Friday, January 02, 2009

Random Photos Part One

I have to put this on top. I was staring at the photo of Jennifer Garner and Violet all week. So, explain to me again why it seems as if celebrities need one nanny per child.

Yeah, not a big fan of Adam Levine and don't think I ever will be. Feel free to love him if you want though.
I think AnnaLynne McCord is wearing that new line of makeup called stoned.
I can't believe Christian Audigier thinks he's cool. I can't believe anyone actually buys that crap he sells either. What a tool.
The lovely Christina Applegate. The antithesis of the tool from above.
"My mom made me this hat for Christmas."
Yeah, Alex, I will take Carmen Electra is pregnant for $200.
I must be in a good mood or really tired, but Chloe Sevigny looks really good here.
Yeah, I think I like the crew cut Drew Carey much better.
Emmanuelle Chriqui rocking the leather pants and doing some charity work on NYE.
Fergie - Las Vegas
I admit that I am not up to date on my George Hamilton gossip. Sure, I know who his offspring are and who they have been married to, but I really have no idea who this woman is or why she is wearing a ring.
One of my favorite photos of the day. James Franco and Ahna O' Reilly in Miami.
Which Lindsay Lohan would you rather fight with? #1
Or #2?
Lady Gaga - New York
Miley Cyrus - Irvine, California
Can someone tell if that is a phone in Mickey's hand? I want to know if he texts.
Start out the new year with Molly Sims. There are worse ways to start it out. Hangovers are up at the top of the list.
"Come on baby. I will wash it and wax it later. I want to play with my new Wii."
Nick Lachey and Vanessa Lemonjello model their Ace Ventura hair.
"Hi, I'm Paris Hilton and the only company that would pay me anything in Australia is called Bongo Virus. I don't think I have it yet, but I'm sure I will catch it sooner or later."
Wow. I can't even imagine how many people this guy killed in a past life to end up married to Paulina Rubio.
Jeans are the new bikini for Solange Knowles.
Topher Grace looks like he is wasting away to nothing. Eat man!


  1. um is that Nichole Tom's sister with George Hamilton?

  2. Every time I see Jennifer Garner and her little girl, it makes me think her character in Juno wasn't that far off from reality. Just sayin'.

  3. Did Mrs. Affleck have that baby yet? Seams like she's been pregnant for a year or more.

  4. Did you see the TMZ photo of Christian Audigier's tatoo? The wiener had his own clothing label tattooed across his upper back.

    Poor Australia - I didn't know we sent them Nicky as well. Paris looks extra trashy even for her.

  5. If Carmen Electra is preggers, why is she drinking champagne?

  6. Just because she's holding a champagne flute doesn't mean there's champagne in it. Could be ginger ale. Or maybe she had just a sip of bubbly, which I'm sure wouldn't kill a fetus.

  7. LOVE the pic of Jen Garner and little Violet!! Awww...

  8. Enty, you're either really hungover, stoned out of your gourd, or just got laid because Chloe Sevigny never looks good. That outfit is just horrendous, even by her standards. A blind golfer can dress better than she can.

    Drew, Drew, shave the stash man! You look much better clean faced with the high and tight going on.

    Who the hell is "Christian Audigier"? The guy looks a skeeze and I have no idea who he is.

  9. I understand it's three nannies per child -- two during the week and one for the weekend. Makes one nanny per child sound absolutely deprived.

  10. ITA with Rhianna about Chloe. You are tired, Enty.

  11. 1.the afleck kid is cute but ben has to be fooling around on the fat wife.
    2.the mccord chick is smoking hot as hell & looks like a fun long weekend in a hotel room.
    3.applegate is a tough cool bitch
    4. sevigny is the type of girl i like to bump into at a late night party in a back hallway, always fun.
    5. good for drew carrey
    6. i would peel molly sims outta that dress with my teeth.

  12. I have to admit Mariah Carey's breasts perplex me. They are huge and make her look fatter than she is, yet they also look natural. I remember her from "Vision of Love" video and she was skinny and flat-chested. Of course, as she gained weight, her breasts got bigger, but they shouldn't have gotten that big. So are they natural or store-bought?

    And althought its kinda of weird I even find her breasts interesting, its because she is always putting them on show that I even noticed them.

    BTW, they are too saggy to go without support. Wear a bra!

  13. Man I have been listening to the Chica Dorada(Paulina Rubio) since I'ved been 8...I feel old!

  14. Adam Levine's crotch looks like it has some kind of wasting-away disease. For a second I thought the photo of Christian Audigier was Billy Bob.

    I've always wondered if Drew Carey was the answer to the BI about the guy travelling half way across the country to check out glory holes.

    The James Franco photo is nice because it's so natural. I guess the same could be said about LiHo. Classic!

    Really bad lighting for the Molly Sims photo. She looks grey and alien-ish. So I'm guessing Paulina Rubio is not a nice person? And Topher seems to be on the same diet as The Cruises.

  15. omg, enty, you made my day...calling christian audiegierhoweveritsspelled out on his complete and utter toolocity.

    in fairness to nick lachey and venessa's been freakishly windy here in miami. maybe that explains the ace ventura hair? sigh. oh the trade-offs of living with 82 degree winters... ;)

  16. shakey...paulina is a douche.

    aside from being a major cokehead, she also has the rep of being extremely condescending and jerky to just about everyone.

    oh, and she can't sing for crap. she needs to be thanking god for playback.

  17. Regarding Chloe Sevigny:
    Enty, you know when your SO, SO VERY TIRED you rub your eyes with your fists and in your mind you hear that cartoony "squeaky, squeaky" sound but your eyes are still blurry? lol, you're soooo there, because Chloe is as hideous and hung over looking as usual. Get some rest honey ;-)

  18. hey douche bag- she isnt fat she is like 9 months preggers.

  19. Audigier should get sent straight to hell. Not just for that douchetastic Ed Hardy line but for hiring Speidi to host his club's NYE party.

  20. "that new line of makeup called stoned."