Friday, August 07, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Sam The Koala - RIP
Whenever I see Adam Arkin all I can ever think about is Northern Exposure. I know he has done so much other than that, but it is what comes to my mind first.
Do you feel that? The world stopped spinning. Aubrey O'Day is actually wearing clothes and a modest amount at that. She isn't going to be teaching Sunday School anytime soon, but she looks normal.
So, who do you think is enjoying the GI Joe premiere more? Channing Tatum the star or his wife Jenna Dewan? Yeah, like she wasn't counting down the days to this one.
Then Carl Weathers went to the craft service table and made himself a stew.
I like David Boreanaz a lot but he kind of looks like a funeral director here.
The Emily attending said funeral.
Eric Dane doing his best Matthew McConaughey impression but with clothes on.
I am always posting Halle Berry pictures. Meanwhile all I get is e-mails telling me about how Gabriel Aubry is the hottest guy alive. So, here you go.
Hugh Laurie hasn't been in the photos for awhile.
I always feel like Henry Rollins is one step away from giving someone a beat down.
Jason Biggs looks hammered or he just had sex with his wife on the way over. They must have been listening to Jada Pinkett Smith marriage advice CD's.
Joshua Jackson teaches the press to count to ten.
Ever wondered what Justin Long's hair looks like in the morning? Now you know.
Jason Mraz - New York
Kirsten Dunst and in the background checking her teeth or Twittering is Demi Moore.
At the same party was Brittany Flickinger. Here is what I imagined she said when she went up to Demi Moore.

Brittany - Hi Demi. The paps on the red carpet just wouldn't stop taking pictures would they?
Demi - Do I know you?
Brittany - Well I won the BFF competition on Paris Hilton's reality show.
Demi - You must be so proud.
What the hell happened to Kourtney?
It is hard to believe it has been like 25 years since Married With Children first aired. Katey Sagal looks great.
All of the pregnant moms to be were out yesterday celebrating Nicole Richie's new maternity line of clothes and tanning spray.
Alice Evans and Ioan Gruffudd were there.
As was Tisha Campbell.
This is Pete Doherty and his son. Alone. In Germany. Scared?
Great family vacation picture, but still no bikinis or wild yacht parties.
The one and only Wanda Sykes. Love her.
Rachel Nichols might want to be careful when she sits down. She has a toy poodle attached to her butt.
All of those people taking pictures have no idea who in the hell Sienna Miller is.
Sarah Michelle Gellar never walked her dog. Suddenly when she is pregnant that dog gets more time on that leash then Freddie.
Vampire Weekend - Chicago


  1. I love the photo of Justin & Drew. They look so happy---I really hope things work out for them.

  2. As wrong as it is that a child might be left unsupervised with Pete Doherty, he does look WAY better than he has in a long, long time.

  3. i love Jason Mraz...that is all

  4. Halle's giant clutch is a conceal-the-belly accessory if ever I saw one. I am thinking she's pregnant.

    Henry Rollins, my true love. Thanks!

  5. No, Carl Weathers went to the craft table, got a ham bone, and THEN made a stew.

    Yeah, what did happen to Kourtney? She twittered this morning about getting extentions put back into her hair.

  6. is kourtney the one with the ponytail? if so, what the hell is enty talking about.

  7. yay for aubrey oday wearing actual clothing...but eep, now i remember why i never like to be photographed in white.

    carl weathers...craft table..stew...what am i missing here, is there a BI in there somewhere?

    gabriel aubrey...YUM. you lucky b**** halle berry.

    tisha campbell, eep, now THAT's pregnant. WOW.

    wth? pete doherty has a son??? NOOOOOO!

    love it that you're back to stalking the spanish royals, enty, cuz i was really sick of camilla, all day, everyday.

    omg i can't believe i like sienna miller's dress. it's like wrong somehow.

  8. the little royals are wearing the sweetest dresses, love the bows.

  9. Henry Rollins IS always one step away from giving someone a beat down.

  10. @.robert, i agree! plus when he talks it's as if his head's going to explode.

    i loved Adam Arkin on Chicago Hope and i miss him on Life as Ted. such a quality actor.

