Monday, August 11, 2014

Random Photos Part One

Five parts today.

Reese Witherspoon is all smiles as she heads off on vacation with some friends.

Rachel Zoe and her husband with their oldest child.
Alicia Silverstone hits a red carpet for the first time in a while.
Sharon Stone is apparently a big fan of orange.
Tia Mowry and her daughter at a farmer's market. Charlize has not tried to ban them yet.
Ashley Tisdale's dog takes her for a walk.
Tom Hardy's new movie continues to be bloody. Looks like real blood though and not
the Sharknado blood Tara Reid is used to.
Zoe Saldana does some shopping with a friend over the weekend.


Violet said...

Pretty sure Tia's child is a son not a daughter?

sandybrook said...

Tara looks cone skinny
Maybe Sharon is telling the Florida Gators there?
Alicia looks a bit rough.
where's Hardy's dawg?

Anonymous said...

i love sharon's look

rachel zoe...YES please, more billowy outfits please. makes u look normal. the only thing missing is a chunky necklace to cover up those bones in your chest since (apparently) u wont allow any substantial body weight to do it.

sandybrook said...

*coke skinny*

Gayeld said...

Me too. Pretty sure both Mowry sisters have boys.

Tina Mallette said...

Hardy dawg is finishing up filming on The Krays in London, I think they are wrapping today

next stop Vancouver and Calgary to film The Revenant with Leo DiCaprio

Sounds like more blood too

Sincerely,Your Friend said...

Lol. I was racking my brain trying to figure out what "cone" skinny was. Thanks 4 clarifying. I always gotta know the skinny.

Jessi said...

Oh look it there, get in a fight with Charlize, run to the tabloids to tell all and boom paps are taking your picture!

Reese's pants are super duper cute!

Seven of Eleven said...

Why does Rachel Zoe wear muu-muus?

sandybrook said...

I totoally messed up that comment SYF Sharon is repping Florida Gator colors not telling spelchek POS (tried for Gatorade too which I caught twice)

Sherry said...

I was wondering the same damn thing with those long billowy dresses. Just not attractive at all. And she's a stylist? I wouldn't choose her based on that alone.

Yoj said...

Zoe looks lovely with that little extra weight on.

Erika said...

Tia has a son, not a daughter.

Malibu Borebee said...

Rachel Zoe always wears bulky shit to make her look not starving to death. Fur vests and caftans and layers of fabric are an old anorexia trick. Her body double Nicole Richie doesn't do it as often.

Ashley Tisdale shows up in the photos a lot for someone who is a complete mystery to me. Is she famous for doing anything?

GatorGirl said...

Go Gators!

Count Jerkula said...

P: Tisdale

M: Spoon

B: Silverstone

Lila said...

I love Sharon's brogues!!

sugarbread maker said...

is entern sure that's tia and not tamra??

astra worthington said...

I would LOVE to wear mumus and caftans and shit all the time. Better that than seeing ass cheeks hanging out everywhere.

Alicia Silverstone is still beautiful. One of the few truly gorgeous actresses out there IMO.

Everything in the Ashley Tisdale pic looks stupid and/or ridiculous. The outfit, the hair, the frou frou dog, the guy in the outfit in the back, everyone's shoes. Get it together, everyone!

Looks like Zoe took the old advice about getting an ugly friend to heart.

MinPinGirl said...

Get your vacation on Reese!

Alicia needs a good moisturizer, good nights sleep and a little more length on those short shorts.

Me thinks Ashley Tisdale's dog is walking HER!

Have you seen Tom Hardy in the new Mad Max previews? He looks a hell of a lot like Mel when he was younger and doing the original flick. Charlize looks dirty/hot in it too. Looks fucking awesome actually.

At first glance I thought Zoƫ was Mimi. Whoops!

Mandika said...

Tia's child is a son. She got into an argument with twitter fans telling her to cut his hair or not place a boy's hair in buns. They said he looks like a girl.

Bubbles said...

As long as the kid doesn't look like a serial killer, why would twitter fans give a shit what someone else's son looks like?


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