Monday, May 05, 2014

Random Photos Part One

Five parts today.

A very very rare pap photo of Patricia Arquette.

Salma Hayek's attempts at starting the wave were unsuccessful. I love the people laughing behind her.
Stacy Keibler showing off no sign of a baby bump at all.
Snooki stars in MTV's True Life - I'm A Squatter
Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift have a second date Saturday night.
Tori Spelling heading into therapy over the weekend and duly documented by a reality crew.
Victoria Beckham is now in NYC.
Willem DaFoe caught in mid-bite.
When they get divorced Zoe Saldana's husband is going to really alter his arm.


TalksTooMuch said...

Awww I miss Medium! My,whattta big mouth you have there, Willem

Violet said...

Woah, Taylor needs a good meal put in front of her (or it's a bad photo angle).

sandybrook said...

I'm beginning to believe Taylor has switched teams since guys dont want her because shes clingy.

Bacon Ranch said...

Patricia's babay is fugly
(says the person who can't even see it. Is it a boy or a girl?)
Don't get the Zoe love, she reminds me too much of Nicole Richie.

msgirl said...

Bacon, what baby?

love Patricia, such a great actress. Once again excellent in Copper.

Renoblondee said...

Karli must be 7 ft tall! Wow. Taylor is 6 ft isn't she?

Bacon Ranch said...

I was wondering the same thing msgirl! where did the baby go?
I could have sworn I saw a head a couple of minutes ago..

Seven of Eleven said...

Medium!! I loved that show so much.

Taylor Swift, going for the flapper look.

So Keibler for the nosedive BI!

Harry Knuckles said...

Patricia Arquette being ogled from behind. Men are such pigs.

Salma isn't trying to start the wave, she's participating along with others, and the couple behind her are laughing about something, but not about her. Entyasshole.

Snooki Rat, and me without my pellet gun.

Taylor is 5 ft 10 barefoot and Karlie just towers over her. Boner City. Both of them. Together.

Posh getting a little sun.

Count Jerkula said...

P/M/B Kindness Edition

P: Patricia Arquette - her getting old gives me a bad case of the sads :( She was so adorable. I would take good care of her as a display of respect.

M: Tori - looking at fake cans and lips would be better than seeing the REAL scrawny going on below them.

B: Swift/Kloss - the 2 of em, they probably only drop a deuce every 4-5 days, so they could use the exercise back there.

loopymommy said...

I loved "Medium." Such a great show.

sandybrook said...

Count your compassionate side is so unlike you. I think you may be in lurve with someone.

Shelly Shell said...

Swifty is looking scary skinny.

Count Jerkula said...

@Sandy: Nah, that pic of Patricia just made me sad. I've seen the SVU where she played the aging addicted hooker a couple times in the last few months, and she was still kinda boner worthy. Then I saw her on Boardwalk Empire and was like, "Whoa! How long has it been?" NSFW

msgirl said...

Eh you'll get older too, Count, I think she looks terrific , especially a candid!

sandybrook said...

yeah @Count she looked terrible on Boardwalk Empire and nearly the same time Rosanna looked old and awful on Ray Donovan too.

Count Jerkula said...

I know, msgirl. Luckily so far the only signs of age are thinning and graying hair.

MrWolf said...

@sandybrook - It's been strongly hinted at several times that Taylor's bisexual at the least.

Almost all of her 'friends' are and there's her relationship with Dianna Argon.

They were utterly inseperable for a year, dressing like cats together, and then suddenly Dianna just disappeared and the two never speak of each other.

That's not how Taylor treats her friends. It is exactly how she treats her ex's.

Thiz said...

I was thinking the same thing!

Sherry said...

I know he's not the most handsome but I find Willem DaFoe hawt! Reminds me of a bartender I knew in NYC for an afternoon.
Karlie Kloss is 6'1" and TayTay is 5'10". And is Diana Agron gay? Was there a rumor there about her rooming/boinking another Glee actress?

sugarbread maker said...

And there's Emma stone. Who is very good at not being photographed with her but they are very close. EMMA is still under bearding contract with Andrew Garfield until last Spider-Man ends so Emma is staying in the closet.

sugarbread maker said...

Yeah Leah Michelle

LoMo said...

Swifty has a good hart, but her brain is srsly amage. She's obvsly turning into Karlie KLoss..
"Single white female...?"


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