Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Emmy Photos Part One

Sofia Vergara
Robin Wright
Camilla Alves and Matthew McConaughey
Kaley Cuoco
Julia Roberts
Halle Berry
Kerry Washington
Hayden Panettiere
Mayim Bialik
Lizzy Caplan


Bacon Ranch said...

Mayim makes me think of Violet in Willy Wonka. Color that dress purple and set her airborne.

Julia..no. Just. Why didn't you stay home?

Camilla looks really uncomfortable in that dress. Look at how she is crossing her legs and holding her clutch. I wonder who talked her into wearing it.

FrenchGirl said...

Julia's legs are amazing !

Tricia S said...

These are bad choices.Kaley and may im look like confectures, they should be placed inside a plastic bin and sold alongside macaroons and sprinkle cookies.

Lizzie lovely, but the train too much.

Hale, as always....stuns

Roberts legs ain't good enough to pull it off, sorrynotsorry

Renoblondee said...

Those are all terrible.

Tricia S said...

Washington...Halloween is in October....we got a few weeks

Seven of Eleven said...

Camilla's dress is a work of art.

Julia, no. Just no.

Love Amy Farrah Fowler, but that dress is too much blue for Monday Girl.

Hayden shows the boobs and cups the pelvis. I fear for Count's wellness.

Kaley C's dress isn't terrible, she rocked the hair and layers.

sandybrook said...

These are bad but when Lena Dunham's pic gets up you will see worse. Its 10X worse than what Blossom has on.

Henriette said...

It looks like a bad senior prom!

Malim looks like the mother-of-the-bride and Roberts wants to be the "edgy" one.

Washington is doing the "long, but short" look and the color is not good on her.

They are all pretty bad.

Vera Christina said...

Miyam B looks like she borrowed Hillary Clinton's inaugural gown from 1996. (no bueno)

I want to be Robin Wright when I grow up. Willowy, blonde and cool.

Tricia S said...

Vergeras dress is actually very sexy and I like the detail...but cuz it's on her and I can't erase that cringeworthy skit she did wearing it....
It's a nope. Plus...she needs to try a new style..the fishtail things a but played

auntliddy said...

Too too much dress for blossom. Shorten that by about 8 inches!

Dena said...

Robin Wright looked too severe.
Camilla looks like she needs to get laid?

discoflux said...

Robin Wright's ass is outrageous!

Sherry said...

I think Kaley is gorgeous. Apparently I am in the minority.

Camilla looks pretty but miserable sadly. Yes Dena. Maybe she needs some lovin'?

roxie said...

I think Camilla looks gorgeous. love her dress!

WastedTime said...

Robin is beautiful, but needs to fire her stylist for making her look like Pale Death.

Halle looks amazing.

I actually kind of dig the color of Kerry's dress, but not the cut. It almost looks ill-fitting.

LottaColada said...

I guess I'm in the minority because I think Julia looks good. She chose to accentuate her best asset -- her legs.

Robin is perfection and Lizzy is a stunner.

surfer said...

Lotta - I like Julia's look also (and trust, that wasn't easy to say, haha).

I also like Kaley's look.

Ay said...

Camilla's not even a "star" but she's usually lowkey the best dressed person on the carpet. She looks "sad" because Matthew doesn't care either way lol

sugarbread maker said...

I love Julia Roberts dress and that she went cocktail for the Emmys because in her world the Emmy's is a cocktail party really. . Just drinks dahhling...
Camilla looks miserable agreed.
Kerry Washington looks great for having a baby 8 months ago.

Dishtlk said...

I agree with all of this... Julia looks amazing, and I'm not usually a fan of hers.

I'm super confused by all the leg shade. Those stems are killer, y'all!

Sincerely,Your Friend said...

Kerry Washingtons worst red carpet. The fit is not professional. And the expression on her face makes it worse. Did u y'all see the DM pic of her posing with Julianna Hough? She looked pissed, like she thought she was way above having to pose with her. Funny. If ur gonna be a bitch u deserve it.

Halle's dress is pretty.

That's a good shot of Vigara, I didn't think she looked that good on tbe candid shots of her in that dress.

Camille's dress is interesting, and pretty, but not my fav look of hers either. A lot of fails last night.

Dunham was so bad I feel she had to have done it on purpose. Like she thinks she'll never look great so to get people talking she has to go with "bloody awful".

Blossom. WTF?

Bokonon said...

Hardly any comments about Halle because she's been consistently looking great for so long that we are now blind to her beauty. Looks great.

Lizzy Caplan and Cat Deeley for Best Dressed.

Love Robin Wright, but sis is looking a little haggard in the face, no? Get yer shit together Jenny! Beautiful woman any other day. Giving me Glen Close or something.

Mama Ray said...

Janis Ian looks AMAZING! Love you Lizzy!

Yoj said...

Sofia: ENOUGH with the strapless mermaid gowns! This is just lazy.
Robin: Ralph Lauren rips off another (better) designer again (in this case, Celine), but I can't deny this is my favourite look of the night.
Camilla: Beautiful women. Horrid dress.
Kaley: A little girl's first party dress.
Julia: Elie Saab *snore*.
Halle: Did you just rip that dress in the car on the way there? Elie Saab, again. Lazy, again.
Kerry: *sigh* I love Miuccia Prada but she (and her team) doesn't know how to design for the red carpet.
Hayden: STOP CUPPING!! You wouldn't cup your breasts on the red carpet, would you? Oh, and the dress is trash.
Mayim: I respect your beliefs regarding modesty, but that doesn't mean you need to wear a doily.
Lizzy: Donna Karan? For why?

Count Jerkula said...

OMG! Preggo Hayden. MMMMMMMMMMMM. Fap fap fap fap fap fap. Give her another month and all the foreplay I would need is to get her naked, then push her over and watch her struggle to get up.

P: Penny

M: Vergara

B: Preggo Hayden - I'd let her boxing Frankenstein beat the shit out of me when I was done.

Bee Haven said...

Yoj. You make a valid point. Perhaps more celebs should cup their norgs on the red carpet.

Yoj said...

@Bee Haven
Norgs? Such a soft, sensual word.

Yoj said...

@Count Jerkula
I'm picturing some poor, pregnant lady minding her own business (maybe she's paying bills, maybe stocking the fridge), next thing she knows, she's rugby tackled and knocked off her feet. "Goddammit, Count! This is the third time today!"

MotherMia said...

I agree. She looks great but she's dissing all the tv actors with the short dress.

Count Jerkula said...

@Yoj: I'll finish the quote: "Now stop doin that, put your pants back on and help me up!"

Mmmm. Another month or 2 and Hayden isn't going to be able to do doggy. Her belly will be so big and her legs so lil that her knees won't touch the bed.

I just saw her bikini shots.

She went from this to this.

Bbbeeewww said...

Yoj- love your commentary. Obviously you are a fashion know it all.

Bbbeeewww said...

Yoj- love your commentary. Obviously you are a fashion know it all.

Bbbeeewww said...

Yoj- love your commentary. Obviously you are a fashion know it all.

Bbbeeewww said...

Yoj- love your commentary. Obviously you are a fashion know it all.

Yoj said...

I can't decide whether or not you're being sarcastic.
I like that in a person.

Zeeky_Boogy_Doog said...

Mayim looks like she should be on a pound note, or like someone painted a portrait of the Queen in 1956.


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