Friday, July 07, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #4

July 3, 2017

This one named A- list foreign born singer begged the guy she has been seeing the past couple of weeks while on tour to not post a photo of them together to social media even in a group setting because she knows it will bring trouble from an A+ lister.

Lorde/Taylor Swift


sandybrook said...


longtimereader said...

Why would swift care? i don't get it. There are several straight girls in the squad.

cebii said...

I don't think Swift is as powerful or controlling as enty makes her out to be. She has friends and some of them come and go, and she gets pissed or whatever. The rest is a media construct.

anndie said...

Why would Swift care if Lorde is seeing someone? Unless it's Calvin and if she's dating him then good luck to her.

Bibblo said...

Swif is about control and image curation.

Dannette said...

Why why why? Let's see, let's see let's see, ummmmm, uhhh.

CheeseFries said...

I'm guessing because of who it is??

Luarena said...

I've heard from 2 different sourŅes already, that Taylor is a high ranking witch and a madam. Her "squad" consists of the girls, she is pimping. Otherways what's the reason for Lorde to try that hard to look "available", but then try to publicly deny, that she is in the "squad" and the squad is nothing more, that just a group of T's friends?

T's body language also speaks volumes, when her squad is around - she holds them more like a property and slightly pushes them forward, like making an offer.

She comes from 3 generations of the bank presidents and her father is a high flying Merrill Lynch exec. People in such positions are quite often active in human trafficking, etc. For some unknown reasons this in every way average looking girl (talent, looks, performance, dance, personality, etc.) gets all that unbelievable fame and every possible musical award.

Pimping out a celeb brings average $200.000 a pop (the celeb itself gladly earns a tenner, the rest goes to the handlers). That's a minimal income of a million per week and no rich person would say "nah" to that extra cash.

And it's not about money, it's about power and control - the high-end excorst are usually trained to get the secrets out of rich and powerful men for a later bIackmail, nevermind every encounter is bugged and recorded anyway.

SComey said...

Huh? I read that twice and still don't understand. Taylor Swift is a pimp? Lmao


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