Monday, April 13, 2009

Mel Gibson Getting Divorced

Mel Gibson's wife Robyn finally got tired of all Mel's crap and filed for divorce this morning. According to TMZ she actually signed the divorce papers on Good Friday which was probably some kind of dig at Mel. Supposedly the two have been separated for about two and a half years but Robyn will still be entitled to about $450M of Mel's $900M. I didn't realize that Mel was that close to being a billionaire. Well, I think being married to Mel for 28 years is worth a hell of a lot more than $450M which is why she also wants spousal support and to share custody of their 10 year old kid.

I wonder if Mel will try and get the marriage annulled at least in the eyes of the Catholic Church. I don't know how he would, but it would be interesting to see what money can buy. I think Robyn probably just got tired of Mel being seen with women all of the time and her friends asking her if everything was ok in the marriage. That, or Britney Spears kept calling the house all the time asking for that Lethal Weapon dude and wondering if she could use his place again.


  1. I always thought she just looked the other way at his indescretions and would never leave. I find this kind of shocking.

    Ok sugar tits he's all yours now.

  2. haha well it's being reported that Robyn actually hired Britney's old divorce attorney. Maybe Britney recommended her on one of those phone calls.

  3. She signed the papers Thursday, the day before Good Friday.

  4. Divorce is such a big freakn issue but adultery isn't? Oh, Mel...

    I digress

    I can't believe that she finally did it!

    **Keeping fingers crossed for Robyn Penn, Christine Stiller & Diane Lane**

  5. I hope hope hope that Enty reveals any BIs about Mel! Especially the ones that probably led to his marriage's demise.

    Even a scrap comment about "blind item goldmine" would suffice for me!

  6. One cuckolded Robyn down, another to go. I'm glad she saw the light.

    That abusive asshole has a nice, toasty spot in hell reserved. His plump ass will cook up beautifully.

  7. @isabel: why all hatred?

  8. **Keeping fingers crossed for Robyn Penn, Christine Stiller & Diane Lane**

    Why, does Ben Stiller cheat? I mean, I know he's an asshole, but is he a bad husband too?

  9. Pomme, I think Isabel's hatred comes from the fact that Mel is the biggest hypocrite in Hollywood, which is sayin' somethin'.

  10. **Keeping fingers crossed for Robyn Penn, Christine Stiller & Diane Lane**

    Add Patti Scialfa-Springsteen to that list, too.

  11. This could end up being a very long list.

  12. Clean the anti-semite out Robyn.
    Good luck and good riddance.

    Margarita - Add Patti Scialfa-Springsteen to that list, too.

    Hon, karma's a bitch.

  13. @figgy

    Rumor has it that he's a male-whore with a man-gina

    No, lol, seriously that's what the rumor mill says, he's a repeat offender and gives the missus the blues..

    And also a royale douchebag from the other things I've heard, pompous as f*ck

    What a Focker!

  14. @pomme: Are you asking him or me? :)

  15. What took her so long?

  16. When I read this headline this morning I was like: "About fuckin' time girlfriend! Take his money and run!"
    Everyone has their limits and it's wonderful to see that she finally reached hers. 450 mil? He's getting off cheap.

  17. I'm with Janele, spill it, Enty, which blinds were him?! :)

  18. Wow, with the Catholic thing, I didn't think they would ever divorce.

  19. There was a lot of press a few years ago that Bruce Springsteen had moved into the pool house...because...Patti was having an affair....This one is going to be interesting....

    Oh and Robyn.....Good get the money...and you had him while he was hot !

  20. Yes! I think this means that I was the first one who correctly guessed the BI about a star who was cheating on his long-running wife! My first!

  21. The day b4 Good Friday is Holy Thursday, to Catholics at least, so the timing by Robyn is poetic which ever day she signed.

    Malibu sheriffs should be on high tactical alert and make sure the drunk tank is available.

  22. TMZ has updated to say that Robyn and Mel have been separated for over 2 1/2 years! Her youngest is 10 now, so my guess is that she probably waited until at least most of the kids were adults and the youngest was old enough to deal with it.

    By the way-Robyn is NOT Catholic (remember Mel said she is going to Hell) and Mel is not a "real" Catholic. He ascribes to the "old" traditional Catholic religion and is a different sect, which does not even subject itself to the pontiff's rules. They may as well be Lutherans.

    A true Catholic would not cheat on his wife, drink and drive putting others at risk, hate on Jews, and appear semi nude on film. We also do not believe in divorce, so it will be interesting to see if he contests it or not, or tries to seek an annulment-which he can do, but it would make all of his children "illigitimate" in the eyes of the Church.

    While I loved many of his movies and thought The Passion of the Christ was the best movie about Jesus ever, I do not feel Mel should be spouting off about what Catholics believe.

