Thursday, April 15, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

I have been really loving Chevy Chase on Community.
Dana Cowan probably has the best job in the world. Editor of Food & Wine. Two of my favorite things.
Ethan Hawke on the set of his new movie in Paris.
Wow. Halle Berry's daughter is so cute.
Heidi Klum and her new hair cut. I guess she wanted to match the German Chancellor.
Jennifer Lopez at the premiere of her new bomb.
Some strange roleplaying going on at the Kardashian/Odom house.
Lisa Edelstein promoting House in Spain.
Yeah, Matt Dallas is a decent looking guy. I just want the hair.
Another sole event appearance for Maggie Gyllenhaal.


  1. this a hint to a BI about Maggie and Peter?

  2. Why does Jennifer Lopez keep getting movie roles??? WHY?????

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  4. This movie looks sh*tty even by J.Lo standards.

  5. J-Lo and Jennifer Aniston are about the same in my book. Why do either of them get roles anymore?

    I love Maggie! I don't care what some of you think about her. I think she is very talented and I adore her. Please don't say anymore bad things about her. Pretty, pretty please.

  6. That little Nahla is sooo cute. Look at those cheeks!

  7. lol @ Mooshki! I'm impressed by how she manages to look like a diva bitch in every single picture she ever poses for.
    I have hated her ever since the premiere of Monster-In-Law, when anti-fur protesters showed up at the movie and asked: "What do you think about all the animals that are tortured and killed so that you can wear fur?!"
    Her response, "I don't."
    That's her in a nutshell.

    Ethan is looking a little bigger these days. Good, he was getting so thin there for a while!

    I love Lisa Edelstein on House. For those of you who watch, that Cuddy-centred episode was great, non??

  8. Nahla is adorable...but I am a bit concerned about the photo...are they walking down the middle of the street? I typically have my kids on my inside track whenever possible, somewhat shielded from cars. I think it's probably dangerous for paps to follow celebs around with their kids in the streets. They need to be focused on what is going on around them instead of all the cameras.

  9. halle berry,get on that man and make babies. that kid is my new celeb baby, next to Harlow. ok like i really care about the babies,but damn that is a cute baby.

  10. Jlo can't act. Enough
    -Matt dallas reminds me of a mid 90's Jared Leto
    -What is happening between Peter and Maggie G ??

  11. Halle Berry's little girl is gorgeous. Really gorgeous.

    Khloe Kardashian's body looks good. Are you all gonna hate me for saying that?

  12. Not a Maggie G. fan (not a hater, either, just meh) but I LOVE her outfit here.

    I would feel totally sexy in that get-up.

  13. Anonymous3:32 PM

    God, looking at that beautiful kid makes ME want to have a baby with Halle Berry!

    Stick a fork in Jennifer Lopez-she is done. Can't sing, can't act, so full of Botox that she can't even smile. Yikes, why on earth has this woman been famous for so long??

    Ethan Hawke looks like a haggard, dumpy douche. Which he is.

  14. I love Maggie G and her brother Toothy Tile, too. Okay, I understand the J-Lo scorn, but I'd take Jennifer Anniston in a movie *Office Space* ANY DAY before you could pay me to watch one of J-Lo's.

  15. I think I'm jealous of Maggie's bod.

  16. That JLo movie looks so awful. The constant mugging for the camera in the previews is enough to make me want to throw a shoe through the television. I liked her in Out of Sight though. That was a great movie.

  17. I think Maggie was the 3 month pregger actress who couldn't stop doing blow and had a miscarriage.

  18. Love Maggie's outfit...would give someone's left arm to be able to wear that, LOL!

    ADORE Nahla! Can I set her up on some playdates with my nieces? Bond her with my nephew perhaps? He's 5 and totally cute!!! :)

    Ethan looks SO geekydumpy....normally a look that gets me going, but not so much with him....

    At this point, I might *MIGHT* watch JLo if she were being skinned to make a coat for someone. But only maybe...

  19. Jennifer Lopez at the premiere of her new bomb. LMAO!!

    @MissJenny619 - I find Jennifer Aniston appealing unlike JLo and one never hears/reads stories of JA's snottiness and airs of self-entitlement. I'll bet you good money that JLo has never changed a diaper.

    Maggie Gyllenhaal just creeps me out.

  20. i want to watch the dog in jho's new movie. that's about it.

    rocket queen, i thought it was cool they finally centered an ep around her. but damn, i still can't stop lusting over hugh/house!
    this weeks ep was really interesting--showed really different sides of some of the characters. did you see it?

  21. Definitely! Also loved the Wilson-centric episode. There's so much material there!

  22. is Chevy the BI about the Alist actor being all pissy about not being reckognized appropriately or something to that effect, i dont watch that show and I think ed oniell was the big guess on the BI. I have no feeling trowards Maggie, but all the hate is making me like her more, and that particular outfit is too cute and easily reproduced - consider it in my closet!