Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Random Photos Part Four

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky head out on vacation.
Fergie has been showing herself in public a lot lately.
Anna Gunn in NYC and looking pretty good.
Robert DeNiro and Anne Hathaway filming their new movie.
Mel B always carries something to spank people with as Heidi Klum discovered.
Josh Hartnett walking his dog.
JJ Abrams and his ever present backpack.
Kelsey Grammer looks pretty happy with himself.
Remember Jamie Hince that when you kiss Kate Moss you are kissing Pete Doherty. Of course Jamie kissed Lindsay Lohan, so it probably all cancels out.


MinPinGirl said...

Love Fergie's leopard jeans!

sandybrook said...

Josh better check the dogs collar to make sure Xenu didn't install the microchip.
Hemsworth is going to do the remake of National Lampoons Vacation. Why Chris why?
Oh the stds in that last one.

Seven of Eleven said...

Where are the Thorlings?!

Kelsey Grammar annoys me. I loved Frasier and knowing what a tool he is is almost as bad as finding out Alison Dubois is not the Alison Dubois of Medium.

Tricia S said...

Fergie looks like she's on her last leopard leg hustiling Hollywood blvd..not cute, and dang, she's too young too look tht-old .

@sandy I often wonder if couples come/stay together because they are plagued with "stuff" and figure, at least I won't be judged....that's some messy ass toxic Petrie dish of DNA btwn those two for sure

Sylvia said...

Jamie Hince loves trash LOL

The Real Dragon said...


auntliddy said...

Of course Kelsey looks pleased with himself. Whenever current relationship gets sticky, he just discards them and moves on.

Yeoman Princess said...

Holy Shit! I thought Anna Gunn was Giselle!

missKWyumyum said...

Anna Gunn looks scary skinny, part of it seems to be the camera angle though.

sandybrook said...

I hear ya Tricia. The other people on the boat should be wearing hazmat suits :)))

Count Jerkula said...

P: Hathaway - she aint normally my fave, but looking over the cast of cooch we got here, she is the only one who stands out as being full and juicy. Some of these broads look so skinny and sullen, that you would probably have to push em in a pool for em to get wet.

M: Gunn

B: Patakay

Bee Haven said...

Tricia, I think it's either the top or bottom when it comes to leopard print. The two together is a tad tacky. Too much. She kinda dressed like Peg Bundy.

Bee Haven said...

Yeoman: me too! I think she looks great - check out those stems!

Tricia S said...

Sandy...they may be earring hazmat suits..or at least-keeping theirndistance(no one else in pix really lol)
beehaven...100% agree???never together??it's like wearing orange and black(are you listening kerry Washington /Natalie Dormer on any day BUT Halloween just...don'

Lydia Bennett said...

Anne has been filming that Nancy Meyers crap for an age already. Geez.

Where is JJ's wife while he's out partying?

Sherry said...

Totally agree Bee. One should not be covered head to literal toe in animal print. So Peg Bundy. Oh Al!!

Sherry said...

Anna Gunn has gotten too thin.

teresa crane said...

LOL @Sherry Fergie = Peg Bundy perfect!!

I always wonder how celebrities can have access to so many great options for clothes and they choose to wear stuff like that

I think Anna Gunn looks a tad better than she has in the past

She's still hella skinny though

Yoj said...

Shag: The Armoire from Asgard. I'll just use my imagination to endow him with a personality.

Marry: Anna Gunn.

Kill: Everyone here wearing an animal print.

sugarbread maker said...

Hemsworth don't let the dingo near your babies!!

JP p said...

I love The Kills so i will excuse Jaime for his love of the Moss


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