Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More Details On The Steve McNair Murder Suicide

It is hard to believe it has already been almost four months since Steve McNair was found dead in his girlfriend's condo. Steve had been killed by Sahel Kazemi and then she turned the gun and killed herself.

Or did she?

Yesterday Nashville police finally released some information about the killings. They said they had been planning to do so all along but they are full of crap and what prompted them to release information was the fact that yesterday on CBS, the network indicated that perhaps both Steve and Sahel were murdered and that it wasn't a murder suicide.

Nashville police used text messages and interviews with people to get an idea of what happened over the last 48 hours of the couple's lives.

Sahel was arrested on July 2 for DUI. Steve was not arrested and he immediately went to his other girlfriend's house where he spent the night. When did this guy ever spend time at home with his wife and kids? On July 3rd, Sahel told Steve she was under a great deal of stress and was having panic attacks and she needed $2000 for bills. Steve texted her later saying he had someone transfer her the money. Sahel then invited Steve to come spend the night with her that night. On July 3rd while Sahel was working she was also texting Steve who said he was trying to put his boys to sleep but would be over after. Uh huh. He finally showed up at Sahel's condo at about 115am. His kids go to bed late. The police then theorized that Steve fell asleep on the couch and Sahel shot him. She then put her head in his lap and killed herself there before ending up on the floor with the gun beneath her.

My guess and this is only my guess is that Sahel knew about the other girlfriend. That girlfriend, Leah Ignagni said she saw Sahel following her more than once. I think Sahel was jealous and instead of finding a guy who wasn't f**King half the world and also happened to be married, she got more jealous. She probably knew Steve was over at her place earlier and finally snapped. Just a guess.


  1. I'm so confused. Ok, so I thought the point of the post was that the police don't think it was a murder/suicide yet Enty is saying he thinks it is? And where the hell did the other girlfriend come into this?

  2. Anonymous10:07 AM

    I am confused too. I thought this was going to talk about details that showed the girl had been murdered too???
    I would love to hear more about that info because this case fascinates me.

  3. This post has many holes in it.

    I admit I was totally obsessed with this story when it broke during the summer.

    I checked out CBS's exclusive on it this morning. Basically, the guy who sold Sahel the gun claimed that he did not really now her, but this is false. Phone records show that the two talked frequently. In fact, the gun seller was the last person Sahel spoke to the night she and McNair died.

    CBS didn't provide any conclusion, but it seems that is possibly that perhaps the gun seller could have done the deed.

    I still think it was a murder suicide.

  4. This feels like a half written post. I guess Ent forgot the rest of it.

  5. Also, McNair definitely had another woman on the side.

  6. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who is confused. I was afraid "pregnant brain" was clouding my ability to understand. LOL

  7. yeah, someone needs to re-read their shit. Nonsensical stuff.

  8. Enty? Clarify, please!

  9. I had to read it twice thinking I must have skipped over something... good to know i'm not alone in the confusion department!

  10. i don't get the confusion. isn't he just saying that CBS somehow implied this wasn't a murder/suicide so the police released the details that make them so sure it was?

    she'd been arrested and he bailed on her. she was having money problems (and i think it's a pretty good bet she knew she wasn't his only mistress). sends him multiple text messages---bottom line 'needy needy needy.' after putting her off, he finally gives in and goes over there and BOOM, she shoots him, then herself. end of story.

  11. It's still damn tragic however you look at it.

  12. I just watched the CBS videos .. the one form yesterday and the one from today. Something is really f-ing weird about this. This dude who sold her the gun - allegedly - called and texted her 49 times in the 24 hours before she died AND texted her after her ETD and then 2 days later AFTER he had been questioned by police and was well aware she was dead. This guy also have served time for 2nd degree homicide.

    The gun powder residue was inconclusive on her?? WTF?? She shot McNair supposedly how many times - 4? - then killed herself and the powder test was inconclusive? It sure as shit didn't wipe off magically as she slid off the couch when she died.

    I think this is the deal .. the Nashville police don't have enough evidence to nail this dude for the double murder. They pin it on her so there is a "bad guy" who pays for McNair's death and gun dude goes to jail on firearms charges. Nice package .. all wrapped up.

  13. Wil wrote:
    "... and then 2 days later AFTER he had been questioned by police and was well aware she was dead."

    The guy should serve time for sheer stupidity.