Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Blind Item #11

This A list reality star with a lucrative side gig is paying a woman to spill secrets about the sex she had with an ex of the A lister. The A lister wants to ruin the career of the ex and thinks this will be a good start.


keptincages said...

Amber Rose paying Amanda Lapore to fan the Kanye West rumors?

sandybrook said...

It's either Kendull or Kylie who has rumored leaked nudes out since yesterday which would make the guy Tyga and the other one Blac Chyna

Jenjen said...

Oh please this was all over LSA yesterday- it's Kylie- ex being Tyga, other "woman" being Mia Isabella.... but I hate thinking Kylie is A-list....

Barbara RiceHand said...

Good guess. Amber did say today 'oh I was heartbroken when me and Kanye broke up' Revenge s the dish best served cold. Bide your time and wait. Haha. Usually the person that has done you wrong will ruin their own lives. Sometimes they just need a nudge in the right direction...

Lapsed Lurker said...

on what planet is Tyga an A lister?

zerooptions said...

I'm waiting for that to happen, in a different arena!

sandybrook said...

he's the ex of the A lister, it doesnt say he's an A-lister

Renshaw said...

Why all that effort, Kanye's career is practically no more. While everyone knows Kanye swings both ways, it would be no shock except for the K's who will fell this might damage their brand. They prefer to keep that on the lo down since they are not as gay friendly as they would like people to think.

Joel Theriot said...

That Mia Isabella is a chatty one anyway. She used to tweet about ol Kapernik for a bit too.

Lurkch said...

I'm out. Been reading this crap for years. Done with the freaking pop ups. This site sucks.

Siliconlifeform said...

Go into cookies and block Google.

Random101 said...

I only get ONE pop up!! That also in a tab window. I have been hearing people complain and dont understand. I dont have an ad blocker or pop up blocker.... maybe its your service provider.

Justaguess said...

Agreed. It's ridiculous

zerooptions said...

Interesting, I only see one pop up and various ads between the postings.
It sound like you might have some spyware on your box.

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Do Tell said...

There isn't one Kardashian or Jenner girl that isn't a complete and utter POS. Not one.

longtimereader said...

AGAIN. firefox and adblockplus are your friends.

longtimereader said...

Kanye's career is over!?! in what universe. I'd put money on his next album going platinum.

Hot Cola said...

On planet "Delusional" and on also
Planet " Asylum".


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