Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Blind Item #5

This A list mostly television actor who had a very hit show and who had a pretty nice hit movie this year is married but during a booze filled night in the past week was all over a 20 something blonde who was wearing a dress so short she couldn't sit. He was going to have a tough time getting rid of all the lipstick all over his face and neck she left.


Violet said...

not Bryan C?

Riven said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Seven of Eleven said...


If he's too dumb to figure out how to use warm paper towels, he's smart enough to be with someone who can't figure out how sitting in a dress works.

derek harvey said...

not all at once people lol

Riven said...

Ok I'll put it back since maybe had could be due to possible character death?

Peter Dinklage

rajahcat said...

Bryan would nevah

missgrova said...

Aaron Paul? Don't know if Need For Speed was a hit though - looked like crap to me.

FrenchGirl said...

Breaking Bad's guy who is in Godzzzzilla

sugarbread maker said...

Aaron Paul. That race car movie did well and he has been cheating on his wife . Allegedly.

TalksTooMuch said...

No way. Aaron Paul was ecstatic to marry that woman, who is waaaay hotter than most 20s women, and Need For Speed didn't do very well

Seven of Eleven said...

@Riven, you in danger, girl.


Tyrion doesn't die.

Procrastibator said...

Cheating men need a clean shirt and makeup remover in their kit.

Karen said...

I refuse to believe anything bad about Aaron Paul or Bryan Cranston. In any case, "20 something blonde" makes me think that the guy in question is a lot older than her.

epiphany said...

I don't usually do spoilers, but considering the aspersion you cast at Mr. Dinklage, I have no choice:






Tyrion escapes, and goes on to have many (harrowing) adventures.

Sherry said...

I don't care if you give spoilers that save a character I love...Now if you're lying there is going to be hell to pay!

Please don't be Bryan Cranston. I think Aaron is madly in love with his wife. They just got married.
Also he didn't take her to a hotel and boink her but he did allow her to kiss all over him. Not saying it's better but...

FSP said...

Jon Hamm

NaughtyNurse said...

Nooooo, not my Aaron!!!

Nancy said...

*had* a very hit television show makes me think the show is no longer on the air. I would hope this is not Aaron Paul or Bryan Cranston, as Breaking Bad would fit that description (and I would think BB would be described as hit cable show). Game of Thrones is still on the air, so Dinklage seems not to fit this one.
All that being said, I have no idea who this is.

Riven said...

@Seven ELF!!

Sorry yeah so I also consider Dinklage to be mostly film despite GOT because I remember him from both Death at a Funeral films anyway.

Also yeah I know Tyrion doesn't die in the books but Jaime doesn't rape Cersei either (apologies if I got the names wrong, I don't watch the show). I kind of knew it didn't match, thus the initial deletion, but then no one was guessing and I felt pressured y'all.

I'm so sorry Tyrion for besmirching you good name.

crila16 said...

Bryan Cranston

Sincerely,Your Friend said...

Hamm isn't married officially.
Plus, dunno if movie is a hot.
However, there was a Bl
About him and two women looking to get the Hamm in their ovens.

Haywood Jablomee said...

Not just the face and neck, make sure there no lipstick on the dipstick, Romeo.

Looziana Magnolia said...

Woody Harrelson?

rolotomassi said...

I consider woody mostly movie at this stage of his career and cable...just saying and I thought that they've a free love kinda marriage union that really works for them

rolotomassi said...

Aaron's been cheating so I think its him too

Malibu Borebee said...

The great philosopher Chris Rock once said, "A man is only as faithful as his options" and it's true.

It could be any of these guys, or all of them.


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