Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Greece Hates Paris (Hilton That Is)

First you had Paris' neighbors uniting as one to make her life miserable where she is currently living and to get her to move. Now, an entire country stands united in their obsession to not have any of their sons marry Paris. The richest families in Greece have been sending letters to each other warning of the dangers of Paris Hilton. Yes, she has money but she will bring shame and bad publicity, not to mention a lifetime supply of Valtrex to the unlucky rich Greek boy who marries her. Therefore, the families of the boys she has dated have been sending letters to others in the richest class warning them about Paris and to make sure their sons do not do anything foolish.

Hail Greece!


  1. Ya know, I've always wanted to travel to Greece. I think this only adds to my desire. Let's spend all of our money in Greece and supporting Greek shipping.

  2. That is hil-ar-i-ous.

  3. Come on, Canada - get with the Paris Pariah program!

    Fuck it, let's just push for a UN resolution!

  4. Sweet!
    I always liked Greece.

  5. OOOh! Find the letter, Ent., and I promise I'll translate it for ya!!! I know everyone would get a kick outta seeing it in writing! Yiassas!!!