Monday, May 12, 2014

Random Photos Part Three- Wango Tango

Bella Thorne

Cody Simpson
Adam Levine and Shooter McGavin. No, not really, but wanted to see if anyone was paying attention.
When I think of what a rock star should look like, Ed Sheeran isn't the first thing that pops into my head.
Candace Cameron Bure
Audrina Patridge
James Maslow and Peta Murgatroyd
Mark Ballas
Christina Aguilera


sandybrook said...

There are no words for a pop concert named after a Ted Nugent song about screwing.

Seven of Eleven said...

I wonder if Mr Burre approved that outfit.

I assume Cody Simpson is a tweener idol or something, but he needs to be sent to the corner for perpetuating that idiotic pants around the hips look.

Sherry said...

Anyone ever see "Coraline"? Ed Sheeran looks like the cartoon kid, Wybie, that was in that.

Wow that hair color on Levine makes him look even more douchetastic!

HimynameisChloe said...

Cody Simpson's pants remind me of the time i cleaned the bathroom on my hands and knees without realizing the cleaner had bleach in it.

JoElla said...

@Sherry, my daughter loves that movie, and I totally agree!

I think Christina looks fantastic in this picture.

Count Jerkula said...

P: Shakira

M: X-Tina

B: Patridge

Sherry said...

JoElla...I love that movie too.

OneEyeCharlie said...

They wanted to go with Wang Dang Sweet Poontang, Sandy, but the corporate suits nixed it.

Renoblondee said...

Candace sure is enjoying her re found fame.

Uhhhh... said...

I did not need this post.

sandybrook said...


mooshki said...

Ceiling Eyes looks different, and it's not just the flat, dried-out hair.

cowbulls said...

Bella looks pretty good for having run the Disney gauntlet.

Zeeky_Boogy_Doog said...

For a second there, I thought Christina was Cyndi Lauper. Either way, she looks great in the photo!

discoflux said...

mooshki - Maybe it's just the angle of the pic but it kind of looks like she had her implants removed.

Anotheramy said...

After finding that being out in public and looking desirable is fun and satisfying, Candace Cameron Bures next headline is her deep regret and grief that her marriage has ended.

Brenda L said...

Candace looks awesome....fame agrees with her.

Dingle Barry said...

1. Eh
2. Ugh
3. Uh
4. Oh & Lord
5. Ok
6. Meh
7. No
8. Who
9. Why
10. Poor baby...maybe

Shoko Soto said...

He looks like a grunge hobbit to me.


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