Monday, August 11, 2014

Random Photos Part Three - Intermix Gives Stuff Away

Want to know if celebrities really love you or are just pretending? Invite them to get some free stuff and see who shows up.

Selena Gomez

Jennifer Lopez
Kerry Washington
Amy Adams
Jennifer Garner
Lea Michele
Busy Phillips
Tyra Banks and Chrissy Teigen
Jessica Chastain
Anna Faris
Leslie Mann
Kristen Bell


sandybrook said...

I can see some of these showing up just for free stuff like Lea Selena JLo and the models.

Seven of Eleven said...

Olivia Pope looks fantastic!

For a professionally trained singer, Lea Michele has awful posture.

Amy Adams, Anna Faris, Leslie Mann, Kristen Bell! <3

WritergirlinLa said...

I'm sorry. I love the free stuff!!! SWAG!!!!!!! Don't knock it 'til you've been gifted.

vanessa said...

Wonder if JLO & Garner ran into each other...

Malibu Borebee said...

They pulled some 'don't show up for everything' names to this, must be some good swag.

The Widow Lea Michele would go to the opening of a door.

Kristin Bell has fat legs.

turtle said...

Jennifer Garner has no fashion sense whatsoever. What is that? A denim zip-up dress? If it is, why not style it all bad ass? Instead she pairs it with a minivan mom cardigan. Goodness.

Meanwhile, JLO. You gotta admit she has style in spades.

Frufra said...

@Writer - I love free stuff, too, and I've never even gotten anything good - I go cuckoo over free pens and coffee mugs and stuff.

Frufra said...

I could not handle those shoes Kerry Washington is wearing - I'd have a broken ankle in under 5 minutes.

Pip said...

Washington looks great until you get to her shoes. They are fug.

T. E. Cuz said...

what is this for? a free garage sale?

T. E. Cuz said...

oh, intermix. but why? for publicity?

Nipple said...

If there is one thing I learned from the blinds on this site is that celebrities are not capable of love.

EastCoaster said...

can someone plwase explain kerry's shoes to me? i've been studying them in closeup and still i can't decipher the heels.

Nipple said...

Theyre bent. Not sexy in my opinion. Ladies, please....just. dont.

Lydia Bennett said...

What is Chastain wearing? Bike shorts with a smock?

Nipple said...

Chastain still looks fine. But Kerry's heels...I have the urge to strap on a pair of polio braces on them.

Count Jerkula said...

P: Amy Adams

M: SellyG

B: Bell

teresa crane said...

Jennifer Garner has the worst wardrobe

Kristen Bell's shoes are not flattering at all

BitchieMitchie said...

Cut her some slack she just had a baby!

J-Mo said...

I'm sorry but that opening sentence doesn't make sense. They can hate you and show up for free stuff, if you wanna know if they like you then you offer them nothing. ONE sentence and it's f*cked up! I get tired of it!

astra worthington said...

Do you lose your eyesight when you have a baby? Sure, few people are at their best postpartum but those shoes are NOT helping matters. She doesn't look bad, really, just needs different shoes.

I really like Ana's dress. If only they had the same thing with 3/4 length sleeves, and reasonably priced. *sigh*

Tyra looks a bit heftier than usual. She looks really good though, stupid shirt but the weight works for her.

Kerry Washington's mouth always reminds me of those sucker fish on the inside of fish tanks.

They must be giving out free coke if Selena is there!

Do we need to start making human sacrifices or something to get rid of J-Lo once and for all? GO THE FUCK AWAY.

Aoife said...

Kristen Bell's legs and feet look like they belong to someone bigger and taller.

What's with the hat Tyra?

Kerry's shoes are hideous.

Busy Phillips looks like she was going to do the laundry.

theefamousperson said...

What's going on with Selena? She looks totally different in this pic.

Kerry's shoes appear to be inspired by Celia Cruz' favorite style .

MinPinGirl said...

It's the stilettos vs. the flats!

P.S. Lea Michelle looks like she has a dowagers hump in that picture.

MinPinGirl said...

I've often wondered why actors don't take advantage and HIRE the professionals who really made them shine (on TV or the movies) as dressers. Dressers, personal shoppers or stylists. Whatever you want to call them.

Jennifer Gardner's character Sydney always looked hot on Alias. Whether she was wearing combat style action clothes or dressed to go undercover at the trendiest club in Europe. Why doesn't she find that stylist and get some help getting her look together?

She might snag a few more movie roles if she would snazz it up once in a while. JLo is rocking a military look right there why can't Jen #2? Come on JGard! Get yo shit together gurl!


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