Monday, April 12, 2010

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

Nathan Fillion looks pretty good here, but I can tell you would like him to get a little more comfortable. Maybe lose the jacket or something.
And he obliges.
Want Neil Patrick Harris to show up at your event? Tell him there will be magic. This is at the Magic Awards.
Christina Hendricks was there too.
Food and the Princess. That would be a pretty good day. Now, if you want to make it perfect then bring me about 5 of those new double down sandwiches from KFC.
Robert Downey Jr thumb wrestling with a fan. Or maybe a pinkie swear.
A mini Everybody Loves Raymond reunion. Now we just need Robert and his 21 year old girlfriend.
Hmmm. Judging by how horrible Rumer's top is I'm guessing she bought those pillows to make herself a dress. I think she may have made her boyfriend's hat too.
Thank goodness Renee bought Gain. I am so tired of seeing her in the same thing everyday. Now she can wash.
That is Simon's mother 2nd from left.
The celebrity plastic surgery awards were held over the weekend. They disguised themselves as a tribute to Kenny Rogers. Smokey Robinson and Wynona Judd are definite contenders for top honors but they have a long, long way to go to beat
Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers.


  1. Fun photos. When did Kenny Rogers turn orange?

  2. WOOWWWW what happened to Smokey and Wynona's face?!?! The look plastic, dannnnnggg

    I thought Renee would have an assistant to go run errands for her, seeing her with the Gain almost makes me like her, ALMOST being the operative word here, lol

    ENTY, can you do me a HUUUUGE favor? Can you eat one of those KFC double down sandwiches and do a review on it for us?!?! I know I would never try one but I would love to hear your take on how it tastes, etc, ROFL LOL

  3. wow..Blue color really suits Nathan Fillion
    -Ray Romano has started to look his age
    -Well, Rennee Z. always seems to be getting in or out the gym

  4. Seeing Fillion pic #1: "Aww, he's such a cutie!" #2: "DAYUM!!!"

    I loved NPH's episode of 'Top Chef,' although the chefs could've been more creative with the magic theme.

  5. Anonymous12:13 PM

    Whoa. I didn't recognize Wynona.

  6. Anonymous12:17 PM

    If you have all this money and you are having plastic surgery, why would you choose to look like Wynona does? And Kenny Rogers is like an older, white haired Bruce Jenner.

  7. Okay - I've finally figured out what it is that I don't like about Fillion - he has old-man hair.

    It looks like it physically pains Wynona to smile. Kenny is hardly even recognizable :(

    Is it just me or does Christina Hendricks look significantly smaller?

  8. Honestly, Dolly looks waaaay better than Wynona! WJ looks like a wax figure of herself; her smile looks frozen. Ugh!

    I loves me some Dolly, my fellow East Tennessean.

  9. Rumer just because it says "Sale" doesn't mean you have to buy it.

  10. Tara, I'm from wayyyyy across the state over in West TN, but I love me some Dolly, too. And her surgery doesn't look too bad, especially as compared to the others. Wynona and Smokey!!! Yikes!! Makes me a little happier just to be me. Unenhanced, little ole, still-able-to-smile me.

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  12. I don't care how much surgery Dolly has had, the woman can do no wrong in my eyes *L*

  13. Why Wy??? Just 'cuz Mama did it doest't mean you have to!

    I love me some Dolly too, but she's in Joker territory.

    Kenny was a hot old guy, he's a freak now.

  14. omg, these plastic surgery celebrities are starting to look like monster muppets. very scarey, why do they think it looks so good? Better to be a small eyed, puffy cheeked wrinkle free monster than get old naturally? ew

  15. i love you dolly, but your plastic surgery makes you look like a grotesque monster i would expect to see in the movie labyrinth (but with less fur).

    and i just looked above at mary's comment and realized i am not in the minority on this one....

  16. Smokey Robinson had to use plastic surgery to reconstruct his face. It's quite surprising but the always good guy at Motown (songwriter/singer/producer/vice-president) spent part of the '80s doing crack which made him look totally ravaged.

  17. Renee needs to ditch those plastic bags and use a recyclable one. Come on!

  18. @Angela,

    Can you point me in the direction of the Smokey smokes crack information?

    About Dolly I agree she does look like the Joker but I still that woman. She seems really warm and caring.

  19. GAIN??? I buy that when I'm too poor to buy Tide. She's rich enough to afford that Seventh Generation stuff.

  20. no way i could ever think bad of dolly - but i may print out that pic of wynona judd to tape to my bathroom mirror so that i have an example of there being worse things than a new wrinkle and a bit of ageing!

    that chick from everybody loves raymond needs to wear a bra

    and the proncess looks really hungry in that photo - she is looking at that raw fish like she hasnt seen food in a week!!

  21. Nathan just keeps getting dreamier-he's got my vote for the next Indiana Jones remake

  22. I had a double down sandwich tonight and it was GROSS. Of course, we went through the drive thru and got f--ked. They forgot my daugter's food.

  23. Daaaayum, I gotta disagree with you on the last part, Enty. Wynona looks like a friggin' wax sculpture! She manages to look more plastic than Dolly and the others, imho.

  24. it is soooo creepy that you have such a crush on the "republican" princess aka "La Leti"

  25. @ not on my dollar:

    It's in his autobiography, "Smokey", and in almost all recent interviews.

    I agree that it's something you'd expect from Marvin Gaye but not from "America's greatest living poet" (according to Dylan).