Friday, February 02, 2007

There are still more plugs to come including Jeeeze's restaurant and bikinis from the company where hez works.

But now, Four For Friday

This is a two-parter. It was going to be one part, but people go crazy and make it necessary to add another part. This actress is C list, but a definite hottie and is starting to get a red hot reputation and more work. Obviously not top billing, but getting those movie roles where she is the sexy lady helping out the men. In her latest role, she was the highest billed female and definitely wanted to help out the men. Well, one man in particular. She and this funny man were inseparable during filming and she made sure everyday was memorable. Even though he is married, our actress was not bothered in the least. She made it clear she was only in it for fun, and also for a role in his next film. He agreed, and she delivered.

She delivered again recently at a party for C&D listers. Our actress confessed to a male reality party goer how she found another female reality party goer extremely attractive. The male reality party goer sensing a very big opportunity plied the female reality party goer with enough booze to make all her inhibitions disappear. As a reward, the male reality party goer got to watch the two women together. An ambiguous actor at the party heard about the setup, was NOT invited and told so more than once. Our actress was proud but our female reality party goer vows never to do it again. No video, but there are some cellphone pics going around town.

Big bonus points for getting all five names--

Like father like son. Different careers in the entertainment business. One more known as an actor and the other a performer, but their mating habits are identical. The father could not spell fidelity or find someone even half his age. The son dates plenty of women who are his own age. The problem is that his wife does not know he is dating them.

This ambiguous rocker but not a rock star has found a new flame. Everyone says she is the spitting image of his ex. I guess our rocker does not agree though because he makes her wear wigs and act like his ex whenever they rock the bed. She is growing tired of it, but does not want to lose her possible meal ticket and so just smiles and does what he says.


  1. Anonymous11:58 AM

    I think the last one might be Marilyn Manson.


  2. Anonymous11:59 AM

    I thought MManson also.

  3. Anonymous12:03 PM

    Kirk douglas and micheal douglas ??

  4. I heard that Evan Rachel Wood was looking a whole lot like Dita these days.

  5. Anonymous12:09 PM

    Malin Akerman and Ben Stiller for #1

  6. Anonymous12:12 PM

    Michael Douglas and HIS SON, Cameron.

  7. Anonymous12:14 PM

    For a non Manson guess, what about Denise Richards and tubby rocker boy? Evan R. Woods did some really great roles, Denise, not so much and with the right wig she could resemble Heather. They are both skinny. With Dita V. T. she is curvy and stunning whereas to me, Rache E. Woods looks like a girl not a woman.

  8. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Rocker but not Rok Star - Major hint to CBS' show with Tommy Lee's new band.

    Dave Navarro is ambiguous and was on the show as a judge only not a contestant or judge hence Rocker not Rock Star.

  9. Anonymous12:15 PM

    meatloaf for # 3- meal ticket

  10. Anonymous12:32 PM

    #1 is totally baffling me. I don't watch reality TV and I'm trying to get it through the funny man reference.

    #2 Sounds like Michael and Cameron Douglas - The like father like son reminds me of the movie It Runs in the Family, which had all three Douglases in it. I guess it's alternate title was Familt Business.

    #3 Screams of Mariln Manson and Evan Rachel Wood. She is dressing a lot like Dita. This ERW sounds like a real gold digger. She dated Edward Norton before that.


  11. Anonymous12:33 PM

    the 4th BI is easy- totally Manson and Evan Rachel Wood.

  12. Anonymous12:36 PM

    Is Cameron Douglas a performer? I thought it may be Alan Thicke and his son Robin?

  13. Anonymous12:36 PM

    He is a DJ, I believe.

  14. Anonymous12:42 PM

    # 2 says the son is fooling around on his wife -- cameron douglas isn't married is he??

  15. I don't think even Ritchie Sambora would be so dumb as to think Denise could look like Heather Locklear.

    ummmm...then again....

  16. Anonymous12:48 PM

    Alan and Robin Thicke is a great guess for #3. He's married to Paula Patton who was in Denzel Washington's last movie, Deja Vu.

  17. Anonymous12:48 PM

    good guess re: alan and robin thicke. Per wikipedia, Robin is married since 2005 and Alan is not married.


  18. Anonymous12:49 PM

    lol @ anon 12:48 we literally posted that at the same exact time.

