Monday, October 23, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #4

October 16, 2017

This former A list R&B singer was in this space last week I think. Anyway, the initialed one likes everyone to think his girlfriend is nice and legal. The one he brings out for pap photos is. The one that is barely legal to even drive (if he would let her) he leaves at home. Oh, and if things are so good at his place how come he leaves someone there to watch her when he is not around.

R. Kelly


Alexandria Anna said...

And there he is.

sandybrook said...

Being held against her will?

zerooptions said...

and he still walks among us a free man

cebii said...

sandybrook, her will doesn't legally matter if she's 16 in California

sandybrook said...

The way this is written, it sounds like she's a prisoner

this is my world said...

The Lonely Crusade of Jim DeRogatis
"Over the past 17 years, the city’s loudest rock critic has been consumed by an increasingly high-profile undertaking: investigating the allegations of sexual abuse against R&B star R. Kelly."

M Styles said...

Nothing new. Nothing shocking. Another rich, famous piece of shit being allowed to be a rich, famous piece of shit because we live in a weak ass shitty society which caters to the perverted rich and famous pieces of shit.


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