Monday, May 15, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #4

May 8, 2017

MTV Movie Awards

This You Tube star does her videos with her husband but she is the better known of the pair. Very young. She was ticked last night and almost crying after the fourth or fifth person came up to her asking if she was pregnant. Not pregnant, just a big meal.

Jess Conte


MontanaMarriott said...

Never heard of them so I googled a video and Uhm soooo I guess they will make a "celebrity" out of anyone?!?!?. Furthermore what is she like 15 years old?!?! What is she doing married? Lastly are they married for papers because her "husband" is pinging my gaydar off the charts.

JustReading said...

I agree more than I can say.

Jessica said...

Googled her & mtv, that dress she was wearing was too tight, could see why ppl thought she was preggers.

Bobbi Newhart said...

"YouTube famous" isn't a real thing.

police dog said...


police dog said...

just googled as well.
1) yup, her husband is definitely closeted
2) she's not fat, her dress is just way tight + the underwear she wore Does make her look early pregnant

Sarah said...

She tweeted about this on her personal Twitter--people were asking on Instagram too. She didn't look pregnant, she just needed a dress that wasn't so tight on her. Also---YouTube stars? Are we serious Enty?


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