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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Victoria Beckham Won't Be A Spice Girl Again

With the buzz growing louder about another Spice Girls reunion, it was only a matter of time before someone got Victoria Beckham on the record telling the world she wouldn't do it. That time has come. Victoria said in an interview that the London Olympics reunion was it for her. She says it was the perfect time to end the group and that sometimes you need to learn when to leave the party. Of course if she hadn't married David Beckham and used his name and influence to start her own fashion line and succeed at that she would probably be the first one lining up to play another reunion tour. She doesn't have any other talent or way to make money. Yes, she is a good designer but she needs to be honest and realize that without the Spice Girls she doesn't meet David Beckham and doesn't get the chance. What about her former partners? Mel B does great and I think Geri has enough money from other umm gigs that she is going to be fine but that still leaves Mel C and Emma B. What's wrong with making the party last? I think it's because she's trying to pretend it never happened. cc: Justin Timberlake.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spice Girls Replacing Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham has confirmed she will never sing again. Well, except for the days she gets drunk and wants to run around the house singing, I wanna really really really wanna zigazig ha. I bet that would get a million hits on YouTube. Because this is the age of reality shows, the remaining Spice Girls are planning a reality show to find their replacement for Victoria. This should be interesting because I would like to know if they want someone who can sing because she really couldn't that well. Maybe they want someone who can dance, because she really can't dance that well either. Do they find the contestant that stands and preens and chooses not to wear a bra for the first decade of her fame?

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Random Photos Part Two

Amanda Seyfried heading into Letterman.

Suri Cruise is screaming her head off. Must be the auditing.
It looks like Tom Cruise has decided this round of movie premieres is going to be the all vest look.
Kisses like these bring back memories from Kate.
Apparently this brunette was waiting for him in Stockholm.
Spice Girls had the premiere of their show and everyone walked the red carpet at the beginning except for Victoria Beckham who
waited until after the show and then
hugged it out with everyone.
Shia LaBeouf after a workout.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Random Photos Part Three

Spice Girls reunited for the first time in four years and probably the last.

Beyonce and Jay-Z released a bunch of photos of themselves being rich and some of them just having fun.
Christina Aguilera doing press for The Voice.
Carly Rae Jepsen just completed her new record. She looks thrilled. Probably feeling that one hit wonder pressure.
Chad Johnson got out of jail, and was out of a job after the Miami Dolphins released him.
Carrie Underwood showing off some decent form in throwing out a first pitch.
Daniel Radcliffe shows off a woman who is not his girlfriend.
George Clooney hangs out with Chris Wallace from FOX News.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Spice Girls Reuniting For Closing Ceremonies

Victoria Beckham has finally agreed and The Spice Girls are set for one final performance to be held at the closing ceremonies of the London Olympics. This thing has been on and off again so much over the past year with everyone wanting to do the show except for Victoria. Now though, even she has agreed. The closing ceremonies will also have performances from George Michael and The Who. That is quite the combination. Oh, and Take That will also reunite one last time too. It is not like any of the members will actually do any real singing so I don't see what the holdup was. I think Victoria would just like to pretend that part of her life never existed.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Random Photos Part Two

Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson went to a wedding over the weekend. Had to pose a few times with guests.

Lindsay Lohan's boobs do the strangest things. Here she is with James Deen taking a smoke break and they haven't even started the sex scenes yet.
Megan Fox and BAG pose for their $$.
Miranda Kerr tries to figure out the whole stroller screen thing.
Noomi Rapace on the set of her new movie with
Colin Farrell.
The Spice Girls have reunited.
Vanessa Hudgens flirts with a man who was not her boyfriend and walks away with a smile.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Victoria Beckham Says No To Spice Girls

All of the Spice Girls were supposedly planning a one off show as part of the Olympics and the debut of a musical about their songs. Think Mamma Mia. Anyway, at one point all of the members of the group were on board, but Victoria Beckham has decided she does not want to be a part of it because she says that is her past and design and fashion are her future and would rather just forget she was ever a part of it. I think what she should realize is that she would have no part of her life without the Spice Girls. None. Zip. Nada. She should be grateful and embrace it and be thankful.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

