Monday, July 23, 2007

Random Photos Part One

I think Patton Oswalt might be taking this rat thing a little too literally.
Penny Lancaster is 7 feet tall.
Paris' dogs multiply in biblical proportions.
Rest assured that is Molly's fake smile. VERY fake smile.
You would never know Mel B just had a baby because (a) she looks great and (b) she is never with the kid.
Will Smith in his costume for Hancock.
See, when Tara is in a place that less clothes are acceptable, she can look really good. It's just if she were to go that one extra step and lose the top that the illusion would disappear.
Beach concerts and wind do not really go with really short skirts.
Snoop is actually smoking something that is legal. (Probably)
Happy Birthday Rachael.


  1. looks like Will Smith got some "acting tips" from Tom Crazy - that clenched jaw sure looks familiar.
    I bet Tom desgined the costume, too.

  2. Anonymous12:03 PM

    I think Will looks good in that costume, personally. And given the Molly comment, again it begs the question: Is Ent really Molly?

  3. Yeah, shoutouts are nice, but I like my birthday present better.

    Thanks again, Enty.

  4. Dear GOD! Someone tarred and feathered Molly Sims' upper torso!


  5. I think Tara is wearing a top cut from a potato sack. Fugly, not cute.