  23. Holy Thursday is the Feast of the Last Supper. It is the night that Jesus prayed in Gethsemane and all of his friends fell asleep on him. One of them betrayed him to yes-the Jews-and he was brought to prison that night. The next morning he was crucified and died on the cross, which was Good Friday.

    It is wierd that she picked that particular day to file. Perhaps the courts were closed on Good Friday?

    The other thing is that it is her 10 year old's birthday tomorrow. So sad for him, as he gets to spend his birthday listening to all of this. She should have waited another week. She has already waited a long time.

    Just my opinion-I have no idea what this woman has put up with the past 28 years, so who knows.

  24. Anonymous11:23 AM

    Married for 28 years wonder what made Robyn to finally see the light....

    Maybe Mel called her Sugartits once too many LOL.

  25. A true Catholic would not cheat on his wife, drink and drive putting others at risk, hate on Jews, and appear semi nude on film. We also do not believe in divorce, so it will be interesting to see if he contests it or not, or tries to seek an annulment-which he can do, but it would make all of his children "illigitimate" in the eyes of the Church.
    A true catholic would do it

    They just wouldn't admit it

    Catholics are human too, non?

  26. Ice Angel, Catholics lie, cheat, drink and sometimes even pose nude just like human beings. They're not a perfect sub species. And getting an annulment does NOT make your children illegitimate. It declares the marriage illegitimate. Children are not legal entities.

  27. Well, well, well. Isn't this rich? Delighted to hear this.
    Hello? Jesus was betrayed to the Romans. The Jews didn't rule the area at the time; the Romans did.

  28. The Pope will have Robyn excommunicated and smite off her head.

  29. I laughed way too hard at that, Vixen. I'm sure I'm next to be smited.

  30. Her esteem probably went up a notch with each year he strutted his stuff. It's a sad thing when a husband's indiscretions can destroy the wife's faith in the sanctity of marriage. They had seven children together, I think. She can hopefully find a good man who will be there for her, while he...well, consoles himself with women young enough to be his granddaughters. *sigh* "It's hell being Mel".

  31. Of course Catholics lie, cheat, steal, etc...but the key word is "true" Catholics. Yes, even true Catholics sin and ask God for forgiveness. A true Catholic, however, tries very hard not to continue the sin repeatedly, or it is not true remorse.

    I also said the children would be illigitimate in the eyes of the Church, not as legal entities. Now, the Catholic Church today does not consider kids "illigitimate" any more, but Mel's "Catholic" church does. My point in my post was that Mel is such a hypocrite spouting off about being such a good Catholic, yet certainly does not act like one.

    Also-temporary brain fart on the Jewish thing-the Romans betrayed him and put him to death-my bad. It was just that I was trying to make a point at the irony of all of this happening to a man who tries so hard to portray himself as the "perfect Catholic."

    Not preaching at all because I'm a Catholic and have sinned a lot.


    I pulled up some information on Traditionalist Catholics. There are some who follow the pope and others who do not. Gibson claims to follow the pope, but I don't see how that is possible when you disagree with the pope's teachings.

    Again, my point is that no matter what Gibson wants to call himself, he is a hypocrite. IMO

  33. Ice Angel, by your definition (and you forgot the important edict to not use birth control), I seriously do not know a single "true" Catholic. and I'm just going by what I *know* about them--who knows what they're doing on the DL? And I live in Chicago, where about 2 out of 3 people seem to be Catholic. Or by your definition, falsely claim to be.

  34. Oh, how the sugar tits have fallen. They'll need more than a sports bra to get up now.

    I hope Robyn has good security. I wouldn't put it beyond Mel to murder her. That would keep him from being excommunicated for divorce, as long as he does it OJ style.

  35. MOST Catholics disagree with the pope's archaic way of thinking nowadays...

    Hey figgy, I dunno any either!

    Btw, if failing to follow a religions doctrine to a tee qualifies as hypocritical, then we all are


  36. Just to be the devil's advocate here, a few of the historic popes had bastard children, many of whom were called "nephews" of the popes. I left catholicism when I was 12 because I read the history of the medieval church. (Gaah! I'm sounding like Tom Cruise and how he supposedly knows more than psychiatrists because he's read the history of psychiatry.)

  37. The Pope will have Robyn excommunicated and smite off her head.

    all while wearing red Pradas!
    LOL! being a former true catholic this kills me.

  38. a true catholic wouldn't drink??? HAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!!

  39. Well, it's hard to tell what that would mean if Mel said he "followed" the pope. Ratzinger was part of the Hitler youth

    and continued to use the nazi salute in the catholic church

    As far as doctrine is concerned, I believe you don't have to belong to a particular religious belief to honor your wife and the vows you have taken. Mel is either brainwashed into believing he can do whatever he wants with no recourse, or he is just a stuck up pr*ck who doesn't believe in respecting or caring for those closest to him. That photo is kind of creepy, too. It may be just a coincidence, but the upward glance is what masons use in mockery of Christ and the crucifixion. This is the crazy and confusing stuff that makes me glad I was never forced to go to church or follow a doctrine.