One More Time For The Spice Girls

Now that the Spice Girls musical is a definite go, I definitely think you will see the group perform at some point in the connection of the opening of the show. Because of the time they have spent talking about the musical and hanging out with each other, it is only natural there has been some reunion talk. Not another tour. I don't think anyone wants to see that again. It was way too long and way too may places were played. However, I think that if they held a show during the Olympics in London this summer, they could sell out Wembley Stadium. They could go out in a blaze of glory and make a ton of money and have the whole world watching them and I think it is something you will see if they can find the place to do it during the Olympics.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Spice Girls Want More Of Your Money

Not content with the bazillion dollars they made back in 2007, The Spice Girls are talking about reuniting once again. From reading between the lines it sounds like they would get back together next summer for a series of stadium shows which would mean less cities but the same number of people and massive amounts of money.

Last week I posted a picture of 4 of the 5 Spice Girls coming out of a restaurant after having dinner together. Today Geri Halliwell was on a UK program called This Morning and had this to say about a reunion. "We are friends first and foremost. Obviously a career and music evolved through that friendship I think. Whatever happens afterwards is a bonus. We always talk about creative plans. Right - now, I'll be honest: We are gathering information about a possibility, but I don't like to... when you are evolving a plan, you don't want to share it with the world."

To me that sounds like a reunion. On her Twitter page, Mel B said this about her night out with the other members of the group. "Spice girls, stadiums?????????? Had dinner with the amazing melc emma and geri I love them so much."

If you are going to tour stadiums you generally want to do that in warmer weather although I would admit that seeing The Spice Girls performing at Soldier Field in Chicago in January would probably be entertaining.

Last time they reunited they played 47 shows. If you assume the average crowd was 20,000 which is probably high then they would have performed before almost 1 million people. 47 shows is a lot of work compared to playing 10-15 stadium shows and getting the same number of people and the same amount of money.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

An Original Spice Girl Bitch Slaps Me

On December 3, 2007 I wrote a story about Lianne Morgan who was one of the original Spice Girls before being replaced by Mel C and all of her feminine charms. The reason given for Lianne's replacement was that she was too old. I then blathered on and did my whole snark thing and moved on to other things. Well, Lianne had something to say about it, and so here is what she wrote to me. Word for word.

I would just like to say how much I enjoyed reading the info about me, very nice. I am very surprised that you are a lawyer, I would have thought that you would be more intelligent than to believe everything you read. The press in this country say what they want and there is nothing that can be done about it. So what I am trying to say is don’t believe what you read. They want me to be bitter as it makes a better read I suppose. I don’t know what interview you are referring to but I have only ever done one interview and that was in 1998 and I was 27. It has been very hard for me as I have been singing since I was 12years old, and when I did the audition for the spice girls my ex boyfriend was with me, he told the press about me being excepted into the group which was touch, the press went crazy and they were writing what they wanted too about me. since 1998 I have just continued to live my life, got married opened a few businesses but what I am at heart is a songwriter and a singer. So just a month ago I realised that the spice girls are hear forever and does that mean that I should not pursue my career. Through fear of the press. I am signed to a management company, but as soon as do any thing the spice girls link just completely takes over and it explodes in my face again. So it is very hurtful to read thousands of nasty comments about me. I am simply someone who is a singer/songwriter I am a mum of two young children and I am getting on with my life. This time I will not be beaten down by the press. What the press don’t write is that I am a Spice Girls fan and I think they are amazing because I knew what there capabilities were, and I can see how they have grown.

I just want you to know that I think I speak for myself and my readers in wishing you the very best of luck with your career and hope you will continue checking in and letting us know how you are doing.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Spice Girls Not So Spicy

The Spice Girls signed on to play three shows in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay. The first was a sell-out, the second as you can see was just half full, and the final show scheduled for Tuesday is not going to be much better. This is a result of greed. The original plan was to play a very select number of cities for one night only. In the case of LA, NY, and London it would be two nights, but everything was supposed to be limited.

