Sunday, August 20, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #4

August 2, 2017

This former HIlls star who went on to other things before running into a wall of real life yelled at a waiter for two solid minutes an complained to a manager while she was on vacation because the waiter brought her the wrong kind of juice.

Audrina Patridge


zeroptions said...

I sure hope they gave her a new glass of juice with special sauce!
She'll be on QVC or HSN soon, hawking horrible fashion made by illegal child labor that she's fully aware of.

Barbara RiceHand said...

Wow. It's always good to say please and thank you to the wait staff.

.robert said...

For bringing you the wrong order?

david said...

Recently, I ordered a McDonald's BBQ burger. When I was handed the bag, I didn't check the contents before leaving.
When I got back to my office, I realized they gave me a Sriracha burger instead.

Maybe i should have gone back and yelled at them for 2 minutes for giving me the wrong burger.

Na! I just ate it because I was hungry. (Not bad; not good, either)

PS: I keep telling myself to NOT use McDonald's drive thru ever again.
Someday I will learn.


Moshpitabread said...

Honey ....u aren't famous anymore

MPF said...

How will we ever know for certain if that "wrong kind of juice" is what caused her eyes to roll back in her head and freeze that way?


Sd. Auntie said...

Somebody will spit on her food. She is really irrelevant now a days.

8==D KermitGosnellKnobJob said...

Unless in a fast food place, NOBODY will do anything different to her food than any other people's.
The cook would totally use their knives on anyone who tries it in the kitchen, and outside there are patrons who can see the waiter.

texasrose said...

Did she threaten to have the waiter horsewhipped???

Gator said...

Ha...I would always get the chicken burrito to go at my local place, and one day I got home with a beef burrito instead. It actually tasted better. Maybe I should have yelled at them for 2 minutes though, just on principle.

Lisa said...

Bahahahahhahahah dead eyes.

Brit said...

How 'bout telling urself not to 'use' the piss stained arches AT ALL?! Deeply evil for staff, stomach, environment, beasts, babies, rights etc etc etc. Should probs be shouted at for 2 mins at least for eva eating there

jonnie lowbrow said...

i vaguely remember her..... she is duuuuuuuuuuumb


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