Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Teens React To Mean Girls


Lady Heisenberg said...


Seven of Eleven said...

I kinda sorta took one for the team.


Teens still like Mean Girls because DUH being a teenager doesn't change.

Memorable quotes:

"Even though it came out forever ago..."

"Made out with a hot dog!"

"This movie came out ten years.
'REALLY? That makes me feel so old!'"

"I miss when Lindsay wasn't crazy."

MM said...

So long! My takeaway:

Teens think LiLo was "one of the first [child stars] to really go off the handle"

Leekalicious said...

I owe you one, Miss Seven, thanks for that, honey.

Seven of Eleven said...

Anytime, @Leeky!

It was kind of funny when the interviewer asked about it being released ten years ago, and one of the teens said, "I was FOUR!"

Kristin (Wiglet) said...

Thanks for doing that, Seven. I loathe the daily video posts. Tomorrow, I vote Heisenberg takes the random video post :)

mooshki said...

"Teens think LiLo was 'one of the first [child stars] to really go off the handle'"

Oh, the sweet innocence.

Oopsy_Daisy said...

Mean Girls high school was based on mine. I grew up in North Shore area of Chicago and nothing ever changes.

Sprink said...

I also dislike them, Wiglet, especially as I'm normally CDANning from my phone and watching them helps me exceed my fecking fair usage policy (whatever THAT is)...anyway, made an exception for mean girls as it has a special place on my heart. Then again, so does Heathers. And The Breakfast Club.

There out to be a freshman film week. For reals.

Cee Kay said...

Aw, I kinda loved seeing that. I don't have any kids in my life in this age range (only younger and older), so it was interesting to me to see how they perceive things.


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