Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Random Photos Part One

Five parts today.

Rebel Wilson provides commentary during her safari in Tanzania.
Looking very autumnal is Reese Witherspoon in Telluride.
Now, what exactly are Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling doing and why are they letting their kids watch?
The Venice Film Festival moves into its second month. Uma Thurman is still there and
Clive Owen shows up to see what all the fuss is about. Plus he heard that he could get a free gondola ride.
Frances McDormand was there promoting her new movie called Bismarck. Grand Forks?
Adam Driver was there too, but only after Lena Dunham split.
Victoria Beckham got a new bag and showed it off at the airport.
The lighting is bad, making it hard to read but Warner Brothers now shows this blurb prior to old school cartoons.


Connie Courtney said...

Wow! What a bullshit disclaimer. Those cartoons are classics. Thought police anyone?

Seven of Eleven said...

What's going on with thumbs in the pants guy behind Reese?

Clive Owen deserves all the gondola rides.

Adam Driver's face is ... I don't know, pumpkinish?

Meh, old school cartoons don't bother me. If you get all PC about them, then re-think The Honeymooners, too. Kids are smarter than you think.

sandybrook said...

Yeah they did have racism and caricatures in their cartoons but I dont think anyone has fucks to spare--shit was funny.
Tori's face looks like shit...oh wait!
Its nice Reesie took her pap on vacation with her.

jack ducky said...

Why is it bullshit? They're not denying people the chance to see the shows they're simply saying "hey, some of this shit was racist, sexist and probably homophobic. We aren't about that nowadays."

jack ducky said...

Adam cleans up well and as long as his ears are covered he's kind of handsome.

jack ducky said...

Lol things I learn from cdan: it's okay if it's racist or whatever as long as it's also funny!

sugarbread maker said...

Adam will always be avoiding Lena until girls is canceled.
Reeses is in Oscar mode
Deano is pissing on tori if anything
I would love to take a safari with rebel Wilson.

Amartel said...

Frances McDormand was in "Fargo" and now she's in something called "Bismarck?" Is she working her way thru the Dakotas? Is this another Coen Bros project?

Angela said...

The disclaimer has appeared before every unedited controversial WB cartoon for a decade. It's written on the package for Looney Tunes collections, it's read by Whoopi Goldberg at the beginning of the discs, and it's featured before a cartoon bundled with a film.

Yoj said...

Shag: Adam Driver.

Marry: Clive Owen.

Kill: I'd use Victoria Beckham's suitcase-sized handbag to incapacitate Dean McDermott, then collapse the beach umbrella, trapping Tori.

Jordan T said...

Looking foxy Reese! I don't usually think so however

Michael said...

I have seen some of the old super racist Bugs Bunny cartoons. I am ashamed to say I laughed, even when they made fun of black people (I'm black.) It was representative of it's time for sure and the casual racism that was accepted because everybody that "mattered" was white so nobody that "mattered" was offended. it was an echo chamber much like today's far right

msgirl said...

Michael, yep. This is the stuff I grew up on. I think it's good to point out the racism to kids.

I love Francis.

Yeoman Princess said...

@Michael... Yep! Agree says my also black arse 😊

M. Brown said...

That disclaimer is basically what I tell my kids when they see classic cartoons. We talk about how things evolve. They're allowed to laugh I just don't want them thinking everyone from China is a Warner Brothers caricature circa 1942.

8====D KermitGossnellKnobjob said...

I hope that disclaimer goes to books too (Merchant of Venice is anti jews, Othello says Spaniards are African European naive/stupid murderers...), and all that classic paintings depicting Christ in an Ofay skin when he was more like an isis guy, and all that art.

Hail to the thought police, changing history since they say.

Count Jerkula said...

P: Uma

M: Them 2 old bags tag team - I hope they take their dentures out for me.

B: Reese

It is sad the disclaimer is needed because there are people out there too stupid to figure it out for themselves, but if it means I can still watch Daffy Duck and Hitler get down, I'm cool with it.

Hanwi said...

No problem with the disclaimer. Old cartoons were not as harmless as some people still seem to think, they taught another generation to accept the racism and other prejudices from a very early age. I have a problem when they're trying to erase this stuff with censorship, which isn't the case here.

Renoblondee said...

Reese is so pretty.

Yoj said...

@Count Jerkuoa
Tell me you did not just call Frances McDormand an "old bag"! For shame, Count!

Sherry said...

Our awareness has changed in regards to what is racist and hooray to that. I think it's good that WB puts in the disclaimer and that Michael and Yeoman can appreciate them for being a snapshot of the times. Very gracious of you.

Reese looks really good there.

Great pic of Rebel. Hilarious!!

Yoj, like your "kill" plan.

WTH is an Adam Driver and why is his hair weird? Don't know the story behind him avoiding Lena.

VB's legs are gorgeous.

StuffandNonsense said...

Frances McDormand - I love her. Very low key and fantastic.

That disclaimer. Really? *smh*

putchka said...

I grew up with those cartoons and when I see them now (as an old), some make my jaw drop. Not just for racism but for overt sexual content. A lot of those cartoons were made for view before the main movie, before the Haye's decision. I'll never forget an Abbot & Costello cartoon clip, they're going up and down a pole (firehouse?) with extreme sexual innuendo... I'm very liberal, not a prude at all. They put out the disclaimer to satisfy all the PC ignoramuses out there.

Victoria has gorgeous, perfect legs.

Aoife said...

I'm surprised and pleased WB has addressed the issue. They should've added one about the violence as well.

Henriette said...

Adam Driver is in GQ this month and does not even discuss Denham. Methinks there is some bad blood there.

cowbulls said...

Count, if you get Reese in the back door after your are done Please give her a couple of extra strokes for me.


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