Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Met Gala Photos Part Seven

Reese Witherspoon

Hayden Panettiere
Dakota Johnson
Kristen Stewart
Idina Menzel
Suki Waterhouse
Greta Gerwig
Rachel McAdams
Hailee Steinfeld
Chrissy Teigen
Giuliana Rancic
Amy Adams
Amber Heard


maggs said...

Does Giuliana Rancic have hammertoes?? Her feet look very strange. Like Reese's dress but not the hair.

Jenn said...

nope, nope, aaaand nope

derek harvey said...

Reese looks impeccable as usual. Kristen looks like she came crawling out of Pat Benetar video as usual...

Shelly Shell said...

Is human fether duster a new theme?

Seven of Eleven said...

Hayden, why are you wearing a wedding dress?

Dakota going for the Maleficient look.

I can just see KStew standing in a dressing room and saying, "FINE, I'll wear a dress. That one. I don't care, stop making me try on dresses!"

I <3 Rachel McAdams, but this dress, no. Your dress shouldn't almost match your skin color.

Hailee's dress is a work of art. I love it.

Oh, Amy, my dear Amy, she looks like she was attacked by Reynolds Wrap. :/

Amber Heard, bringing back brocade.

rajahcat said...

wow to Reese

Rachel looks boring

what is up with the orange hair on Kristen and the hair on Nicole R. in the last set. I hate that look.

MM said...

That woman standing behind Chrissy Teigen in the painted dress stole the show.

Jessica Larson said...

Whoa Stew actually bathed?! At least Chanel didn't put her in a Native Am Headdress.

It looks like Amber bathed also, since getting with Depp her hygine has gone down.

Meghan said...

Thank you, at least, for managing to put most of my list of people whose faces make me want to punch them in one post. Whew!! I can move on!! Kristen, especially, looks like one of the most ungrateful, petulant little brats I've ever seen. We get it, you hate the spotlight, it makes you pissy. It also made you filthy rich, so man up and deal with it. A smile wouldn't kill you. Jesus.

Hailee, though, I love her and I hope she never changes!!!

Cleodacat said...

HP looks like she forgot to seperate brights and whites for that unfortunate dress.

Layna Day said...

Hailee looks good.

Chrissy is one of the ugliest celebrities, both inside and out. Has a face like a flatfish. She always cracking jokes about others that aren't funny. Sit down, hag, no one would care about you if you hadn't gotten John Legend to marry you. Old wench.

OneEyeCharlie said...

Hmmm, An interesting collection

Reese makes me think of Pepto Bismol

Ms Stewart, they are filming the Serengeti scene the next block over

sugarbread maker said...

I was right about hayden not getting Chanel.
Kristen Stewart looks like she needs to pee.

MISCH said...

Hailee and Rachel look fantastic the rest yuk

Kno Won Uno said...

I can't deal with Ms Rancid. She reminds me of nothing more than a knock off Bratz doll on clearance at a truck stop.

TalksTooMuch said...

Rachel McAdams looks lovely! Like a breath of fresh air. I think Amy Adams looks nice although I'm not in love with the colour

NaughtyNurse said...

Oh, Chrissy…so cheesy. I just don't get it.

Suki looks fabulous…love the dress, but it looks like something Nicole Kidman would wear better.

I think Hayden wears the same dress to every event.

I can't even comment on Kristen Stewart. At least she showered.

Jessi said...

Rachel and Hailee Gorgeous ladies! Bravo! I am throwing virtual roses your way!

Anonymous said...

Reese: the dress is pretty butterface is REALLY...UM...something is going on there

Hayden: the dress is pretty but looks out of place there

Dakota: MEH

Kristen: a large order of eyeroll with a splash of WTF
Idina: sweet
Suki: I cant
Greta: ((crickets))
Rachel: washed out
Hailey: atta girl, love your drama
Crissy: fun, don't love the color though
Guiliana: I like
Amy: I like
Amber: ((sigh)) your attempt at edgy couture is boring

discoflux said...

I'm agreeing with MM on this one. The chick in the background of Chrissy Teigen's pic takes the whole set. Plus the look on her face says it all about that basic bitch Chrissy.

PugsterMom said...

Reese looks beautiful. Other sites show chrissy's dress from the side and she's totally showing side boobs. It's very tacky.

discoflux said...

Also, Amber Heard looks like shit.

Renoblondee said...

Love Reese's pink gown!

Count Jerkula said...

P. Adams

M. Kstew

B. H-pants

Wo uld go through Rancic for those 3 plus Heard.

Seven of Eleven said...

@disco, I blew it up and YES! That look is priceless! She's like, "Oh look, a silver Muppet!"

PugsterMom said...

Can you imagine how long everyone's noses would be if they grew like pinnochios every time they lied? "Oh darling, your dress is FABULOUS! "

Sarah said...

Rachel McDrabams

Sarah said...

Rachel McDrabams

JosieJo said...

Hailey is one of my favorite of the night. Just right for all the right reasons.
I think Rachel's dress has been recycled. I just can't remember where I've seen it before, but I'm sure I have. Greta's dress fits her name.

Amy in MI said...

Giuliana looks like a praying mantis

Malibu Borebee said...

Rancic needs an intervention for her anorexia.

Steinfeld's stylist understood the Charles James brief better than most of the others. Perfect.

Reese is so tired of living in "I'm a happy suburban housewife and mom" purgatory for the paps every day, she's about to crack.

Sherry said...

Guliana DOES look like a praying mantis. She needs something different in the hair dept.

Loving Hailee's dress with those shoes. She's the best of the lot.

Reese has an odd look on her face like someone said suck in like you have cheekbones.

Dakota looks like she has saggy boobs already.

Kristen Stewart -ugh hate her constantly pissy face.

NOT liking the top of Suki's dress. Isn't flattering at all.

Great's hair and make-up is all wrong for her. She's usually pretty. Oh and her dress is uglay.

Lila said...

Eek! Greta... Wtf? Sukiyaki needs to bathe. Is she really a model? She is not attractive. And beauties like Rachel & Reese are wearing zzzz dresses. This is the MET GALA. get it together. Kristin Stewart always looks like she is gonna cry.

nancer said...

the pointy parts on the bodice don't match reese's pointy parts. other than that, she looks good, IMO.

but man, there's some ugly shit here. i can't wait for an end to the see through skirt thing and the asymmetrical hemline. they're both atrocious trends.

Lila said...

And Hayden has a totally different face

Sylvia said...

Giuliana Rancic reminds me of that human plastic Barbie

Sylvia said...

Giuliana Rancic reminds me of that human plastic Barbie

auntliddy said...

Is it really that hard to get a pretty well fitting gown in show business???!!!!! These rags are the pits.

auntliddy said...

Look at Kristen Stewart. You know she's saying fuck you under her breath, lololol

Orvilla Bedinbacher said...

Giuliana looks like a bug! Seriously.

Hayden looks pretty boring in that outfit.

Kassandra said...

DNRTFA (or comments) - Hayden looked pretty good.


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