Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Random Photos Part Two

Serena Williams and her new baby get the top spot today.

Diane Kruger was at TIFF yesterday with

Carey Mulligan.

Mel B does some kind of Frozen tribute.

Mindy Kaling at the season premiere party of her last season of Mindy.

I can't get enough of these vacation Wendy Williams pictures. Here she is with her husband.


Heather Duke said...

Hey look, it's that bitch Diane Kruger.

Guesser said...

A real baby picture,not a look at me! photo, congrats. Please, no more Wendy bikini pix,Mindy looks great, Carey for once doesn't look about ready to cry.

kathy said...

I love Carey - she is adorable.

Marlo said...

I so agree with the real baby pic.
When my children were placed on my chest in the delivery room.....oh words guesser.

Bend3r said...

Carey Mulligan looks great. And off topic: I can't believe she doesn't like her performance in The Great Gatsby, she was a great Daisy, after Elizabeth Debicki (who is a fantastic Jordan Baker) she is the best of the movie. DiCaprio is too old and Tobey looks too bland for their respective roles.


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