Thursday, June 30, 2022

Today's Blind Items - Not So Poor

 This very recent reality star likes to tell a story of how she came from nothing and worked hard and ended up rich that way. Would her best friend from high school say that? The one who traveled with her to ski resort cities and beaches and the best hotels? When not accompanied by their parents, they would find rich men to hook up with at these resorts and on trips. Would her best friend mention the professional soccer player our reality star was seeing while in high school, and how he gave her a BMW? Is that what she meant by growing up poor? One of the things our reality star did was to cut off the best friend as soon as she could, for fear of damaging that narrative about her past. She couldn't have the best friend talking about the man our reality star slept with and convinced she loved, so he would move her to a better city. The same city where she had another boyfriend protect her at the strip club where she worked so no one would steal her tip money. I wonder what happened to that boyfriend. I also wonder if he would know that while saying yes to getting married to her now ex-husband, she was carrying on a torrid affair with a much wealthier man who she really wanted to marry, but feared he was too unstable. His money almost won out in the end.

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