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Saturday, July 05, 2014

NY Post Blind Items

WHICH TV anchor is having a not-so-secret affair with a co-anchor’s assistant? . . .

WHAT media executive is making office life miserable for the new moms who work for her? They’re being forced to choose work over family — or else risk getting the fashionable boot . . .

WHAT designer is feeling growing pains after a recent company merger? The creative side is at odds with the thriftier business side over what qualifies as high fashion versus discount knockoffs . . .

WHICH wealthy man had to leave Manhattan abruptly to avoid ugly allegations that he had sex with a minor? . . .

WHICH publicist has sparked gossip over a very close relationship with a personal trainer?

Monday, March 24, 2014

NY Post Blind Items

What female editor is said to be having an affair with her company’s boss? Her husband doesn’t seem to mind as he is stepping out with another lover as well . . .

WHICH sex-crazed media bigwig has a hush-hush open marriage, but recently stunned his wife by moving a girlfriend into their sprawling home . . .

WHICH Hollywood power player can no longer participate in sexual activity, but gets his kicks by watching his young partner get it on with other lovers? . . .

WHAT top Hollywood executive had be rushed to the hospital by his younger girlfriend when their sexual escapades resulted in a fractured member? . . .

WHICH New York divorce was complicated by a fight over a faulty penis pump?

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

NY Post Blind Items

Which of New York’s finest specialty hospitals has a human resources exec who was recently caught with his pants literally down? He was caught in his office with another employee receiving special care of his own . . .

WHAT philandering New York “starchitect” has been carrying on an affair with the wife of an equally famous designer? He also keeps a younger mistress on the side as well, whom girlfriend No. 1 doesn’t know about . . .

WHICH Hollywood actor is carrying on a secret affair with a New York woman who flies to LA for intimate rendezvous? . . .

WHICH fashion publicist got caught sending out résumés for a new job when his Gmail accidentally sent out a virus to competing fashion p.r. firms?

Monday, February 17, 2014

NY Post Blind Items

Which actor is more worried about his looks than he lets on? A recent secret lower face-lift has helped him show off a more distinguished jawline .

WHICH married New York chef is having an affair with a much younger woman? . . .

WHICH fashion icon sends out a scout to all locations and vacation spots he visits to check out the furniture, and make adjustments — including sawing down table legs — to make them the right height? . . .

WHICH newly single actor has been celebrating his freedom with wild nights out on Ecstasy? . . .

WHICH top model had her boobs fixed by a plastic surgeon after she was overlooked for a modeling job for high-end lingerie firm La Perla?

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

NY Post Blind Items

Which Hollywood star who lives in New York was caught in a compromising position at performance venue McKittrick Hotel’s newest space? After drinks, the educated actress and her man meandered to cabaret spot The Heath below and started steaming up the windows of a train car-inspired VIP room. When a staffer caught them in the act, the lovers fled the club . . .

WHICH top married record exec had an ’80s affair with a little-known client who gave birth to one of today’s biggest pop stars? The exec signed him, too.

Monday, June 10, 2013

NY Post Blind Items

Which married star is cheating on his wife with every hot young girl he can get his hands on? At a recent boutique opening, he was getting frisky with a beautiful assistant, asking her to join him in the bathroom. But her dad threatened to sue, alleging he had molested his daughter, and it was all captured on CCTV. The star had enough money to make the angry dad go away quietly . . .

WHICH top media executive accidentally butt-dialed a colleague and left a voice mail of himself booking a hooker for the night while on a business trip? The voice mail has made its rounds around the office . . .

WHICH athlete begged a gal pal to come over one afternoon to have sex, and then asked her to find another girl so that they could have a threesome?

Monday, November 19, 2012

NY Post Blind Items

Which Hollywood starlet is trying friends’ patience by incessantly talking about her vagina? . . .

Which New York nightlife fixture has a secret “hot-boxing” room in the back of their club? . . .

Which comic star has dropped so much weight that friends are suggesting he’s gone a little too wild with cocaine? . . .

Which socialite is the butt of jokes for waiting patiently at every event for party photographers to find her, which they seldom ever do? . . .

Which newlywed might’ve just pulled her own Liza Minnelli and married a man who friends insist prefers men? . . .

Which social butterfly, forced to stay in when Hurricane Sandy canceled a host of events, realized she can’t stand her other half?

Monday, August 20, 2012

NY Post Blind Items

Which Hollywood wife isn’t as long-suffering as she appears? While everyone gossips about her philandering husband, she is secretly seeing a handsome Australian .

Which partner of a “Real Housewife” is doing a terrible job of keeping his affair secret? The Housewife, who appears to be the only person not to know, even underwent a recent cosmetic procedure to spice up their sex life .

Which perky national TV anchor is having an affair with a very married local TV anchor?

Which publicist is sleeping with famous clients, regardless of whether they are married?

Which New York scenester has an exotic pet that keeps biting guests who come back to his pad to party late at night?

Monday, March 26, 2012

NY Post Blind Items

Which wealthy jet-setting businessman has been holding casting calls for models in New York for a jewelry line, while inviting the most beautiful girls on a foreign horseback riding retreat? .

