Friday, January 02, 2009

Fire Up The YouTube Machine - Verne Got A TV Gig

The smile of good fortune has fallen upon all the people in the UK. Celebrity Big Brother starts over there tonight and Verne Troyer is the most famous of the bunch of them. This will be must see television. Oh, how I hope there is free booze for everyone and a urinal in the corner of the living room for Verne. Wow, this should be good. I will be hitting that refresh button all night long just waiting to see him. Now, according to the list of people on the show, I have never heard of really any of them. They could be famous in the UK. You just have to realize that I am ignorant of anything that happens outside of the US. No, you know that isn't the case completely, but I am lacking in shall we say a knowledge of the UK celebrities who are going to be calling the Big Brother house home for the next few weeks.

It does look as if LaToya Jackson will be living there. Wow. Oh please, oh please let LaToya and Verne hook up. That would be the greatest moment in the history of television. Forget the last episodes of Seinfeld, Friends, Cheers or MASH. None of those would compare to Verne and LaToya getting it on while Gotta Be Starting Something plays in the background. It almost makes me tear up.

Oh, I recognize the name Lucy Pinder from the cast as well. Figures right? The woman most likely to walk around naked during the entire show and of course I know who that one is.



  2. totally OT but RIP Jett Travolta!

  3. None are that famous in the UK, Ironically, the Z-listers from the US are probably the best known. The word "celebrity" has changed beyond all recognition now.

  4. As a Uker, I'm really hoping this bunch of no-hopers kills this wretched show off once and for all.

  5. amen to that westend girl.

  6. Awww that's a cute picture of Latoya but she looks awful now. Too many plastic surgeries.

  7. I wonder if LaToya's whiteness will wash off in the shower. Not to mention that hideous weave. Let us know Enty.

  8. First a post about Cloris Leachman and Jack Black getting it on, then one about Verne Troyer and LaToya Jackson getting it on? Talk about things that make you want to vomit...

  9. for those who are interested... the full line up looks like this

    Lucy Pinder - glamour model
    Mutya buena - used to be in a popular girl has a shakey solo career
    ben adams - former boyband member
    ulrika johnson - former tv presenter who is mainly famous for her love life
    tommy sheridan - insane scottish politician
    tina malone - little known actress
    terry christian - tv presenter famous in the early nineties.
    michelle heaton - used to be in a pop band.

    and of course latoya, verne and Coolio. you know most of the budget for the show went on them. I also have a feeling that one of Latoya's stipulations for appearing on the show was that she had her own bedroom because the house has never had one before and she made a beeline straight for it when she entered the house.

  10. That's got to be the single best picture of MJ ever!
    Who ever knew he'd look so good as a blonde?