Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Random Photos Part One

Five parts today.

Shakira looking lovely as she makes her way to Extra.

Tyra Banks poses with Chrissy Teigen before
Chrissy sticks her tongue in Padma Lakshmi's ear.
You probably won't see Tina Fey sticking her tongue in
Amy Poehler's ear.
Seth Meyers and Judah Friedlander would probably like to watch though.
Taylor Swift seems to be increasing the number of security who surround her.
A rare burst of color from the usually dressed in black, Victoria Beckham.
Her husband was in Miami watching the Heat.


sugarbread maker said...

Shakira 4 one of the blinds

Lady Heisenberg said...

hey shaki lookin fine

I don't know why but Chrissy's face makes me feel stabby
30 Rock reunion!!! Knope! Hey There, Becks!

BuffaloBlue said...

Tina looks absolutely lovely!

sandybrook said...

Shakiras hips nevah lie.
Chrissys keeping it classy I guess.
Tina and Amy both look lovely
Posh looks kinda posh.

Seven of Eleven said...

I would so wear Shakira's outfit! Must find.

That dress is doing Ms Tiegan's girls no favors.

Tina! Amy! Becks! I hope someone is hearing my bat call!

Sus said...

Lately, Taylor S. has always bruises in her legs. In past pictures were even more visible.

Violet said...

I love Chrissy T on Twitter. The only model i have ever liked (jealousy is a bitch).
Sandy, Posh WISHES she was actually posh.

T. E. Cuz said...

shakira's body is awesome.

tyra and chrissy are so annoying. there are much better, more interesting, etc models out there. yeah classy move licking the biggest golddigger around. padma looks old.

posh's outfit is really cute but a bit warm for the weather.

califblondy said...

Posh was gorgeous in white at the Met, Enty.

Brenda L said...

Posh is officially my good luck charm! Whenever I see her pic, good things seem to happen.

Bee Haven said...

Never taste anyone's ear. Ew. Waxy.

Harry Knuckles said...

Tyra back in her runway days.

Chrissy Tiegen relaxing on the beach.

Padma having a bite.

Taylor's the one that needs to have a bite. She's too skinny. With her fake boyfriends and constant papping and revolving door of besties and buying houses all over the country and that truly moronic face painting she is so fond of, sometimes I think Taylor's not quite right in the head, so maybe some sort of eating disorder isn't out of the question for her.

EvieShackles said...

Taylor legs look skinnier than Posh... certainly time for a decent meal when Posh is bigger than you....

Bee Haven said...

I heart Judah and his random hats.

Mark B said...

I wouldn't mind seeing Tina Fey put her tongue somewhere in Amy Poelher. Dunno about the ear though :p

Sicilysclover said...

Is the security guy carrying Taylor's purse??

di butler said...

Chrissy T is a huuuuge twat. Super huge.

Shakira looks freakkng great!

Count Jerkula said...

P: Shakira

M: Swift

B: Fey - She don't strike me as a Brazilian Wax girl, so I would probably start off with some grooming.

Harry Knuckles said...

Count, interesting comment about Tina. I love grooming girls ... I live for it.

Count Jerkula said...

@Harry: It is an extra way to spend quality time w/ the fun parts.

urban chaos said...

Shakira can do no wrong. Chrissy tiegan is overrated.. Meh
Posh is wonderful! And David looks hot- just no talking!!

Jason Blue Eyes said...

"You probably won't see Tina Fey sticking her tongue in
Amy Poehler's ear."

Well the day ain't over.

@Di - I believe that about Chrissy. She annoys the hell out of me. I hear Cameron Diaz is annoying as well. Almost Goop levels of annoying.

Say what you will about Padma but she has one sexy voice.

Erik said...

Hello Shakira! Very hot.

Tina and Amy look great. Total MILFs.

cowbulls said...

Swifty looks like an ice princess.


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