Which publicist has been sleeping with his or her clients while fibbing to the press about their infidelities and indiscretions? .

What hot young Brit model-of-the-moment has gotten a reputation on the London fashion scene for being a devotee of retro party drug “special k?

Monday, January 30, 2012

NY Post Blind Items

Which publicist denies planting unsavory gossip about a celebrity who was sleeping with her boyfriend? .

What member of a foreign royal family was caught inhaling disco dust in a nightclub bathroom during a recent sporting event? .

What Hollywood actor got “buyer’s remorse” about a movie he stars in and began publicly distancing himself from it at its Sundance after-party, saying another movie was better? .

Which female TV star drank too much at a Golden Globes party and went on a rampage at an LA hotel in a jealous rage at her ex? .

Which handsome businessman was recently caught in a threesome with a woman and a man at a New York hotel?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

NY Post Blind Items

Which squeaky-clean actor’s drug habit is so bad, he’s starting to get a reputation and be passed over for big roles?

Monday, December 19, 2011

NY Post Blind Items

Which too-cool-for-school magazine editor got into a drunken scuffle while playing the harmonica onstage at Art Basel and was embarrassingly bounced by security in front of gobsmacked guests .

Which performer announced to his record label that he’s been diagnosed with bipolar disorder after going on a tear of unpredictable, smashing-up-equipment backstage rampages .

Which music honcho had to sleep with his male boss back in the day to get his start in the business and get a record deal.

Monday, November 28, 2011

NY Post Blind Items

Which supposedly sober rock star was spotted at a high-end gala schmoozing the tables and surreptitiously swilling all the other guests’ wine? .

Which mogul was shaking with rage at his assistant when the peon took too long to run into Shake Shack to get him a burger while the boss man waited in his Town Car? .

Which younger brother of an infamous socialite appears in a hardcore gay sex tape that’s making the rounds in the male modeling world?

Monday, October 24, 2011

NY Post Blind Items

Which top fashion designer’s boyfriend was knocked off his bike by a car in New York, but went straight to the gym to stay buff for his much older sugar daddy? .

Which A-list couple has had open relations outside of their marriage for years? The duo were spotted making out with other people in the same room at a festival two years ago with Snoop Dogg hanging out nearby .

Which honoree at a black-tie event demanded to be honored for his charitable works despite the fact he’s done little to give back to others?

Which married socialite was recently spotted in a compromising position with a man not her husband on a fire escape at a fashion party?

Monday, October 10, 2011

NY Post Blind Items

Which producer of a VH1 reality show is fed up with negotiations over contracts for “Basketball Wives?” The producer was overheard telling people that the ladies “better fall in line” or they’ll be booted “like the New York Housewives” .

Which political power couple is on the outs and living separately? Despite denying it, they’re distraught as they try to pick up the pieces of their marriage .

Which wealthy businessman didn’t tip the help at his daughter’s wedding?

Monday, August 22, 2011

NY Post Blind Items

Which hunky A-list superstar is emitting a foul body odor on the set of his latest film? The crew tears up when he walks on set because he showers so infrequently ... Which soap opera star is using growth hormones and other supplements that are turning him a weird shade of yellow? .

Which crooner is such a sap that he begs people to spend time with him? He’s often at the gym working out alone or at home writing even more mawkish lyrics .

Which hip-hop star is spending his time sitting at a corner table at nightclubs to see how the youth are responding to his music because he’s scared he is getting old and out of touch?

Monday, August 08, 2011

NY Post Blind Items

Which tech billionaire who rolls up to parties with a slew of leggy models always turns down their advances because he only has eyes for Asian women? .

Which hip-hop star's gold teeth are emitting a foul stench? Music industry noses are turning away in disgust because of his vile breath -- but it doesn't seem to put off the ladies .

Which A-list actress can't nail down a man because she's too stiff in the bedroom?

Monday, July 25, 2011

NY Post Blind Items

Which hip-hop artist drove up to his agent's office in a $200,000 car, wearing a $50,000 wristwatch, to beg for money because he's "dead broke" and needed $5,000 for child support? .

Which socialite and her artsy husband are the star students in a New York sex guru's outrageous extended-orgasm classes?

Monday, July 18, 2011

NY Post Blind Items

Which C-list actress was flying so high while on location at a small-town bar that she wet herself before making it to the bathroom? It was the talk of the sticks when the actress posed for pictures with fans during her shoot the following day .

Which R&B crooner asked a waitress and another blond babe for a threesome during a recent trip to Atlantic City -- an offer they declined? .

Which television pundit who jumped to a competing network is only getting a pittance for his appearances?

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

NY Post Blind Items

Which young Hollywood actress has been hooking up with a fellow hot actor? Leaving his apartment one morning, she was horrified to cross paths with another young woman going into his place for a good time. Next!

WHICH starlet's team insists that size-6 tags be cut out of her dresses by designers and a size-2 tag sewn in its place to preserve her vanity and prevent a body image-inspired meltdown? .

WHICH heir to a luxury fashion house has been rounding up a bevy of models to fly to St. Tropez aboard his private jet?