Friday, September 24, 2010

Lindsay Actually Going To Jail - For Real

Oh how I wish Lindsay Lohan's expression could have been seen on television, although the picture of her in handcuffs is pretty good. Lindsay was sure she was not going to have to go to jail today. She was sure that next month she would get sentenced to 30 days and just have to serve an hour or two. Instead, the judge did not offer Lindsay bail and sent her to jail to await her October 22nd hearing. That is 28 days of Lindsay sitting in jail.

Yes, I am sure Dina Lohan will describe this as a tragic miscarriage of justice and how her daughter does not deserve to be in jail with murderers or other violent offenders. Umm, Dina she is not. She gets her own special area where she gets to do what she wants. 28 days in jail. You know what? She might actually get clean. Of course what will probably happen is the judge or someone will break down and decide to give her bail and she will be out before October 22nd, but for now we can smile. Drinks on me.


  1. Sweet Jesus! Between Lindsay going back to jail and Paris getting detained in Japan, I am marking this down as one of the best weeks ever!

  2. I agree, this is the one time I would have loved to see Lindsay's face. Totally deserves to be in jail until the 22nd, I really hope the order holds.

  3. Anonymous9:52 AM

    Enty, any luck in getting a clip of her being handcuffed LOL.

  4. May I just say, "BAHAHAHAHAHA".

  5. Party at Enty's! I'm bringing the bacon-infused vodka.

    A great day for all!!

    Now...popping some popcorn so I'm ready for White Oprah's inevitable speech...

  6. "Ding dong, the witch is dead..." (I heard that play in my head when I read this.)
    Well, maybe not, but close enough!

  7. i'm guessing the judge was not very happy at being made to look a fool by her getting out early from rehab and failing 2 drug tests.

    i hope when he does sentence her,he makes it mandatory treatment,no getting out on Dr.'s orders.

  8. In other news, Judge Elden Fox has been asked to join The Justice League Of America.

    He will be joined by such luminaries as Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, The Flash and Judge Michael T. Sauer, who is responsible for giving Paris Hilton her first reality check. In a statement released earlier, Judge Sauer said that he will be passing down The Gavel of JUSTICE and RIGHT to Judge Fox. "Judge Fox deserves to wield this mighty weapon", said Sauer, who was currently assisting Batman with thwarting The Joker & Harley Quinn. "He will prove to be a valuable asset & source of knowledge and wisdom to our team".

    Judge Fox could not be reached for comment, as he was busy receiving the Congressional Medal of Honor from President Obama.

  9. If Lindsay is in jail that entire time even White Oprah might dry out a bit. Oh, forgot about those "model" pics of Ali. Never mind.

  10. Let's hope those who look up to them are paying attention. Why the hell anyone would look up to them is beyond me, but there tons of dummies out there.
    But it's good to finally see them not getting away with EVERYTHING. Even though it took a while, it's nice to see the right thing happen.

  11. I nominate Nightmare Child's comment as Best Reader Comment Ever.

    This should give time for Lindsay to heal. Poor Ali - Mama's got a train to hell for you to catch.

  12. Anonymous11:24 AM

    LOL@Nightmare Child

    hahaha @ __-__=__

  13. Well done, Nightmare Child, as per usual.

    Lindsay's lips look ridiculous. I read in another article that when it was announced she was headed straight to jail she gave her lawyer a death look. Yeah. Cause it's your LAWYER'S fault.

    Ah well, sounds like Dina's already putting The Curious Case of Ali Lohan to work as a model, so all is just fine in the world of the crazies.

  14. Death look to the lawyer, eh?

    So much for "I am taking responsibility for my actions and I'm prepared to face the consequences."

  15. This is so great. I was hoping this Judge would not put up with any of her bullshit.

    Smug bitch showed up to court wearing jewelry and high heels, never thinking someone would actually send her precious ass to jail.

    FUCK YOU! hahahahha

  16. At last. Some justice.

  17. i don't know why everyone is taking personal interest in this....ding dong the witch it dad...let's have a party.

    I'm sorry but it's clear that she actually has a drug abuse problem and I don't see why anyone should be celebratory about the matter. Drinks on me....seriously....she has an alcohol abuse problem....not a funny joke. How can you say that you want her to get clean and be like...let's have a party and get our drink on.

  18. Hey...Vanessa...newsflash, darling...we're sick of seeing people fuck around and get away with it. This is what's called vindication. Lindsay fucked up. Lindsay has to deal with the consequences.

    And there are so many addicts out there who don't have the resources that she does...and they still struggle with their addiction....but they deal with the reality of their situation. Maybe...just maybe...this stint in jail will cause her to straighten up and fly right.

