Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Emmy Photos Part Eight

Jimmy Kimmel and Fred Armisen
Jessica Pare
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
Gabourey Sidibe
Christine Baranski
Tony Hale
Kiernan Shipka
Seth Meyers and Alexi Ashe
Laverne Cox
Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin


Kno Won Uno said...

Love Baranski.

auntliddy said...

Lisa rinna looks awfully thin. Hope she isnt ill. I dont know what to say about sidibe, so i will say nothing.

Omar Little said...

Hello Kingslayer! Love Kiernan, she looks so pretty.

Ay said...

Nikolaj is so hot.

@liddy say hey Koolaid!

All Lace no Leather said...

Coral was a popular color.

Dolphy said...

Dayum(m) Jaime Lannister

Sugar said...

Seth Meyers is cute but he sort of looks like a male Ellen DeGeneres to me.

Bokonon said...

Christine Baranski is LEGEND! Love her. Also I'm weirdly attracted to Harry Hamlin. Hes still sessy.

Unknown said...

Is Seth Meyers' wife an amputee? (yes, I'm kidding.)

Claudea said...

So everyone from Mad Men was there except Elisabeth Moss?! Someone explains this?

Meghan said...

Kiernan always looks good and age-appropriate, and this is no exception!!

Sincerely,Your Friend said...

Lisa and Harry look terrific. So far I think her and Octavia look the best.
Baransky never misses, she looks great, but that's expected. Lol

Seth's wife looks good. I've never seen her before.

Brenda L said...

Gabourey Sidibe is like the Honey Badger. Giving no shits.

parissucksliterally said...

Kiernan ALWAYS gets it right. Pretty girl, age appropriately dressed.

Jaime Lannister........*licks lips*

Count Jerkula said...

P: Alexi

M: Rinna - them after market DSLs, probably dentures and BJ classes she took gotta mean she bob on knob w/ much skill

B: Pare

Sarah said...

Damn Nicolaj can get it

Yoj said...

Jimmy and Fred: We've got sleeve problems here, gentlemen.
Jessica: I love this dress. It looks even better in profile. Perfect styling, too.
Nikolaj: To be honest, I don't really care what you wear. Or if you wear anything at all.
Gabourey: I know it's not your fault, Gabby, as most designers won't dress you, but this is terrible. Colour, fabric, design, fitting, nothing works.
Christine: *applause*
Tony: Is this an evening suit? I don't think it is. It's so easy for men, why can't they get it right?
Kiernan: The Antonio Beradi dress is perfect for your modern classic style, but I'd like it better with a flat shoe. The hair is too mature for a fourteen-year-old. Loosen it up a little.
Seth and Alexi: Perfect fit and styling. I think the J. Mendel dress is too eye-catching for a plus one, though.
Laverne: No to the Marc Bouwer dress (Marc Bouwer? In 2014?) and no the hair. That's the best I've seen your make-up, though. Great posture.
Lisa and Harry: Orange is a tricky colour on the red carpet. It doesn't photograph so well. The dress is also poorly fitted, especially at the d├ęcolletage. Taffeta, again! You're not at the prom! Or in 1985!

Bee Haven said...

Bokonon: agree on both counts. Harry seemed more attractive in glasses on mad men.

Bee Haven said...

Damn straight Sarah!

Betty K said...

I think Elizabeth moss was absent because of the prevalence of her ex-Fred armisens posse. He was going to be in a lot of segments and she didn't want the camera on her.

Lila said...

Jessica Pare looks amazing, and Barsnski always looks perfect.

freckledk said...

Jaime Lannister can get it. Lord almighty.


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