That creates demand and a buzz. When the first show for London sold out in record time, all of the sudden, the Spice Girls said, "hey, let's add 30 more dates and make another $5M each." The sad reality is that they are a manufactured group well past their prime with doubtful singing ability. I have no qualms with them staging a comeback tour. I just think they could have done it in a way that people would have been wanting more.

15 shows and gone forever. They would have just ridden a wave from continent to continent and achieved immortality. Instead, they have become a lunge act on a cruise ship who only fills the place when the bingo caller is out sick with a cold.

Monday, December 03, 2007

More Spice Girls

I know, I know. More Spice Girls. But, hey, it's a Monday. The two videos represent about the first 18 minutes of the Vancouver show. It was done by some Brazilians in Vancouver just for the show. I think. Hell, it sounds good anyway. If you feel your live is worth more than watching 18 minutes of a Spice Girl "concert", than you can just scroll through the photos below.

The 5th Beatle She Ain't

Guess, I am not a Spice Girl fanatic. I had no clue there was someone else who had originally been slated to fill the role that Mel C (how is that finding a man thing working for you?) currently fills. Lianne Morgan, who is now 37, was originally hired, but then fired a month later because she was told she was too old. Even though she was the same age as Geri Halliwell at the time, I guess she probably looked more haggish and so they went with that stunner Mel C. instead. In 2002, Lianne gave an interview and said she was 30. Now, five years later she is 37. My math isn't very good, but I'm thinking that she might actually be closer to 50 which is why she seems to be adding years a little faster than the rest of us)

Lianne isn't bitter anyway. "It was like winning a lottery ticket and then having it taken away from me. I'm angry about the way I was treated," Lianne told the Mail On Sunday. (but, even though she was treated like a piece of dog crap she can still put on a good face)

"I wish the girls the best of luck, but I'm still flabbergasted that they were picked in the first place when they can't sing! It's a total injustice. I'm a better singer than all of them. I don't like their new single, and I haven't bought their latest album." ( I wish them all good luck, but they suck, and I wouldn't give them a dime because they can't sing)

However, Lianne added that she has bought tickets to the group's reunion tour and will be in the audience at the 02 Arena in London later this month. (Well, just to make fun of them I am sure and to tell everyone who will listen that she was an original Spice Girl and that she wouldn't have to live in a council house with her mom, dad and six kids if she had been a Spice Girl. Of course everyone will think she's bonkers, and be whispering behind her back)

"I thought they'd be a flash in the pan," she explained. "It just goes to show what you can achieve if you put your mind to it." (Realizing she had sounded like a bit of a bitch, she decides to inspire the children, by saying that if they put their minds to it, they too can be fake singers with fake breasts and make lots of money as long as they look young and sleep with the right people. No, it doesn't actually say that, but you can read it all between the lines. )

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Just Take Your Paycheck And Shut Up

Mel C seems to have herself confused with a Spice Girl that matters. Okay, that doesn't sound right. None of the Spice Girls really "matter." No one is going to die if they don't actually get together and play, but this needs to be taken in context. Mel C is under the impression that if she quits the group, the rest of the group will pack up their tents and just walk away into the night. In essence, Mel C believe she is the fulcrum that is keeping the divas together.

If Mel C walks away, the rest of the group could put a cardboard cut out of Martina Navratilova up on stage and no one in the audience would notice anyway. If Mel C leaves the only thing the other women will be worried about is whether they will still have to cut her in for a share of the money.

I don't know what Kool-Aid her manager has her drinking, but I want some because he has her believing she is the Spice Girls. I once believed I was Yul Brynner, but that involved some seriously toxic mushrooms and a very long stay in a Bangkok hospital room. Just because you see a mushroom growing on a tree, or coming out of the ground, doesn't mean it is edible. Well, it is edible, because I put it in my mouth and ate it, but I shouldn't have, and still have faint yellow dots on my back from some kind of weird poison they gave off.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Spice Girls Almost To The Product Whore Line

The Spice Girls haven't quite reached the doing it up the butt for coke line that Paris Hilton so nobly established as the benchmark for whoredom, but they are getting close. Realizing their window of fame has reopened for just a short time, the Spice Girls have turned their initial limited reunion tour into a mess of endorsements, extra tour dates, a new record, a documentary, and now are willing to hire themselves out to any company who has $2M for each woman. This $2M fee for each is for a 30 second commercial and also buys you 4 hours of the Spice Girls time. A complimentary flash by Victoria is included in the price as well as a running commentary by Mel C on why she isn't a lesbian.