  19. Anonymous12:53 PM

    I think the reality tv girl is trishelle- since she's one of the few who people know

  20. Anonymous12:59 PM

    c-ist ? that sucks

  21. Anonymous1:03 PM

    Maybe Ali Larter for #1

  22. Anonymous1:05 PM

    what about elisha cuthert for c- list actess?

  23. Anonymous1:05 PM

    what about elisha cuthert for c- list actress?

  24. Anonymous1:10 PM

    What about that guy from Good Charlotte and Nicole Ritchie for the rocker?

    He went out with Hilary Duff and they're both skinny enough to pass for each other.

  25. Anonymous1:23 PM

    Nicole Ritchie would NOT agree to act like Hillary.

  26. Anonymous1:35 PM

    I dont think its Trishelle- if you're talking about the one from Real World LV. Shes a nobody and an actress wouldn't be proud to hook up with her considering she already hooked up with girls on the show.

  27. Doubt Nicole Ritchie needs a meal ticket. At a total loss for the others.

  28. Anonymous2:57 PM

    I like the Alan/ Robin Thicke guess. IMDB notes that Alan dated 17 yo Kristy Swanson when he was 40 yo.

  29. Anonymous3:27 PM

    Am I wrong in thinking that this is 3 blind items, with 1 & 2 being the same person?


  30. Anonymous3:48 PM

    For #1 C list actress - Carmen Electra? She had top female billing in Epic Movie, which just debuted ar #1.

  31. Anonymous4:00 PM

    #1 sounds like jessica simpson... but is dane cook married? (Employee of the month)

  32. Anonymous4:02 PM

    ok nm i wrote the last post. without thinking i didnt read the second paragraph

  33. Judi, so true. What would Nicole Richie do with a meal, anyway? :)

  34. Anonymous6:03 PM

    I am nixing the Douglas family for #3 because it says that one of them is an actor and one is a performer--all the Douglas men are actors. Alan and Robin Thicke fit better...but I don't see any other clues that work.
    Mrs Mo :)

  35. Anonymous6:23 PM

    #1 sounds like it could be Jessica Biel. She's red hot right now, but I still consider her a C list actress. She just finished filming "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry" with Adam Sandler. I have no idea who the reality people could be.


  36. Anonymous7:14 PM

    What about Kate Beckinsale / Adam Sandler for the 1st?

  37. Anonymous8:14 PM

    marilyn manson and rose mcgowan for #3. she looks like his ex-wife, dita.

  38. Anonymous8:43 PM

    Biel for the first blind item Robin and Alan Thicke, Marilyn and the new chickee he is dating.

  39. Anonymous8:58 PM

    1.Rebecca Romjin

    2. Boogie Mike Malin, Tara Reid, Trishelle,Mathhew Perry

    3.Jerry Stiller Ben Stiller


  40. Anonymous9:28 PM

    Jerry Stiller was a big womanizer? Seriously? I am thinking maybe not so much so.
    Mrs. Mo

  41. Anonymous9:46 PM

    Yes,those are my guesses.

  42. Anonymous1:37 AM

    for #1, what about eva mendez? isn't she always in a movie where she's just a supporting actress to male leads (2fast 2 furious, hitch, stuck on you)?

    she's C-list isn't she?

    what are your thoughts,

  43. A weird guess for #3: John Huston & son Danny Huston. I think EL's language suggests the father is past tense.

  44. Anonymous5:35 AM

    Alan and Robin Thicke immediately came to mind as father/son pair, as Alan is constantly shown with much younger women and Robin is married. A big clue to me - which eliminates alot of people - is that Dad is an actor and son is a performer.

  45. Anonymous7:19 PM

    the first i could not get... clues that jumped out, though: "delivered", EL mentions it twice...
    also, i think a big clue is that the c - list actress and the funny man just filmed a movie together - AND are going to be in another together. maybe a sequel to something? just a hunch...

    about reality tv show contestants, though... they are all such whores, who knows? it could have been any of them!

    oh, and i agree with :
    father & son - alan & robin thicke
    ambiguous rocker - m manson
    ex - dita von teese
    new flame - evan rachel wood


  46. Anonymous4:49 PM

    what about janella from big brother for 2

  47. Who was the actor who did those Rolaid commercials - how do you spell relief?

  48. Anonymous8:00 AM

    I'm thinking boogie was the guy who got the reality chick (janelle) plowed. boogie co-owns bars and restaurants where the reality wannabes hang out. I have no idea who the c list actress is.

  49. Could "not a rocker" guy be Jared Leto?

  50. Anonymous6:19 PM

    #1 is definately Jessica Biel.