Friday, September 10, 2010

Random Photos Part Four

My thoughts are with the people of San Bruno, California who suffered a massive gas pipe explosion last night.

For some reason, Alex McCord is walking five runways during Fashion Week.
No one wants to sit next to Ashlee.
"So, Ashlee why all the empty seats next to you? Did people want to stay home when they realized they would be sitting next to you?"
Christie Brinkley at The US Open.
Charlize Theron was there too.
One of my favorite bloggers, Bryan Boy.
Happy 50th birthday to Colin Firth.
And 42nd to Guy Ritchie.
Meanwhile, Courtney Love turns 114. I kid, I kid. 113.
I am always amazed that Coco manages to not reveal everything when she wears these clothes.


  1. It's so nice to see Colin Firth and Guy Ritchie spending some time with their daughters.

  2. Thanks for posting about the fire, Enty. I live literally five minutes from where this happened and know quite a few families who were evacuated and only one of their homes was destroyed. Please keep them everyone in your thoughts.

  3. apologize for my grammar...was on the phone making my blood donation appt at the time!

  4. That explosion is crazy. Amazing there was only one fatality considering!!

    Thanks for confirming what we all know, Enty - Ashlee is an Ash-hole.

    The perspective of that Guy Ritchie photo is wonky - looks like his gf is a giant!

  5. Now there is 6 fatalities. 50 injured. And a giant freaking crater. I mean, can you imagine how horrifying? Public faith (and probably stock prices) in PG&E will plummet.

    I feel so terrible for those people and their families. :(

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  7. @Mina: ha-ha!
    I feel for those people in San Bruno. Unimaginable. That second picture looks like one of a million H'wood action flick stills.
    Are people interviewing Ashlee? What on earth for?

  8. Thanks for posting about the explosion in San Bruno. I lived in that area for many years and know people from that area. My husband's coworker lives a few blocks from there. He didn't go into work today, but he said his house is safe.

    Thanks again for the posting.

  9. Ali and Ellebee, My thoughts are with you, families, and friends up in San Bruno. I was just up there this past Sunday. I literally drove through/past that neighborhood on the way to my best friends house. She lives off Sharp Park on Highland near the top of the hill (almost in Pacifica), so thankfully her home was not affected. How awful for those families and the community. San Bruno is a nice little town. bw

  10. My thoughts/prayers are def. with the people of San Bruno. Awful! :(

    Happy Birthday, Colin Firth! I love you!

  11. Amazing that fire wasn't even more devastating. 3 weeks ago people in the neighborhood called the gas co. to report a gas smell. Someone's in shit.

    Mmmmm, 50 never looked so yummy!

    Coco's ass is frightening. Anyone know if they're implants? She's such a tiny waist considering the size of her butt.

  12. Thanks for giving the top spot to San Bruno. I know many people who live very close to there and they were so lucky the fire stayed as contained as it did. It breaks my heart that so many people lost everything but the clothes on their back. This could have happened to any of us.

  13. One of my best friends grandparents live there and for a second when it all happened they didnt know if they were alright. They are though :)
    And my dad is a fire claims adjuster and he brought dougnuts and coffee to some of the ppl there yesterday, he is there all day today and said its just crazy to see.
    So thanks Enty, for the acknowledgement ,you rock!

  14. I am so surprised that so many of us live in the bay area, thats so cool! Northern Californians Unite! hehe

  15. You Northern California Girls, I am glad you and those you know are safe. PG & E needs to own up on this.

    Is Ashlee Coke Mom? Every time I look at her, I can't help think so.