Thursday, September 23, 2010

Random Photos Part One

Four parts today.

DJ Qualls has obviously said something funny to Nikki Reed, or showed her naked pictures of himself.
I love Sparrow's haircut.
Pitbull looks good here.
Not as good as the Princess though.
Patrick Wilson and Jean Smart hanging out at an afterparty.
Pharrell Williams - New York
I think Rihanna is still recovering from her weekend in Vegas.
Glad to see Rosie Perez is on the mend from her injuries.
I believe that would be hot pink Susan Lucci is wearing.
Tom Cruise waves to his reflection in the window.
I think that shirt would be more appropriate after a date with Paris Hilton.
He has got the rest of the cast always lifting their shirts though.


  1. Jean Smart looks beautiful in that pic.

  2. How come we don't see Karina Smirnoff lifting her shirt...>

  3. Anonymous4:27 PM

    Nicole's genes must have been asleep with both kids, they look just like Joel. Cute little boogers.

  4. Aww, don't hate on DJ, he's a cutie-pie. :)

    Mmm, Pitbull is yummy. Love his music too.

    Is Suri walking? And in flats?!

  5. Rihanna is a joke. What is that Red Mop on her head? She's about as exciting as Gaga.

  6. i would love to know who Susan Lucci's plastic surgeon is. I mean, she is at least 64 or 65

  7. That must have been quite a party Rhianna threw for Katy Perry! Hope Rosie is OK!!

  8. Pitbull...MMM MMM MMM! Thank you, THANK YOU Enty :) *muah*