Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Now He Can Pay For Those Courses Himself

Scientology is expensive, but at least now Connor Cruise can afford to take a few courses should he choose to do so. I say should he choose to do so, because I think we know that Tom Cruise would not be the kind of parent who would force anything on his children. I am sure they are free to be who they are and who they want to be as long as they stay over at Tom's sister's house and don't interrupt Suri time which is 24/7.

So, according to Kneepads Magazine, Connor Cruise got a role in the new Will Smith film, and you know what? He got it all by himself. That's right. Well, by now you are laughing and tears are coming to your eyes, but that is the story. Connor auditioned and got it all on his own. Oh, I'm sure he auditioned. They had to make sure he could speak, but aside from that, the only people who believe that he got the part without being the son of Tom Cruise who double dates with Will Smith are the people who actually shell out the money to buy People Magazine each week.

Now, I'm not talking about those of you who read it in waiting rooms or at the checkout counter. I'm talking about the people who actually say I want to pay $4 plus tax to read the thoughts of celebrities straight out of their publicist's mouth. The person who wants so much sunshine blown up their butt, that they need a SPF40 coated toilet paper.

Am I happy for Connor? Definitely. I think any chance at independence he should take. I want him to succeed and then break away and then right the best tell all book the world has ever seen. Maybe that's why they live with the sister. I know the excuse before was there was only room for biological members of the family where Tom was staying, but the house is completed now, so where are the kids?


  1. I hope I live long enough to see one of the Cruise/Kidman kids pull a Cristina Crawford and write a book all about their happy family.

  2. Did I miss something where Cruise said the kids didn't live with him b/c there was only room for bio members of the family? Please tell me Ent is joking...

  3. Anonymous10:37 AM

    SPF40 coated toilet paper
    Gold, EL. Pure gold.

    I wonder what Nicole thinks about this.

  4. Rosie grabs her 12 yr olds arm and it's everywhere. Nicole kidman forgets she has children and never see them and no one really talks about it - they just continue to worshipat her botoxed altar. I don't care what kind of contract she signed, or what xenu has tapes of her doing - nothing else matters when u have kids.

    If it was me I would have stayed with psycho tom or threatened to out him in order to get my kids back. I feel so bad for them, being raised by an aunt and paraded out only when there are photo ops.

    -------> irishstayc stepping off soapbox <-------

    BTW "The person who wants so much sunshine blown up their butt, that they need a SPF40 coated toilet paper" Holy crap that made me laugh... laugh so loud i scared the dog. Excellent EL!!

  5. Connor has been MIA for quite some time. Perhaps Will thought a different person with the same name was auditioning for the role? Imagine his surprise when he picked up this week's rag.

  6. Tom said once that the kids stay with his sister because she is homeschooling them and he is off making movies. Whatever! This movie just gives Tommy Girl a legitimate excuse to hang out on the set with Will while he reminds the Fresh Prince about his required contributions, financially and sexually.

  7. Did you peeps see in Page Six that Nicole Kidman wants her kids out of Scientology? She said she never sees them because they're entrenched in it.

    Check it out here:


  8. I don't doubt, Twisted, that Nicole wants her kids out of Scientology, but it appears she has no say in the matter -- she hardly ever sees the kids as it is.

    I also didn't know that the kids were living with Tom's sister, but it makes sense -- Nicole doesn't live in LA for 50/50 custody, and Tom is probably not in LA a whole lot.

    I would've thought they were in Scientology boarding school...

  9. those kids are away from the family and the COS so as to not give them ammo for a book. they are old enough now that they know it's not normal to be adopted by two people and live with neither.
    it's all fooked up.

  10. Anonymous12:34 PM

    Ha. I think its just funny that people actually expect us to believe Conner got the role in his own, when its for a movie of Tom's best butt buddy. Just hilarious how stupid they think we all are.

  11. Here's what I want to know. What other 'religion' in the history of religions charge people tens of thousands of dollars to become more 'spiritual?' Why hasn't the American government taken a closer look at that and revoked their status as a 'Church?'

  12. Nicole is an SP (suppressive person) in the eyes of the COS. If she's not toeing the party line, she's suppressing it. It's already a mark against her for having a psychologist for a father, when David Miscavige and other Scilons want the earth completely cleared of "psychs" (by death or other means). TC's kids are brainwashed and told to call Katie mother, not Nicole. If Nicole can't see her kids it's because Tommy-Girl says she can't. Nicole can't do anything or she suffers at the hands of the COS.