Sunday, May 21, 2017

Blind Item #3 - BBMA

The good news I guess is this former manufactured group singer didn't use coke while at the actual show. That is a major improvement from her recent behavior. Pretty much everyone who saw her though thinks it is a choice between rehab and death at this point.


Tricia13 said...

Camilla Cabello?

Random101 said...

If she is that big a coke head how does he function during the show??? Wont she just be a bundle of nerves or super low??

OKay said...

Shhhh. Logic has no place in Enty's world. According to him, Angie's been on the verge of OD'ing for at least the past decade. And yet no heroin addict ever looked so good or accomplished so much.

CheeseFries said...

This is Nicole S.

Sarah said...

Nicole Scherzinger performed on the DWTS finale last night and seemed fine and on top of her game. This is kind of ridiculous. Unless this is Camila Cabello.


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