Friday, April 06, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #2

March 31, 2018

This foreign born permanent A list model should know if you hook up with a married man for money, you need to be discreet. She wasn't. The wife of the married man found out and then he had some scrambling to do which made our model look bad in public.

Naomi Campbell/President Of Nigeria


HoneyRyder said...

When does Naomi ever come off looking “good”?

sandybrook said...

How the hell are you supposed to be discrete when there's photos of them standing next to each other all over the interwebs? She wasn't exactly sneaking around, but he said she wasn't invited to be where she was, but the guy she was there for is supposed to be her new piece.

Freckles said...

Not the first time she has looked bad in public and not the last.

AkhaldanSolo said...

Campbell, who has never met her biological father, regards record producers Quincy Jones and Chris Blackwell as adopted father figures.

Any surprise here? How difficult is it to see the pimp/handler situation here?

Poppymann said...

She only did it because he sent her an email telling her he'd give her 5 million dollars if she could help him smuggle it out of the country.

ckpsjp said...

+1 Poppymann

Remie Ross said...

Isn't she like 80 now? Time to settle down sister

zerooptions said...

He probably paid her in naira.

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Brayson87 said...

Guess "dumb whore" isn't just an expression.

hunter said...

Somehow Naomi doesn't strike me as someone who is going to spend a lot of time answering to a pimp.

Pretty sure she arranges these things herself or via a (non-pimpish) intermediary, but what the hell do I know?

I don't think she qualifies as a dumb whore though. Gold digger sure, opportunist sure, bad with money, sure, but I don't get the impression she's dumb.

Ramone Love said...

Naomi DGAF what anyone thinks

Southern Man said...

She's always been just yuk.


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