    Some of us do have sympathy for her...some of us don't...but we're all celebrating because she's being brought down to "our" level. Savvy?

  19. Wait, has hell frozen over?

  20. Where did she get her sunglasses. I love them.

    I am also happy she is in jail.

  21. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope to god they keep her in until her sentencing, or that girl is gonna be dead in a year:(

  22. Nightmare Child you made me laugh out loud. Excellent comment, keep 'em coming!

  23. Yes, Nightmare Child just had the best comment evahhh! Good one.

    And Vanessa, please. We are just sick to death of seeing "regular" people raked over the coals daily by semi-justice in our country, while little shits like LiLo get off scott-free all the frikkin' time.

    True carriage of justice is why we are celebrating.

    Bithc made a mockery out of the court system and it was high time somebody stepped up and put her in her place.

    PLUS, she was never arrested for all the theft that she did over the years.

    Chickens have come home to ROOST!

  24. Thanks Enty! I rarely get drunk but between Lindsay AND Paris being brought down to size in the same week I just might get plastered tonight.

    Yay for justice! (Even if it is short lived).

  25. THe u.s. justice system is not about vindication/'s about rehabiliation. What do you need to be vidicated about....b/c it isn't about you...and it isn't about me.

    She's a drug addicted...what vindication would you get with her being a jail...seriously what does this have to do with you are the next person.

    Just say the truth and say that you don't care if she is just an addict, don't hide behind the fact that you want her to get help...just admit that you want her comeuppance for whatever miss justice was done to you and call it a day.

  26. I'm The Nightmare Child and I approve of selenakyle's message.

  27. I think she thought her carefully typed out confession and admission that yes she has trouble staying away from drugs were going to pave her way to more freedom--or a rehab center at the worst. And let the denials by her parents begin in 3......2....1...

  28. OK, I don't care if she is an addict.

    The US Justice system doesn't give a darn about rehabilitating people for any crime. If anything it breeds WAY more of the same behavior.

    I just hate seeing anyone get off time and time again. A chick in our area got off two DUIs and thought she was bulletproof... That is until she mowed down four teens driving wasted out of her mind in broad daylight and left a fifth disabled for life.

    So I hate seeing people get off again and again and NOT learning their lesson the first time.

    One thing it boils down to is this: If they would legalize pot there would be WAY more room in the jails and prisons to keep the real monsters locked up where they belong, and maybe more minor scofflaws would get a little more than 5 hours in jail for a 5-month sentence and learn a lesson.

    *off soap box now*

  29. Well that was quick. Judge just ordered her bail at 30,000. She should just save the state of California money by ODing. Maybe she can OD while driving with her mother and crash into the LA River. Two birds.

  30. I'm glad she's gone back to red hair.

  31. Au contraire, Vanessa. The U.S. justice system is multi-pronged as i understand it. It should punish perpetrators thus avenging or giving vengeance to victims; it should keep the general public safe by isolating dangerous people, i.e., people who commandeer someone else's vehicle [a/k/a as carjacking or major theft] and chase other persons down while carrying somebody else's cocaine in her jeans; and finally [in an ideal world] rehabilitation of people who have been found to have committed acts that have been deemed illegal by our elected representatives.

    Now, whether all of the illegal activities we may indulge in should be illegal is a whole other discussion.

    Also, here's my disclaimer -- I'm not part of, nor have i ever been a part of, the criminal justice system. So i may not know what i'm talking about.

    And y'all may have a whole different take on what the U.S. justice system is all about.

  32. Anonymous6:16 AM

    i knew this wasn't gonna last long, so no celebratory post from me yesterday. 300,000 bail? so someone had to put up ten percent?

    i'm not for putting addicts in jail for rehabilitation. it doesn't work, but she should be jailed for the crimes she committed.

    locking someone up for even a year for pot possession is absurd. i'm not for legalization, but for fair sentencing.

  33. I agree. When they (finally, I hope) make the sentence for possessing one tiny rock of crack the same as for possessing one gram bag of powdered coke, then things might be a little more fair.

    AND it will in turn reduce the insanely-high jail/prison populations, thus making room for the GD child molesters to ROT THERE FOREVER where they belong. Being "rehabilitated," of course...

    As for Lilo, I have no sympathy other than her enabling mother who is so obviously also on coke and/or Adderall and/or Dilaudid and/or meth and/or all of the above.

    Death Watch back on!

  34. F*ck! She's out. Now I'm pissed all over again. What a way to ruin a perfectly good weekend. They could have waited until Monday so that the rest of the world could have enough time to celebrate and fantasize that the ruling would stick for a couple of days.

  35. Nightmare Child - you are my commenting hero of the week. Keep em coming. Loves it.