  40. A true Catholic drinks before, during and after Mass, lol

  41. Jesus, what took her so long? And yeah, that question is directed to Jesus.

  42. didn't think they would divorce. annulment? only if he wants to marry again. doubt that.

  43. 450m?! SWEEEEEEEEEEET.

  44. I said they would not drink and drive.

    Sure-some nobody is perfect, but my main point of Mel not being a "true" Catholic is that he espouses the traditions of a pre-Vatican II church and refuses to accept the changes that have been made. His differences to the Catholic Church were great enough for him to break off and build his own church! That is why he is not a true Catholic.

    I am not the judge and jury of what a "true" Catholic is, but am offended as a Catholic to hear Mel Gibson constantly talking about himself as such. In my opinion, he is not.

    As far a Catholics disagreeing with the Church's teachings, it is a personal decision as to whether or not to follow them. For example, if you disagree about birth control and decide to use birth control and still attend Catholic Church, you are actually sinning according to the Catholic Church and should not take Communion. Sure everyone sins, but you must confess your sins to be forgiven and promise to try your hardest not to continue those sins. To walk into a confessional and then walk out and pop your pill is not following the Catholic faith, or at least that particular portion of it.

    Sure, Catholics are flawed. My family could not find a seat at yesterday's mass because of all the 2 day Catholics that show up at church on Easter Sunday. Of course, I miss church sometimes too, but try very hard not to and do confess that to the priest and try very hard not to miss after that. In my opinion, I am trying to be a good Catholic.

    The choice really comes down to whether or not you want to really be a Catholic. Anyone can walk into the church. Anyone can label themselves a Catholic. But by picking and choosing which tenets to follow, really chips away at whether or not you truly identify as a Catholic.

    Again, I am not preaching here nor am I a perfect Catholic-far from it. But I get sick of people bashing on my faith and think nothing of it. I think Mel Gibson's Jew bashing was horrific and bigotted. In the same vein, however, why is that people feel free to publicly critisize the Catholic church as archaic, corrupt, full of child molesters, etc...I am sure many of you who posted negative things about Catholics felt nothing about doing so and I am not sure why that is. If I was Jewish, I think most everyone would come to my defense, but not as a Catholic. Why is that???

    Anyway-in my opinion, Mel Gibson is a hypocrite. He obviously cheats on his wife, drinks and drives, putting others' lives at risk and has broken away from the true Catholic Church as led by the pope. I just wish he's stop preaching and start figuring out how he screwed up his charmed life.

  45. There is some confusion on Mel's beliefs because of his father. His father (Hutton Gibson) is a Sedevacanist ( which is a subset of the Traditionalists. Confused yet? The Sedevacanists reject Vatican II and believe the papacy has been vacant since that time (early to mid 1960s).

    Mel claims he's not a Sedevacanist, and it's generally believed he is not, but he also defended his father during publicity before Passion of the Christ came out, so there you have it.

    Former Catholic

  46. Ice Angel said:

    "He ascribes to the "old" traditional Catholic religion and is a different sect, which does not even subject itself to the pontiff's rules. They may as well be Lutherans.

    "A true Catholic would not cheat on his wife, drink and drive putting others at risk, hate on Jews, and appear semi nude on film. We also do not believe in divorce, so it will be interesting to see if he contests it or not, or tries to seek an annulment-which he can do, but it would make all of his children "illigitimate" in the eyes of the Church."

    So, as lifelong LUTHERAN, I would like to say first of all that our teachings say that we shouldn't judge one another. It's not for me to say whether Mel Gibson goes to hell or not for his beliefs.

    If you look up your history of the Catholic church, you will see the whole reason WHY the Lutheran church came about was because THE CATHOLICS WERE NOT FOLLOWING THEIR OWN RULES! Lutheranism decried the abuses of the church that were rampant at the time. So your slam that Mel might as well be a Lutheran isn't logical at all.

    Secondly, would you say Pope John Paul II was a "true" Catholic? If you do, then I guess knowing that priests were abusing children across the world and instead of fixing the problem covering it up, that's a GOOD thing????

    Let's just all agree that Christians aren't perfect, just forgiven. I as a Lutheran don't have to go to a priest to get absolution, I go directly to the source.

    I don't condone Mel Gibson's alleged behavior, but I dont'
    condemn him, either, because it isn't my place to do so.

    OK, I'm stepping off my soapbox now :-)

    God bless us all :-D

  47. meh, organized religeon is such a downer.

