Thursday, May 05, 2016

Blind Item #11

You know that guy in the post below. Yeah, well he is going to take over for the guy who comes on earlier when they fire the earlier guy.


  1. sandybrook4:33 AM


  2. sandybrook4:34 AM

    Fallon if he can switch networks and nbc wants to insult all the other guys like they did Letterman

  3. Elle B4:35 AM


  4. Jonathan Andrew Sheen4:36 AM

    Nobody's firing Colbert. It's just not happening.

  5. Kno Won Uno4:38 AM

    Seriously. WTF?!

  6. Small Penis Porn4:50 AM


  7. Kno Won Uno4:53 AM


  8. ellie5:32 AM

    +1. Absolutely not.

  9. Corden replacing Fallon. They keep threatening to fire Fallon for the drinking.

  10. Patrick7:29 AM

    Never happen. Fallon is Lorne's boy, and Fallon is doing well. Colbert is getting a new show runner. The numbers are sagging, and Colbert isn't creating any viral bits.
    Colbert may want to go back and do the daily show, which would be great for everybody.

  11. Guesser8:35 AM

    There is no way Fallon get's fired. I can see Colbert leaving fo r the Daily Show in an election year, it would give him an out without firing him.I forget he's even on. Seth Meyer replacing Fallon? Kiss the Tonight show good bye

  12. Studio549:05 AM

    Cordon won't do any better than Colbert. Bring back Dave, and then boot Fallon and bring back Jay.

  13. texasrose10:22 AM

    They may not fire him but I think a good move would be to remove him from late show and move him to the Daily Show which is failing under the idiot Noah. Colbert is much better suited to that kind of gig. He is not suited for the Late Show as ratings/performance have showed. Not sure if Corden would do much better but he is better suited for this role. Kind of works because Redstone/viacom/cbs all related. In any case, whether it is going to happen or not I think the blind is supposed to be Colbert/Corden. Fallon is the one succeeding and not going anywhere.

  14. texasrose10:24 AM

    Yes, Colbert's fans love him. Unfortunately there are not enough of them or they are not watching the Late Show.

  15. Malibuborebee8:03 AM

    Someone at the network probably planted this to throw the fear of god into Jimmy Fallon. His ratings are strong so they won't really fire him. They would very much like him to calm the fuck down.

    If they fire/move Colbert, they'll have to pay him a fortune.