and the fans weren't paying 500 per ticket.

sugarbread maker said...

Lisa ling. If she has kids now she may not want to travel for Oprah.

sugarbread maker said...

I never paid attention to them before but now I can't stand them. So fake and everyone has called them out on it.

sugarbread maker said...

Alba never complains about paps. They are her lifeline.

sugarbread maker said...

Or 1

sugarbread maker said...

Dolly canceled appearances a few weeks ago because of a" car wreck"

sugarbread maker said...


sugarbread maker said...

I thought her face looked good the other night . And I looked for any odd facial deformities too. Reba or dolly.

Aoife said...

Re #3 Why would Faith Evans go near Diddy if she feels that way?

#5 So Stephanie is going to focus on her singing?

#8 Dax Shepherd and his wife. This one was either revealed or guessed at before.

#9 Pam Anderson

Slim Peachy said...

2) Pine. Fits well.
3) Faith Evans. Rumours were that Biggie was going to leave Bad Boy Records and Daddy had him killed to send a message that no one leaves. Daddy knew everything would think Suge Knight did it because of some East/West coast rivalry and retaliation for Tupac's death. Tupac was murdered for screwing a prominent Crip member's woman thou.
7) Behar. Already in the MSM. Although her make-up with Walters is rooted in Behar losing her spot at CNN under Zucker's new philosophy for the channel.
10) Jerry Lewis. This doesn't even need a blind. It is out in the MSM.
11) Urban.
12) Dolly.

Susannah Leigh Murray said...

4. celine Dion

Lealu1 said...

himmmmmm ? Answers ?

Zilla3 said...

#4 couldn't be Diana Ross, she just booked a string of shows at Madison Square Garden. Hardly a casino.

kit said...

1) Angelina Jolie. 'wife' in quotes
2) Jeremy Renner or Luke Evans (as if either were really ever in a closet?)
3) Faith Evans
4) Toni Braxton
5) Kesha (no $ now; said last week)
6) Cody Simpson
7) Joy Behar
8) Eric Dane / Rebecca Gayheart
9) Ann-Margaret
10) Jerry Lewis
11) Matthew Broderick
12) Wynonna Judd

kit said...

1) Angelina Jolie. 'wife' in quotes
2) Jeremy Renner or Luke Evans (as if either were really ever in a closet?)
3) Faith Evans
4) Toni Braxton
5) Kesha (no $ now; said last week)
6) Cody Simpson
7) Joy Behar
8) Eric Dane / Rebecca Gayheart
9) Ann-Margaret
10) Jerry Lewis
11) Matthew Broderick
12) Wynonna Judd

K. Madelyn said...

Late as always, but gotta ask about #9 (some others--esp #1--are interesting, but for most, I don't even want to know)...

9)? Goldie Hawn became famous in '60s as THE bikini go-go dancer on TV's 'Laugh-In' well before she broke into film. Her style never seems to change, but looks well for her age, & hasn't worked since forever. So, with her views on open relationships & sex, Hawn's not an impossible candidate. The 'Laugh-In' Bippie Girl was a huge ditzy-blonde sex icon.

9)? Barbara Eden as 'Jeannie' is a classic male fantasy from 60's TV. As of this year, she can still wear her Jeannie get-up, but I suspect it only works at a distance; she'd need a dark room, & elderly biz-men w/severely impaired vision.

9)? In honor of Michael K: Charo! She still 'cuchi-cuchi's w/such vigor that there must have been a bargain with Satan at some point.

di butler said...

Some of these are tough!

1) Preston/Travolta
2) Pine
3) Evans
4) Celine?
5) Minaj/Roman
6) Simpson
7) Star
8) Bell/Shepard
9) Charo (lol)
10) Lewis
11) Timbersnake/Bitchy Bland Biel
12) Reba

Darly said...

2) Chris Pine - it says what other leading man which would suggest someone else in the cast is out (Zachary Quinto)

7) Rosie O'Donnell (some have suggested Star Jones but Barbara Walters has banned Jones from her farewell episode but invited O'Donnell, Joy Behar and Meredith Vieira).

11) Hugh Jackman though I question if their marriage is a real marriage.

12) Dolly Parton (Reba was just out at an event a few days and looked fine).

di butler said...

#12-Dolly instead of Reba. Bless her heart, she's looking bad, I hear.


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