Friday, September 10, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

Kristin Cavallari celebrated her mom's drunk driving arrest with a quick photo shoot this week.
Kate Hudson on her way back to her boyfriend.
Who went down and went boom?
A very drunk Lisa Marie Presley. Isn't she supposed to be sober?
Miranda Kerr, her baby bump, and Orlando Bloom.
"Pssst. Martha. You left your pants in the dryer too long."
Nelly Furtado at the Toronto International Film Festival.
Olivia Newton John reliving Grease.
Apparently a cat piano is funnier than it sounds.
Rosamund Pike and Paul Giamatii in Venice for the premiere of Barney's Version. Incredible book.
Also in it are Bruce Greenwood and
Scott Speedman.


  1. There was a website last night - can't remember which one - maybe Superficial? - that straight up called Nelly Furtado fat now. I thought it was bullshit then and looking at her today - it's obviously bullshit.

  2. Fish calls everyone fat, that's his "thing" like everyone is a whore to MK.

    Tyler Shields is never far away from the starlets in trouble,is he? for a photog, he sure gets off on being in his own pictures.

  3. I should go TIFF sightseeing this weekend, but...I never do. I should, though. If I do & I see anyone I'll send you the shots, Enty! (don't hold your breath, I never see ANYONE...LOL)