Friday, January 02, 2009

Well, Yeah, The Other One Might Get Dirty

Apparently Simon Cowell didn't get the memo that people have no money for anything and so has decided to go ahead and blow $15M on a second mansion in Barbados. Apparently his $7M mansion on the island just was not enough. I mean he does smoke. Maybe he wants to give the other one a chance to air out or something. I'm trying to figure out why anyone, no matter how rich needs two vacation homes within a mile of each other. Do you build it thinking that while you are on vacation you might want to go on vacation?

According to The Mirror, his new home will have floor to ceiling mirrors in each of the six bedrooms. Apparently this is so he never goes a second without seeing the only person who thinks he is a decent guy. Can you imagine going on vacation with him? God that would be awful.

I just am trying to picture him discussing any subject that does not involve himself or how perfect he thinks he is. To be forced to listen to that for a week or two while you are trying to relax would make me need a vacation when the other one was done. Ooooh, maybe that's why he is building the second house. That way when people become so annoyed with him they don't have to go back to their home, they can instead head over to the other home. OK, so maybe that makes sense. I am doubting this story is true, but you know what? He is exactly the kind of guy who would do it, so it is not that big of a stretch to believe it.


  1. Yeah, he's an ass, but to be fair, where else is he going to put all his money right now? Invest it in the stock market? It's not like there's anybody he could help out if he gave some of it away. Oh, wait.

  2. My family is from Barbados. The island is beautiful but small. You can drive around the thing in less than a day. So there is no need for a second home there. (Unless you have a girlfriend on the side or something.)

    My guess is he already has a buyer lined up for the first place.

  3. Nicola I agree. He's either selling the first home or he really isn't buying a second.

  4. Immeadiatley thought 2nd house would be utilized
    for future girlfriend(s)
    after done with use, to minimize quality time together.

  5. I just can't picture this guy smoking.

    I went to Barbados when I was 8. I've been wanting to go back ever since.