Monday, July 23, 2007

Ted C. Blind Item

Princess Gold-Zinger has been blessed with it all (almost, which is where we come in). P.G.Z.’s got the rockin’ puss, a svelte yet still ultrabangable bod and a fairly legit career, which is pretty friggin’ hard to find now in untalented, infamy filled T-town, trust. But, ‘course, not all is well for the fetchin’ actress, who’s got a way with good lines (on screen) and bad boys (off).

P.G.Z. has had quite the rocky love life, fer sure, everything from her public busting up to her hot-and-not hookups post—and some say during—her most famous relationship. But don’t cry for this bitchin’ bitch, I insist. See, she’s never without a plus-one, and she was most recently spotted with quasi-cutie Harkness Hose.

Many of you may not be familiar with H2, ‘cause his fame is quite below that of the Princess and her veddy royal fam. Now, I remember funny-honey H.H. most notably from season uno of a popular reality TV show, but since then, he’s appeared in at least one mainstream flop (where the two stars of the film found themselves in a tabloid hot-seat much like her royal highness) and has a few more likely duds comin’ out. So, what has he done to cast a spell on our Princess? Turns out he’s one big kinky freak—with the goodies to back it up!

Harkness has been known to send X-rated photos and erotic emails to random women he meets on Myspace and has even met up and slept with some of them. I’m told H.H. is packin’ large and knows how to use his equipment. Able to fill out Gold Trojan Magnums XL, he serves it straight up and apparently damn good. The Princess is currently Hose’s latest utterly smitten gal. But let’s hope H can keep the kink without the creep, now that he’s with P.G.Z. (whose romance should be anything but PG). Who knows, maybe too big may be just right for the lovable golden lass.


  1. I think the consensus was that this was Kate Hudson and Dax Shephard. Everything fits.

  2. I think it's been 'solved' as Kate Hudson and that Jax idiot.


    It's all worked out really well on this site

  4. I dunno. I think the guy is actually David Spade. I could be way off. Probably am.
    P.S. Man I hate the way Ted writes.

  5. Pam Anderson
    David Spade

  6. Wow - the clues totally fit Kate and Dax. Punk'd, Employee of the Month (from BI: he’s appeared in at least one mainstream flop (where the two stars of the film found themselves in a tabloid hot-seat much like her royal highness.)

    Have you guys ever seen Let's Go To Prison? Very funny movie, not what you'd think. And Dax is good in it.

  7. i KNEW you were going to catch that, and I am so sorry Jax!! haha

    It was early on Monday, what can I say? ;o)

  8. Geez, and I can't even TRANSLATE this...