    Ice Angel, good for you for single handedly holding up the pulpit!
    Someone gotta do it!

    I left the church years ago after the priests were all on trial for touching boys and nuns were on abuse charges. good times.
    add to that anti-gays-, anti abortion and anti birth control and you get a big fat SeeYA! from Jax.

    Maybe I'll reconsider should the church decide to modernize itself into the 19th century.

  48. Anonymous1:25 PM

    lol@former catholic

  49. monalisa999 wrote "It may be just a coincidence, but the upward glance is what masons use in mockery of Christ and the crucifixion."

    That is simply nonsense. Utterly false.

  50. Nunaurbiz,

    Why was saying Mel might as well be a Lutheran a slam?

    There is nothing wrong with being a Lutheran. Like you menitoned, the Lutherans broke away from the Catholic Church because they felt their beliefs were no longer the same as the Church's.

    That said, they no longer called themselves Catholics. They call themselves Lutherans.

    My point is that if you are going to break away from the Catholic Church, then fine, but then stop calling yourself a Catholic. That is all.

    I really don't care what faith anyone belongs to. I think a belief in God is always a great thing and should be respected and not ridiculed. Many of my closest friends and family are Lutherans and I also have friends who belong to many other faiths. By no means did I mean to slam the faith, just Mel. Oh...and by no means do any of them refer to themselves as Catholics.

    And this is a gossip site and we can express our views about celebrities. Do I think he is going to Hell? I have absolutely no idea. I'm not even sure where I get to go after all this!!!

    The only point of my diatribe is that Mel has espoused to be such a great Catholic and his actions contradict that. If he was a private person, I would keep my opinion to myself. But he is a public figure who has publcly stated his religious views.

    My other reason is that I can't stand the Catholic bashing. It is bigotted, so please stop.

  51. @figgy. The upward glance is not nonsense, it is what the masons use. I said what mel is doing might be a "coincidence". What he also might be doing is reacting to someone telling Robyn what a great marriage they have, which is least likely to be "nonsense", eh?

  52. Anonymous1:58 PM

    Sometimes it's such a relief to be bound for hell and not have to get into these little religious discussions. :)

  53. **also former Catholic
    12 years of Catholic school

    I'm sorry if I offended you IceAngel, but I became disillusioned with Catholicism(blatant lying) years ago

    However, I thought that when I was practicing, we were ALL Catholics. I didn't know that there are classifications and degrees such as "true", etc, but Catholicism never ceases to amaze me

    I heard that Mel has a Catholic church on his property...This is just all a bit much

    Guess this is why people tend to avoid religious discussions, my apologies if I have offended anyone's religius beliefs


    YES!!! I am thoroughly confused!

  54. Syko, I know what you mean. Look me up when you get there and we'll have a grand old party!

  55. @Figgy:

    "Why, does Ben Stiller cheat? I mean, I know he's an asshole, but is he a bad husband too?"

    Rumor is that Stiller goes for the high end stuff. Now, why does he cheat when he's got a pretty wife? I have no idea. Why does anyone cheat? Thrills, boredom?

  56. I wonder what finally made her say Enough Already!

    I mean lets face it she has put up with tons of BS. What made her say see you in Divorce Court.

    Come on it had to be freaking HUGE!

    I would love to know what blinds they were. Can we start a petition for Enty to reveal them?? PLEASE!

  57. Ice Angel...a true Catholic would be a priest. They are the worst pieces of crap on the planet. Shove your religious piousness up your ass and keep it there.

  58. actually, episcopalians have priests too, but are allowed to marry and have children. and have salaries. less child molesting. no pope. in fact, eddie izzard nails it in "dress to kill". but all that "love thy brother" thing is still lost in the translation. THAT is the problem with organized religion from my personal perspective.
    the anglicans saw a good thing and ran with it! :)

    i'm also curious what the final straw was. this has probably been on the boards for a while, maybe they just reached some kind of pre-filing agreement?

    and i thought robyn was catholic, too. after all, it was her body, not his, she bore him all those children while he was out in the public eye having fun and making an ass of himself.

  59. Glad to see you guys respected my request to refrain from the bigotry. Insert eye roll here.

  60. Ice Angel, when I hear the words "Catholic" or "Pope," I can't help but think of the church's f-ing inexcusable position on condoms and AIDS. I know not every Catholic agrees with that policy, but I'm not going to be able to be objective about Catholicism in general while the church is committing such a crime against humanity. I do appreciate your efforts to politely explain your position, but I'm probably still going to be an anti-Catholic bigot for a long while, sorry.

  61. Mooshki-that is just wrong. I totally disagree with Jews that Jesus Christ was not the Messiah, but I would never bash their faith. Being an anti-Catholic bigot is equal to being an anti-Semite. There is no excuse for it.