Friday, September 24, 2010

Random Photos Part Three

Eddie Fisher - RIP

Maximo Park - Manchester
Ben Affleck on the set of his new movie.
Mr. Soap Opera, Brody Hutzler.
For Claire Danes this is really daring. She never does the see through thing.
Hugh Dancy appears to love it.
It is going to take a lot more to fill that box even if David Arquette is helping.
Demi Lovato alone in a parking lot.
Yeah, get both those wedding rings in the picture.
Desperately Seeking Susan 25th anniversary. No Madonna though.
Donald Trump is always happiest when he can pose with models. Here he is with Molly Sims and Selita Ebanks.
This is the crime of the century in Belgium. This woman is accused of killing a woman during a sky dive because she wanted the woman's boyfriend for herself.
Felicity Huffman looks great.


  1. Whoa! Ashton resembles a Michael Jackson impersonator.

  2. Ben looks real good.


    Felicity Huffman is gorgeous.

  4. That picture of Liz, Eddie and Debbie is just completely scandalous when you think about what went on. Debbie was America's Sweetheart and Liz had just lost her husband. Luckily for Liz, Eddie was there to "comfort" her. Talk about an ESCANALO!!!

  5. I think Ashton is actually losing his looks as he ages. Could be that the ugly underneath is showing, though.

    Demi is almost unrecognizable from her St. Elmo's fire days.

    Lol @ the top picture, Enty! Too bad you couldn't squeeze his other three wives in there, too.

  6. The whole Elizabeth, Eddie, Debbie, scandal was soooo juicy back in the day. I'm glad the two ladies eventually made-up.

    Our mascot is looking might fine.

  7. Desperately Seeking Susan remains one of my all time favourite movies. I finally found a round suitcase a while ago. Been looking for one for...well, 25 years! *L*

  8. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Wonder why Debbie forgave Elizabeth. I wouldn't LOL

    Ashton and Demi, They look so in love (YEAH RIGHT)

    DSS - Never liked the movie

    Felicity Huffman, like her a lot.

  9. To Claire Danes' makeup artist & hairstylist: you're doing it RIGHT. She's been looking fantastic lately. Good for her!

  10. I guess Selita and Donald made up. She was really pissed when he fired her on Celebrity Apprentice.

  11. I want Claire's dress. Gorgeous!

  12. I don't see the soaps, so to me Brody Hutzler will always be Lorne's cousin, from 'Angel'. It was a nice surprise to meet him later & find that under the green makeup and prosthetics, there lurked a hottie!

  13. Rolling my eyes hard @ Ashton and Demi

  14. Felicity looks amazing.

  15. DSS is 25 years old? That's impossible--that means I'M 25 years older. Whoa!
    If Donald Trump isn't wearing a "shit-eating grin," then I've never seen one!
    @RQ: ITA about "the ugly underneath showing." Sums it up perfectly.

  16. Agree that that pic of Liz, Eddie and Debbie is scandalous! Liz was a real maneater back in the day.

    Ben Affleck appears fit and thinner and Felicity Huffman doesn't look as rail thin as she has in the best. Both great pics.

  17. Doh! I meant in the past.

  18. Claire Danes is aging very well, she is gorgeous!

  19. Wow, I remember when DDS came out and everyone said Madge had a career! That was the only movie where she was tolerable and that's because she played herself. Rosanna Arquette was the actual lead. I still like the movie.

    The director said no one wanted Madge 'cause they thought she was so bad and needed acting classes. Acting classes have never helped her.

    1985 was the year for movies! Breakfast Club, Desperately Seeking Susan, St Elmo's Fire, Back to the Future, Weird Science, Fright Night, and the Goonies. Wow, what a year it was.