  11. Kourtney just doesn't look up to par in those photos, not her glamourous self.

    As for the Carl Weather's thing, it's a joke from the tv show "Arrested Development", where he played a version of himself that was so super cheap he would find ways to make every penny count. :)

  12. Adam Arkin - he was on Life with Damian Lewis! I will miss that show. Thank goodness they put it on DVD.

    Ah, David Boreanaz, son to Dave Roberts of our very own WPVI tv in Philly. We Philadelphians do love our newspeople...

    HUGH LAURIE!!!!!! (thunk) I threw the Clooney over for him, you know.

    Ioan Gruffudd (yes, I can spell it). Ladies, if you want to see an "eye candy" movie, watch King Arthur with Ioan, Clive Owen, Ray Stevenson (from HBO's Rome), Ray Winstone, Hugh Dancy & Mads Mikkelsen (Casino Royale). Feel free to ignore Kiera Knightly. I did.

    Oh Lord, I wanna take Pete Doherty's son and hug him. Then take him away from his crack-addict Dad..

    Sarah Michelle, that's a big ass dog. Can your husband get near you with that dog?

  13. mngddess! Yes re: King Arthur! I did the same thing with Kiera - just ignore, ignore, ignore!

  14. Channing and Eric dane are soo hot!!! that's all i've got.

  15. I'm pretty sure Married with Children is the most horrid show ever made

    Nicole Richie's jewelry line kicks ass

  16. Enty, the Fug Girls outdid you on the Rachel Nichols commentary but don't feel too bad - it's their first area of expertise, after all.

    "Either a flower grows every time she breaks wind, or someone bought her an ass corsage."

  17. I think you should post a random picture of Tom Welling once in a while (if you can find one) just because he's pretty and nice

  18. Am I the only one who thinks Brittany Flickinger is actually real cute?

  19. Poor Sam .. rest your sweet soul little cutie pie Koala! May your heaven be Eucalyptus to infinity.

    Could SMG look more unhappy to be with child?? I mean really .. what's next .. stitches on her friggin' wrists over this kid?

  20. Yes, RIP Sam. :-(

    Sienna looks incredible! Love the dress. Too bad it's her.

    What happened to Rachel Nichols? She's gone trashy? Ick.

  21. A couple of things:

    I think Henry Rollins is awesome.
    I think Khloe is the best looking Kardashian. I have a thing for tall, juicy women.

    And Wanda Sykes...every time I see her now I think of that Crank Yankers call that DN posted here a while back..."I just got mah car from yo shop, and there is a big steamin' TURD in the backseat!!!"

  22. Um, white pants and no panty lines? Enty, can't we get a royal scandal out of that? I think you need to give up on the bikini thing.

    I have Jason Mraz' "Butterfly" on my IPod and play it repeatedly. It's sooooooo sexy and has a good beat.

  23. Thank you for the Sam photo... That little koala had more heart than all the G.I. Joe (wannabe) stars combined.

  24. Alice Evans has been pregnant for years (feels like)! Looking good though girl!

  25. Judi, it's even worse than just going trashy. After she got somewhat famous, she started snubbing Enty. I used to like her, but now she is dead to me. :)

  26. I love Wanda, too.

    I would jump Katey Sagal in a heartbeat. Recently read about her director dad getting his head lopped off while filming a movie. That would suck. I wouldn't bring it up to Katey while we were making the beast.

  27. Anonymous9:30 PM

    I love Wanda, too. Here is that Crank Yankers that Harriet was talking about. It's hilarious.

    If it weren't for the tattoos and the whole not gay thing, I would jump Henry Rollins.

    Ent, thanks for including Gabriel in with your Halle picture. He is gorgeous.

  28. Is Tisha Campbell wearing a Snuggie?

  29. I agree Sienna's dress is gorgeous - too bad about the personality.

    I can't believe Peter Doherty is allowed to be alone with his son. That is shocking.

  30. Henry Rollins, Katey Sagal, AND Wanda Sykes...I'm in heaven.

    I loved Wanda's show and was sad when it was canceled. I also loved her in Pootie Tang. Sa Da Tay!

    I miss Futurama....