Sunday, May 21, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #2

May 15, 2017

Perhaps our favorite OITNB drug addict should refrain from getting wasted out of her mind before posting a rant directed towards her mom for Mother’s Day. You know the producers told you to stay sober or lose your job. Perhaps this is why she tried to delete the post before anyone saw it. Whoops. Too late. Be back tomorrow for another story. She is a walking blind item.

Taryn Manning


Sd auntie said...

We know😭

almondjoy said...

Say what you want about Taryn, but I just started watching OITNB and she is one hell of an actress.

david said...

And soon to be an unemployed actress?

OKay said...

Saw her on Sons of Anarchy (I think?) and yeah, she's good but c'mon. She makes her career off playing deeply damaged people. How great an actor does she really have to be?

Potato said...

She's an awful human being. She beat her makeup artist, faked evidence to lock her ex up in Rikers and is a walking nightmare on set. How is it talent when she plays the same role that is typically crazy just as she is.


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