The latest company to fall for the scam is Tesco which is a huge retailer in the UK and is "thrilled" to be working with the Spice Girls. This is of course despite the fact that Victoria Beckham refuses to shop there saying she prefers Marks and Spencer because they give her free stuff. Well, maybe $2M for sitting at a table with a fake smile for a few hours will change her mind.

Reports say the commercial filmed for Tesco sees the recently reunited group in seasonal cheer, gathered around a table laden with Christmas goodies of which non are being eaten. Isn't seasonal cheer a euphemism for smashed off your ass on egg nog?

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Exercise Makes You Sterile

In a never ending attempt to quash all those lesbian rumors, Mel C of the Spice Girls has been giving interviews to anyone who bothers to care enough to ask a question of her. While speaking to Closer Magazine she went off on this long tangent about how moms and babies and touring don't mix and she would never do what the other Spice Girls are doing. If Mel C had kids she would stay home all day with them everyday until they were fully grown and never leave them to go on a tour.

"Travelling around the world and living out of a suitcase is no place for a baby. I feel that if I'm lucky enough to be blessed with a kid, then I want to be a regular mother."I'd want to be at home taking them to school and being there full-time. I wouldn't want to be travelling all over the world with them strapped to my back. I'm not criticising anyone else. That's just how I'd want it."

It has been a long time if ever that the Spice Girls lived out of a suitcase and traveled to gigs in a van, but it would be her decision. I just don't know if it is a good idea to criticize every single member of the group for their parenting skills, because regardless of what she says, she is criticizing them.

Of course Mel C doesn't have kids and it could be because she won't let a guy near her and hasn't found the right sperm donor yet. When she was asked about having kids, the singer said that she thinks she might not be able to have kids because of her extreme fitness regime during the Spice Girls' reign of popularity. Uh huh. Whatever you want to believe Mel.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Mel B. Is Waking Up To Reality

Mel B finally listened to her lawyers. She made her new husband, Stephen Belafonte sign quit claim deeds so he couldn't get his grubby hands on any of the property.

I think Mel finally woke up to the fact that when she married Jimmy Gulzar she was married for less than one year but it cost her about $1.5M.

Shortly after Mel and Stephen got married they moved into a $2.5M mansion which Mel B paid for entirely, but that under California law Stephen would have had a shot at half of it. Not saying he would have got it, but he would definitely have a shot, which is why Mel B had him sign his rights away.

In order for those quit claim deeds to be valid there are a number of procedures which need to be followed by Mel's attorneys and it will be interesting to see what happens during the divorce. Oh, you read it right. This is not a if they get divorced kind of marriage, it's a when they get divorced kind of marriage. I'm just wondering if she will get knocked up first. 3 kids from 3 dads is something to be proud of.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Random Photos Part One

Now what the hell do they put in Suri's bottle? I think I read something about barley. Is there hops also because then I want some.
I want you all to remember that Jessica Biel was named the sexiest woman in the world just three years ago. Now she looks like one of the Hanson brothers.
This is a really good look for Heather Graham.
"Hey Jess. I borrowed your credit card to get this outfit for myself and while I was at it, ordered a hooker for tonight, so I'm going to need you to not come back home for awhile."
OK. So Zac Efron is now 20 and I want him to do something. Anything other than going to buy coffee. I don't care if he starts chain smoking or doing Micky Mouse up the butt, I can't just take another 20 years of him like he is now.

It's not often one can feel sorry for Victoria Beckham, but there are not enough drugs on the planet to make it bearable to sit on a plane next to Mel B all the way from LA to London.
Rumer Willis reverts back to fug. I really thought she was making a break for it, but she is now back to square one.
Peaches Geldof learns about the new reading program sweeping the world. Hooked on Dicknics. A more advanced version of Hooked On Phonics.
Orlando Bloom decides that whole car driving thing might not be the way to get around LA.