Friday, December 28, 2007

Daily Mirror Blind Item

Which star was caught by his missus trying to chat up another bird at a nightclub?

He wasn't so smooth when his girfriend just waltzed off and left him...


  1. Anonymous11:14 AM

    "waltzed" is a clue

  2. "Bird" and "Chat Up" are UKism. Err go I assume it's some ass who was on the UK version of Dancing with the Stars. Any Brits willing to guess?

  3. OK Hippy always has the best guesses!!!

  4. I take it the girlfriend was in Strictly Come Dancing as she did the waltzing. I'm thinking Billy Zane and Kelly Brook, although not sure about the girlfriend part as they're supposed to be engaged. But nobody else really fits.

  5. definitely billy zane -- i think this: "he wasn't so smooth when..." refers to the fact that he's had a shaved head for a while now.