Friday, September 10, 2010

Random Photos Part One

Four parts today.

Ryan Reynolds doing press for his new movie.

And Carey Mulligan doing the same. Different movies though.
Rumer Willis rips out the chest hair of her boyfriend.
No band aid and a different outfit for Renee.
One of the coolest people in the world, Shannyn Sossamon.
Sarah Jessica Parker was at a private dinner at Chanel last night. Also there were
Liv Tyler
Rachel Bilson who took a night off from her beard duty.
Claire Danes and
Paula Patton with her husband Robin Thicke.
Another one of Liv and her new ring.


  1. Ryan Reynolds is giving off a Peter Lawford Rat Pack Era vibe....oh, am I too old?

  2. Who is Liv engaged to?

    Lol @ straight UP calling Bilson a beard - ha!

  3. ryan reynolds comes in to the same spa i go to to buy GC's for his come its never when i'm there???

  4. Oooh Shannyn Sossamon...she's my back-up if Angelina rejects me... ;D

    I didn't even know Liv was dating anyone, let alone engaged???

  5. Shannyn Sossamon.....god, I don't know which I want more, her dress or her shoes.....!!!!

    Renee's shirt says Fashion's Night Out. Yeah, kinda says it all about her lately....

    Ryan Reynolds is totally giving me a Young Mr. Rogers vibe in that pic.

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  7. Claire Danes looks adorable in this picture and I want her outfit.

  8. Love Shannyn Sossamon's dress! Isn't she the actress that named her kid "Audio Science"? Hopefully that won't get him beaten up in school too much.

  9. Yes, Shannyn Sossamon did name her kid Audio Science. For that, I think she's an asshole. You don't do that to a kid. (I am talking to all people who give their kids stupid-as-fuck names)

    Ryan- *sigh*.........

  10. I want Liv Tyler's face, Renee Zellwegger's body and Shannyn Sossamon's dress. And screw the spelling. Those last two names are tough.

  11. Is this the first time that Enty's jumped on the Jake is Gay bandwagon?